WordPress News Digest for Friday, February 13, 2015

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10 Handy Plugins to Help You Do More with WordPress Categories

By / — The plugins in this collection will help you extend the functionality of the WordPress category feature by allowing you to add categories to pages, convert tags to categories, and publish lists of posts from specific categories plus a whole lot… More →

21 productivity tips and hacks for WordPress bloggers

By / — Running a website, or blog, or online business is not always a cakewalk. There is always something to do: Content creation, marketing, maintenance, not to mention updates and website changes. You could easily work 24/7 […] The post 21 productivity… More →

31 Best New Premium WordPress Themes: January 2015

By / — Take a look at our collection of 31 brand new awesome premium WordPress themes from January 2015. There are quite… The post 31 Best New Premium WordPress Themes: January 2015 appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

A Look Back at 16 Automattic Acquisitions Since 2007

By / — Since Automattic was founded in 2005, it has acquired several businesses, services, products, and people. In August, the company will be 10 years old and I thought it would be interesting to see if the acquisitions the company has made… More →

Build a Powerful, User-Driven Recipe Website with Yumblog 2.0

By / — Exclusive discount! Buy the Yumblog theme before Feb. 22 to receive a $10 discount on any Beaver Builder license! Yumblog has long been one of our most popular themes for recipe bloggers and food enthusiasts. Over time, we’ve seen more and more… More →

Clinical Trial Progress / CT Scan Results

By / — Hi Everyone, I got some good news yesterday when I went in for treatment. The results from my CT scan earlier this week show a significant reduction in size of my abdominal lymph nodes and with the nodules in/around my… More →

Converting HTML Sites to WordPress Sites

By / — In the beginning (of the web) all websites were made with nothing but text and static HTML. Now though, over 20 years later, the web is a much different place. Websites are much more complex. They provide richer and more… More →

Create a Job Board with These Best Job Board WordPress Themes

By / — How do you monetize your website and create a community around the followers you have accumulated? One of the easiest ways to complete both of these tasks is by creating a job board portion of your site. For example, if… More →

DevPress Retires Its Best Selling Theme

By / — Devin Price, who owns and operates the WordPress commercial theme shop DevPress, announced that he is retiring his best selling theme, Zenith. I asked Price why he’s retiring his best product. “Retirement may not be the best term. It’s more… More →

Emoji Chat Meeting Notes, February 12, 2015

By / — The full meeting archive is available here. 1. Why we’re doing this So, here’s a bit of back story. As of r31349, WordPress partially supports emoji. ~60% of WordPress sites are running MySQL 5.5 or later (so can be upgraded… More →

Excellent Primer on the WordPress REST API Project

By / — In the past two years, there’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the WordPress REST API project. If you’re not familiar with it, Brian Krogsgard published a great article that explains what it is, how to get involved, and the… More →

HeroPress Fails to Attract Backers, Cancels Kickstarter Campaign Ahead of Deadline

By / — Topher DeRosia, creator of HeroPress, announced today that he is canceling the project’s Kickstarter campaign. During the past few weeks, the project attracted 33 backers who pledged $21,855 of the $60,000 AUD goal. When it became clear that the fundraiser… More →

How to Manage Ads in WordPress with Adsanity Plugin

By / — Ads are a major source of income for many bloggers. Adding your Google Adsense or other ad code to WordPress is not quite easy. Not to mention, managing different ad sources can be even messier. In this article, we will… More →

Introducing BusyContacts 1.0

By / — I linked to this back in November when it was in beta and I’ve been using it since then very happily. Check it out – unlike other contact managers I’ve tried in the past it actually delivers on what is… More →

Mayer For WordPress Now on GitHub

By / — Not quite a month ago, I mentioned that I was going to begin open sourcing the themes (and potentially plugins) that we sell on WordPress.com. Right now, this is only a single theme (though others are in development and I’ll talk… More →

Mayer WordPress Theme is Now Open Source on GitHub

By / — Tom McFarlin released his Mayer WordPress theme on GitHub today. The theme was designed with writers, bloggers, and authors in mind and was previously only available to WordPress.com users for $79. Mayer is unique in that it was created to… More →

Optimizing WordPress Content with Smart Analytics

By / — Whether you want to create web content about your love for cats, a small business or even your Fortune 500 company, WordPress is the platform that most people turn to when it comes to web development. Its powerful, yet easy-to-use… More →

Organizing a Conference With Slack

By / — With WordCamp Miami 2015 announced (for May 29-31) and underway, I decided to try out Slack as a way of organizating the planning committee, volunteers, and other parties for the event. If you don’t know what Slack is, I suggest… More →

Passing of David Carr

By / — Shocked and dismayed this morning on the news that David Carr passed last night after collapsing in the New York Times newsroom, where he was working into the evening. If you’re not familiar with his work or legacy, these links… More →

Rant: Worse than a Popup

By / — Ads worse than popups? Sure. But it's iOS only. More →

The FancyBox for WordPress Vulnerability

By / — …and how the exploit really worked Last week a very popular plugin called FancyBox for WordPress was hit with a zero-day vulnerability which I happened to experience first-hand and dig into. If you’ve not heard about this here are a… More →

Weekly WordPress News: A Better Planet Updated, Matt Interviews, WPHunt & More

By / — Last week I updated A Better Planet, a site I created to mashup all the best WordPress news and blog feeds as alternative to the Planet WordPress feed which is outdated. You can follow the master feed on Twitter, Add… More →

What Are Widgets and Plugins in WordPress and How To Install and Manage Them

By / — Widgets and plugins can be confusing. You think of widgets as those things you find in the sidebar and footer area. But also many themes homepages are totally built on widgets. Plugins on the other hand add functionality to a… More →