WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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15 Best WordPress Themes for News & Tech Sites in 2016

By / — News and technology are two popular topics online and WordPress is a great platform for building websites around them. News is something that changes often. The more categories you have the more difficult it can be to find the latest… More →

7 keyword research mistakes you should avoid

By / — Keyword research should be the first step of every SEO strategy. Thinking about the words you want to rank for is really the first and foremost step you need to take. Still, keyword research can be quite daunting. So, which… More →

Course: Clarifying Technical Terms with Multiple Meanings in WordPress

By / — This course works to straighten out the many meanings of several key technical terms. More →

German PTE request for the Hueman and Customizr themes

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the author of the *Hueman theme : https://wordpress.org/themes/hueman *Customizr theme : https://wordpress.org/themes/customizr/ Can someone please add the following user as translation editor for German and for both themes ? #de_DE – @bestmoose Thank you very much. More →

Hello Polyglots I’m the plugin author for the…

By / — Hello Polyglots, I’m the plugin author for the following 1 theme and 10 plugins: Anarcho Notepad (https://wordpress.org/themes/anarcho-notepad/) All Meta Tags (https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-meta-tags/) Best Preloader (https://wordpress.org/plugins/best-preloader/) Head and Footer Scripts Inserter (https://wordpress.org/plugins/header-and-footer-scripts-inserter/) My Custom Functions (https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-custom-functions/) My Custom Styles (https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-custom-styles/) My Syntax… More →

How To Intercept 404 Errors In WordPress

By / — When you go to a URL in WordPress it first needs to analyse this URL and decide what content it… More →

How to Build WordPress Forms in a Few Minutes – A Review of WPForms

By / — There are multiple aspects within your WordPress website that contribute to the overall user experience. Forms are, most certainly, an integral part to this. A form presents one of the best opportunities to collect valuable data from visitors or customers,… More →

How to Migrate from Zoho Mail to Gmail

By / — I recently decided to migrate one of my brands’ email accounts from Zoho Mail to Gmail. Google Apps has many more features than just Gmail and we were also having some spam issues with Zoho Mail so the move was… More →

How to Show Simple Blog Stats on Your WordPress Site

By / — Do you want to show stats like total number of posts, comments, registered users, etc to users on your site? In this article, we will show you how to show simple blog stats on your WordPress site. Why Show Blog… More →

Introducing Gillie, Our Hip New Upfront Theme – and That’s Not Even the Best Part!

By / — Don’t panic people, that noise you hear is the sound of awesomeness dropping. Our hip new Upfront starter theme Gillie is live… And that’s not even the best part. You may have noticed our Upfront theme framework got a huge upgrade this week,… More →

Polish PTE request for Hueman Addons plugin

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the author of the Customizr theme : https://wordpress.org/themes/customizr/ Can someone ( @iworks 🙂 ) please add the following user as translation editor for Polish ? #pl_PL – @oskarqpl Thank you very much, Nicolas More →

Using 3.5mm and XLR Microphones with iPhone 7 over Bluetooth

By / — Turns out that iPhone can’t act as a Bluetooth A2DP “sink” (it supports only “source”) which is required for receiving audio from one of these Bluetooth audio transmitters. They can’t be used to transmit 3.5mm shotgun, lavalier or XLR microphone output to an… More →

What’s hot around the World in eCommerce & technology

By / — Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little bubbles of life that we miss out on awesome new things happening on this glorious planet. Wanting to burst my knowledge bubble I started looking around and reading up on… More →

WordPress Tools and Our Responsibility

By / — Spend time working with WordPress, you learn of the reputable WordPress tools and services. Do we have an obligation to educate others? WordPress Tools and Our Responsibility was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources then visit… More →

a11y update week 37 2016

By / — Summary meeting WPa11y team, September 2016 Documentation Work is in progress by @trishasalas, @iamjolly and @rachievee. Theme review There are now 112 accessibility-ready themes in the repository. 80+ Waiting for a review, still a long waiting list. More help with reviewing… More →