WordPress Digest for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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30 of The Best New eCommerce WordPress Themes for 2014

By / — Selling online with WordPress keeps becoming more viable as the CMS matures and the various ecommerce plugins also become more advanced. ( Check out our guide to WordPress eCommerce plugins ). Once you have chosen your plugin you will need… More →

8 Top Plugins for Integration With WooThemes Products

By / — There are a vast number of WordPress plugins in circulation. The enormous depth and variety of available plugins is one of the main reasons for WordPress’ astonishing rise to the top of the CMS pile over the past ten years… More →

A self hosted alternative to Jetpack’s Photon service

By / — While Jetpack and its Photon service are useful, it is not a solution fit for everyone, and may users and developers have reservations about integrating with the WordPress.com infrastructure. Will Norris takes the open source approach and has rolled his… More →

A to Z of WordPress Podcasts

By / — As the WordPress community continues to grow, so too does the number of podcasts covering this platform. On the face of it, a blogging platform come CMS might not be an obvious topic for a podcast, but judging by the… More →

Create A Typing Effect In CSS

By / — I recently found this jQuery plugin that allowed you to easily create a typing effect on your website. This plugin is an open source plugin available on Github called typed.js. In this post I will show you this jQuery plugin… More →

Free theme highlight: Hueman

By / — In terms of free themes, Hueman sure is a knockout. I’m not even much for magazine themes, but if you have a photo-heavy site with plenty of content, I really love the design and feel of this theme. Built by Alexander… More →

Google’s New Business Model

By / — Enter Nest. In my estimation, this deal is not about getting more data to support Google’s advertising model; rather, this is Google’s first true attempt to diversify its business, in this case into consumer devices. I hope this is the… More →

Here’s What’s New In Divi 1.3

By / — After the initial release of Divi, our main goal has been to monitor the support forums and address any bugs that pop up. Despite our own internal beta testing, there will always be unexpected issues when a theme is released… More →

How You Create WordPress Custom Taxonomies

By / — Continuing on from where you’d benefit from using Custom Post Types in your WordPress site is the question of why and how you’d want to use custom taxonomies. As I mentioned in that post, the two frequently travel together, and… More →

Matt Mullenweg Turns 30… And Becomes CEO of Automattic

By / — Yesterday, on the heels of his 30th birthday, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg announced that he would be taking over as CEO of Automattic, the company he founded just over eight years ago, marking a transition […] More →

Publisher of Torque, WP Engine, Raises $15 Million from North Bridge Growth Equity

By / — What’s on the front page of TechCrunch this morning? The news that our publisher, WP Engine, has raised 15 million dollars from North Bridge Growth Equity to invest in product development and accelerate growth. Good […] More →

Quick Tip: Keep Users Logged in to Your WordPress Site

By / — Have you ever logged into a site only to be kicked out again just minutes later? It can be a real drag. So when creating your own WordPress site, you don't want your users to get similarly frustrated. In this… More →

The Art of the WordPress Startup

By / — Part 1 of The Art of the WordPress Startup So you’ve decided to create a startup and have decided to build on top of WordPress. Maybe you’re building a web app, a dev shop, design agency, or a pageview monster… More →

The Road to Geekdom

By / — Geeks are people who are passionate about things. Passion makes people interesting, regardless of the subject matter. This is why geeks seek out other geeks. Join us, we have cookies.# More →

WP Engine Raises $15 Million to Accelerate Growth and Innovation

By / — Today we’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve secured $15 million in growth funding from North Bridge Growth Equity. As we continue to experience hyper-growth as a business, this investment will enable us to accelerate our platform innovation and deliver… More →

WP Engine raised $15 million in VC, grew customer base 27% last quarter

By / — WP Engine is making another splash with the announcement of a $15 million round of venture capital from North Bridge Growth. I first saw the announcement on TechCrunch, but it’s also on VentureBeat. Torque, WP Engine’s WordPress publication, also noted… More →

You Are What You Publish

By / — David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR has sold over 300,000 copies in more than 25 languages and is now in its fourth edition. It has been called “the bible for this new media world in which… More →