WordPress Digest for Monday, January 13, 2014

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Audio / Video 2.0 – codename “Disco Fries”

By / — Some history: Audio / Video support in Core WordPress 3.6 + Audio/Video I wanted to do a Make post on my wants for Audio / Video in 3.9 to solicit feedback and spark some discussion about what the community wants… More →

EP70 – WordCamp Phoenix 2014 – WPwatercooler – Jan 13 2014

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we will be discussing the upcoming WordCamp PHX 2014. Many of our regulars wll be attending this event and some of them will be speaking too! Live stream starts at 11am PST on Mondays.The post EP70… More →

Elegant Themes Review – Best Premium Themes Club for WordPress

By / — These days it is becoming harder to find original, high-quality and inexpensive themes. There are many theme clubs and theme frameworks that charge hundreds of dollars for an elegant theme. In this post, I am going to review / talk… More →

Falling Out Of Love With Being CEO

By / — While I never adopted the CEO title at Crowd Favorite (except for client-mandated situations), I’m quite looking forward to no longer having CEO responsibilities (and getting back to spending time building stuff).# More →

Google buys Nest.

They know when you are sleepi…

By / — Google buys Nest. They know when you are sleeping. They know when you’re awake… More →

Highwind 1.2.2 is here!

By / — 1.2.2 is not a major release but it includes a neat little feature that I thought I’d blog about. Highwind 1.2.2 Since introducing the Content Background Colour option, it bugged me that when the content background was a different colour… More →

Morning Walk

By / More →

Promoting And Marketing Your WordPress Themes

By / — Today, I shall be taking a look at ways and strategies using which you can promote and market your premium WordPress themes in the best manner possible. More →

Restart CSS Animation

By / — Since CSS3 we have been able to add CSS animation to our elements, these are relatively easy to setup. An example of a simple CSS animation example is to fade in an element. To run this CSS animation all we… More →

Should we move to an all HTTPS web?

By / — There was a bit of tweeting in the SEO community today because Bing introduced an HTTPS version of their site and people thought that would mean they’d lose their keyword data. That’s not true, if you take the right precautions.… More →

The Top 20 Biggest Brands Built Around WordPress – Part I

By / — When it comes to blogging, WordPress is a name not unheard of. Starting right from WordPress 0.7 back in 2003, this tiny but mighty powerful CMS had taken the world by storm. Fast forward to August 2013, WordPress is used by more… More →

Toni Schneider & Automattic CEO

By / — Eight years and one day ago I blogged about Toni Schneider joining Automattic as CEO, as I said then: I first met Toni shortly after I moved to San Francisco and I’ve wanted him to be a part of Automattic… More →

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes of the Month — January 2014 Edition

By / — Welcome to the first theme roundup of 2014. We have a mixed selection of themes for you this month. The WordPress community has started the New Year off with another great selection of themes for us to choose from and… More →

WordPress Information Architecture: Why a Beautiful Site Can Still Suck

By / — Information architecture is the process of considering how a site can be shaped to provide the best experience for users. If you’re interested in web design and development, you’ve no doubt come across web design […] More →

Your Slides Suck

By / — And for the record, my slides suck too. They suck because they're not accessible. More →