WordPress News Digest for Thursday, August 13, 2015

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$2.4 Million In One Month: Running A Fundraising Campaign Site On WP Engine

By / — I’m used to doing brand and business websites—they’re in my comfort zone. I’ve had success with them. So when I was asked to help build out a website for a month-long charity fundraising and awareness campaign, I was excited and… More →

37 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Know (and Install If You Haven’t Already)

By / — Wondering which plugins to install? We've built our fair share of websites and tested a lot of plugins, and as a result have created this go-to list of WordPress plugins. More →

A Look at Why Some Frontend Developers are Decoupling WordPress

By / — This post was contributed by Emily Miller. A native Hoosier, Emily now lives in San Francisco, CA, and is a content specialist at hosting platform Pantheon. She enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her dog and researching the latest trends in… More →

A Peek at Canvas From WooThemes – BobWP

By / — The Canvas theme from WooThemes is by far one of their most popular themes. With it’s flexibility and features, it’s pretty amazing what you can do with it without knowing code. It also has some great child themes as well.… More →

Avis GPS

By / — After an amazing WordCamp Scranton on Saturday I was heading to a friend’s birthday on Long Island on Sunday, a few people were surprised I had flown from New York and said driving took about the same amount of time… More →

Custom Database API – Reasons for Custom Tables and an API

By / — The WordPress database class and the other various APIs available make it pretty easy to interact with the WordPress database but often times you need to go a step further and create a custom API specific to your plugin's database… More →

Here’s a better way to use the Facebook News Feed

By / — I’ve noticed a few things about the way the News Feed works (or doesn’t work): I really like the way the News Feed tries to show me content I might be interested in, rather than every last post. At least,… More →

Hey Programmer: Don’t Be a Jerk

By / — To be liked, respected, and treated well within the open source development community, I think a lot of it comes down to a single point: Don't be a jerk. But, for whatever reason, human nature compels some of this to… More →

How To: Create Responsive Image Grid Galleries with the Final Tiles Gallery Plugin

By / — Today I’m looking at a plugin which allows you to create great looking responsive grid galleries within WordPress. One of the main features of this plugin is that it allows you to upload images of any size and it will… More →

How to Add Title and NoFollow to Insert Link Popup in WordPress

By / — Do you want to add a title and nofollow tag to your WordPress links? By default WordPress does not provide a user interface for adding those attributes. In this article, we will show you how to add title and nofollow… More →

Short Interview With Nikolay Bachiyski WordPress’ Security Czar

By / — While on stage at WordCamp Europe answering a question related to WordPress’ security track record, Matt Mullenweg named Nikolay Bachiyski as the first Security Czar for the WordPress project. I interviewed Bachiyski to learn why the role was created and… More →

Team Chat Summary August 10, 2015

By / — New Structure Proposed Rian Rietveld wrote a proposal on how to structure our work better and plan ahead longer and we discussed it. What follows is examples from the proposal. Goals and Issues This will be a separate page on… More →

Ultimate Widgets: Custom Widgets For Your WordPress Website

By / — Widgets for the back-bone of any WordPress website. While the trend nowadays is to sacrifice the sidebar in favor of a content-centric website layout, especially for personal blogs, the sidebar and footer widgets still play a big role in conveying… More →

WP Job Manager: How to Easily Display Job Listings on Your WordPress Website

By / — WP Job Manager is billed as a lightweight plugin for creating an online job board, or adding this type of functionality to an existing WordPress website. The core plugin is free to use and after installing it on your WordPress… More →

WPWeekly Episode 203 – Interview With Kiko Doran Co-organizer of Prestige Conference

By / — In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Kiko Doran, co-organizer of Prestige conference. Doran describes how he discovered WordPress in 2009 and explains the origin of Prestige, a career and business development conference. We… More →

Why We Created The WooCommerce Showcase

By / — Many times out of ten the reason I buy something, or into something, is because of proven positive impact. Reviews impact sales more than price, social proofing sells and seeing live examples of the thing you are considering is a dead effective way to build… More →

WordPress Professionals: How To Pitch, Land & Work With Small Business Clients

By / — If you’re a fan of fishing, you’ll know what I mean when I say everyone’s always looking to land “the big one”. And it seems that the same mentality holds true for WordPress professionals. It’s this idea that bigger clients… More →

WordPress for iOS: Version 5.4 Adds Statistical Insights

By / — WordPress for iOS: Version 5.4 is available on the app store and includes a couple of new features. To compliment the improvements to stats in 5.3, 5.4 adds a new stats screen called insights. Insights is similar to the Right… More →

“Bolt is WordPress done right(er)”

By / — This is a really interesting article in favor of a CMS I’d been vaguely curious about for a while, Bolt. Though the title’s intentionally a bit inflammatory, the text itself is rather fair in acknowledging WordPress’s strengths. However you feel… More →

“Hard” string freeze is now in effect for…

By / — “Hard” string freeze is now in effect for 4.3. The About page strings are now available for translation, and we expect to tag RC3 later today or tomorrow. “Hard” freeze means that all core and About page strings are available… More →