WordPress News Digest for Thursday, November 13, 2014

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40 Fantastic WordPress WooCommerce Themes

By / — eCommerce is a fast paced industry with trends always changing and customers on the hunt for items that are comfortable, familiar, new or unique and so on. Keeping your WooCommerce Theme current, fresh and easy to navigate can keep the… More →

Bidding Competitor’s Trademark in Adwords. Good Marketing or Shady Practice?

By / — Adwords bidding on competitor’s trademarked terms. So for those of you not familiar with adwords, here is a 1 sentence primer: You can buy ads on “the Google” that users see when they search for something. We buy focused ads for… More →

Building the Front-End for the JSON REST API-Powered Single Page Web App

By / — In my last two articles I have discussed how to prepare your WordPress site to act as the backend for a JSON REST-API powered app using a separate, non-WordPress front-end, and I have illustrated how to use Node.js and Express to […] The post Building the… More →

Dev Chat Summary, November 12th

By / — https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core/p1415826068000473 Misses Beta 1, 2, 3 Feature plugin merge window Decisions Focus will merge and default to on during beta. Sessions UI will be reduced to a button to log out of all other sessions and be merged. Shiny updates… More →

DradCast Episode 065: What Should We Call Me?

By / — Show Notes: Japh Thomson is a professional hand holder; walking his clients through the ins and outs of the WordPress landscape. He is extremely passionate about working with people to give them the tools they […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The WordPress Lightbox

By / — Before we go into any details at all, first things first: What’s a WordPress Lightbox? To put it simply, a lightbox is an overlay or a popup window that goes over the website and shows a picture. They showcase the picture… More →

Focus Project and Session UI Approved for Merge Into WordPress 4.1

By / — John Blackbourn announced this afternoon that he will be merging the Focus Project into WordPress core ahead of the upcoming 4.1 release. Last week Jeff Chandler explored how the Focus Project plans to enhance distraction-free writing in WordPress. If you… More →

Hey I’m from Sri Lanka and my language…

By / — Hey I’m from Sri Lanka and my language (Sinhala – si) needs some important translations to be done if WordPress to get some publicity around here. I’ve contributed to WordPress.com as a translator for some time and the staff made… More →


By / — Still having a hard time deciding what hosting company to go with even after reading the results from our 2014 Hosting Review? If that’s the case you’ll definitely want to check out HostingReviews.io. Most hosting reviews out there are actually… More →

How Much Does It Really Cost To Start A WordPress Site

By / — Even though WordPress’ services are generally free, managing a WordPress site really isn’t. Yes, while it is true that up to now, WordPress is free there are a lot of costs entailed in the site management side of things that… More →

How to Stop Search Engines from Crawling A WordPress Site

By / — Recently, one of our users asked us how they can stop search engines from crawling and indexing their WordPress site? There are many scenarios when you would want to stop search engines from crawling your website or listing it in… More →

I’m reading more on my iPhone 6 and its bigger scr…

By / — I’m reading more on my iPhone 6 and its bigger screen than I did on my iPhone 5S. More →

New eBook: optimize your website

By / — Just about 2 months ago we released our eBook optimize your WordPress site. It’s been sold over 5,000 times now, which makes us very proud. We have received a lot of positive feedback in that time encouraging us to do… More →

Premium or Commercial Themes (Which is it?)

By / — One of the discussions that I’ve seen crop up more than once is the debate as to which should those themes for which we pay be called Premium Themes or Commercial Themes. Though I personally call them Premium Themes, there have been… More →

T-Shirt Ideas

By / — The docs team has a t-shirt. Why don’t we? Because we’re incredibly lazy. I want to preface this with a reminder: This does not mean we will actually get the shirts. This is an idea, and eventually we’ll need to… More →

Taxonomy Filter: A Simple Plugin to Filter Taxonomies in the WordPress Admin

By / — When WordPress is used heavily as a content management system, taxonomies play a very important role for grouping information. While your standard blog might only have a handful of categories, more content-heavy sites can include hundreds of terms within custom… More →

The Wearable Landscape pre-Apple Watch

By / — While the current wearables landscape is a story of slow convergence over the last 18 months, each device has clearly evolved from one of two origin approaches: activity/fitness tracker or smartwatch. Activity Trackers no notifications Nike Fuelband Fitbit One, Flex,… More →

Three Important Takeaways From WooCommerce Conference

By / — One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to spend 30 seconds after every encounter to find that one takeaway. You could be meeting someone new, attending a lecture, or organizing a conference. It isn’t about taking notes it’s… More →

Top Cloud Hosting Companies for WordPress

By / — Traditionally, websites are hosted on a single server within a company’s data centre. High traffic websites are normally hosted on a dedicated server and smaller websites are hosted on a server with other websites (i.e. those with a VPS or… More →

Upgrade the WordPress Post Editor with TinyMCE Advanced

By / — While the WordPress post editor includes some useful tools for formatting your content when you are crafting a new post or page, it’s possible to add even more formatting and presentation options to the editor in order to help you… More →

Why Choose WordPress to Power (Part of) your SaaS

By / — Software as a Service (SaaS) is a hot topic of conversation. And increasingly WordPress has become involved in this discussion. Here, we will look at specific reasons why you may want to consider using WordPress […] The post Why Choose… More →

“Herding dog” is basically code for “my dog has OC…

By / — “Herding dog” is basically code for “my dog has OCD”, right? More →