WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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25 Essential (and Free!) Plugins for Every WordPress Freelancer and Business

By / — The internet is an amazing tool that provides anyone the means to grow their business and career in a meaningful way. The first hurdle, though, is creating a website that allows you to go about your work without hindering your productivity. To help you get… More →

8 WooThemes Features You’ve Never Heard Of But Need to Use

By / — There’s a decent amount of information to digest whenever you create a new website. You need to worry about hosting, selecting a theme, getting content on the site and making sure everything runs smoothly for when visitors come knocking on… More →

A Guide To Branching (Based in Git)

By / — Whenever we introduce others to a new technology, service, application, or anything else, I think that we – as developers – don’t often do such a hot job of showcasing what the true “beginner-level” features are. That is, we’re either… More →

A Straight-Forward Guide To WordPress Slugs

By / — When using WordPress there are so many things one might choose to learn and master that some of the most basic elements of your site can be overlooked. Especially the parts that are a bit dry and not the least… More →

Agenda for Thursday January 15th meetup

By / — Last week at the support meetup we had @siobhan join us and talk about HelpHub (which I’ve totally camel cased just now). With that in mind here’s my item for this week. How can support help the other WordPress teams… More →

Better Notifications Plugin for WordPress Now Out of Beta

By / — The beta version of the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin was released last year, and it lay dormant for many months while its original collaborators searched for a new developer. The plugin was created to allow you to send customizable… More →

Feature plugins in 4.2 and beyond

By / — Feature plugins for WordPress 4.2 and beyond need to be planned. Let’s get some suggestions together along with their status and who’s working on them. For each feature plugin that you would like to see considered, either for 4.2 or for a… More →

Goodbye Camaro

By / — This past weekend I sold my Chevrolet Camaro. It was a sad day, having owned the car for 15 years. I bought my Camaro brand new back in 2000 when I was in the Marine Corps. The car was a… More →

GravityView raises the bar for WordPress video advertisements

By / — Okay, maybe it doesn’t raise the bar the way you think I mean. But this is worthwhile. I’m pretty busy building the new Post Status infrastructure, but not too busy to post this. GravityView is a WordPress plugin by Zack… More →

How To Add An Author Box to Your WordPress Site

By / — As you probably know, an author bio box increases the authenticity of your blog. Although publishing anonymously has its uses,… The post How To Add An Author Box to Your WordPress Site appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

How to Change Editor Background Color by Word Count in WordPress

By / — Do you want to write longer articles on your blog? Sometimes it can be hard without having any visual motivation. We found a solution that can help. In this article, we will show you how to change the editor background… More →

How to Customize The Body and Title Font in WordPress Default Themes Without Touching Code

By / — WordPress 4.1 ships with three default themes, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, and Twenty Fifteen. Although the theme customizer enables you to edit a default theme’s colors, header image, and other attributes, it doesn’t give you the ability to change the… More →

Is 2015 The Year of WordPress Admin Themes?

By / — The CPO and partner of Human Made, Noel Tock, published his WordPress predictions for 2015. His predictions include, custom dashboards, front-end editing, internationalization, and more. This could be the year of admin themes, but I think it largely depends on… More →

Justin Tadlock Joins Forces with Emil Uzelac to Provide WordPress Theme Review as a Service

By / — Last week, Emil Uzelac launched a new theme review service targeted at WordPress developers and companies that want their products to adhere to best practices. Just one week after launch, Justin Tadlock, a fellow member of the WordPress.org theme review… More →

Lifestyle Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

By / — The Lifestyle Pro Child Theme is a great theme for a business site, as well as a blog or a magazine style site/blog. With a totally widgetized homepage, the choices you have for pulling in and displaying content is really… More →

Limits to Growth

By / — “They modelled data up to 1970, then developed a range of scenarios out to 2100, depending on whether humanity took serious action on environmental and resource issues. […] The book’s central point, much criticised since, is that “the earth is… More →

Reviewing the Specular WordPress Theme

By / — Specular is a multi-purpose business theme from Codeless that not only offers a large variety of ready-made demos, but also lets you customize the theme before purchasing it. That’s right, you can customize any demo you’d like, in any way you’d… More →

Specular: A Multi-Purpose Theme with 24 Demo Sites & Custom Template Builder

By / — Today we are going to be taking a look at the Specular theme from Codeless – this is a theme in the current trend of packing a huge amount of features and layouts into one theme which will allow you… More →

Struggles of Distributed

By / — I think it’s good to show both sides of what a distributed organization is like, here are two essays by different Automatticians. Steph Yiu writes Still figuring it out: communicating remotely with lots of people and Chris Hardie writes on… More →

The Beauty in Being Naive

By / — I think there is an elegance to being removed from opinion or bias. Too often we tend to shake our heads at the other and think, They just don’t know… This clouds our way of thinking, and in some instances… More →

The WordPress Wishlist: What Do You Think WordPress Needs?

By / — We want to know what you’d love to see added to WordPress core. More →

Theme review team weekly notes The logs are…

By / — Theme review team weekly notes The logs are here: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1421171962000019 The floor was open some of the topics were: Issues with mentoring workflows and consistency. Clarification and extra supporting information needed for requirements in Handbook. We are going to collect… More →

Using Namespaces In WordPress Development

By / — Namespacing and class autoloaders are two important tools provided by PHP that WordPress developers should take advantage of more frequently. I wrote about why, and provided a brief introduction to both of these tools in my last […] The post Using Namespaces… More →

VersionPress RC1 Released to Early Backers

By / — VersionPress, the plugin that allows you to revert changes to a site without having to restore a backup, is being released to early backers. Near the middle of 2014, VersionPress creators Borek Bernard and Jan Voráček created a crowdfunding campaign… More →

WP RSS Aggregator & WP-Drudge Combo – It Just Works

By / — For those of you who don't know, Jean Galea, the founder of WP Mayor, is also the brains behind WP RSS Aggregator – the #1 RSS aggregation plugin for WordPress. Now recently we also saw the release of a new WordPress theme aimed… More →