WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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11 simple tips to boost your website’s security

By / — When launching a new website it’s easy to get carried away with crafting the perfect design and adding great content. For many, including myself, security is merely an afterthought. However, every year attacks on WordPress […] The post 11 simple… More →

A Duo of New Themes: Motif and Capoverso

By / — Two new free themes from Automattic are now available at WordPress.org. Long a popular business theme over at WordPress.com, Motif … Continue reading → More →

A Guide To Merging (Based in Git)

By / — In the previous post, I gave a working definition of branching (based on Git’s model of source control) and provided a conceptual model that I hope makes it easier to understand what’s happening whenever you branch code from the master… More →

Agenda for the Polyglot chats on 14th & 15th Jan

By / — Aloha, Here is the agenda for this week’s polyglots chats: Locale stats Technical stats/report Translation sprints! Let’s get into some details on this awesome idea Nao described here. Get new translators & validators – we can brainstorm more ways to attract… More →

Announcing WP Engine Labs Open Source Project “Mercury Vagrant” – HHVM & PHP

By / — From the originators of the VVV Project and WP Engine Labs comes an easy to use HHVM and PHP vagrant for developers! (If you need help with any terms in this post we have the Labs glossary in the footer.)… More →

Applying the 80/20 Principle To Your Business – WPCAST032

By / — In this episode, we discuss the business applications of The 80/20 Principle. Many of these ideas come from the book The 80/20 of Sales and Marketing. More →

Better Headers

By / — Making better headers on your code files will make everyone happier. More →

Developing Backend for ManageWP Orion

By / — Wanna know what’s under the hood of ManageWP Orion? We’ve used our passion for technology to embrace all the best web-dev has to offer and even some less seen practices, and poured it into Orion. Our goal is to make… More →

Futuristic Predictions

By / — Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer, so here io9 lists The Most Futuristic Predictions That Came True In 2014, including technologically-assisted telepathy, 3d printing in space, laser weapons, and landing a robot on a comet. More →

How To Post To Facebook From WordPress

By / — Writing and publishing posts on WordPress takes enough time on its own. Having to then go to Facebook and post links can become so time consuming that it can be difficult to get it all done. When you add on… More →

How to Disable Title for Selective Posts in WordPress

By / — Have you ever wondered if it was possible to hide the title of select posts or pages on your homepage? The answer is Yes. In this article, we will show you how to disable post title for selective posts in… More →

I Love Composer, I Love WordPress, But I Object to a Marriage

By / — This post was contributed by David Hayes. David loves solving difficult problems at Press Up, publishing new WordPress tutorials at WPShout, and eating cold cereal with milk. The developer tool Composer has been sneaking in around the fringes of the… More →

Kicking off helphub

By / — At WordCamp San Francisco, we discussed the idea of helphub, a new place for providing support documentation to WordPress users. This would complement the support forums and be a place where people could help themselves. The full project specification is… More →

Make Your WordPress Website Faster with the Free WP Smush.it Image Optimization Plugin

By / — Having a fast loading website has many benefits for both you as a website owner and your visitors. Slow site speeds have been shown to not only degrade the user experience, leading to reduced conversion rates and higher bounce rates,… More →

Notes from the Polyglot chats on Jan 7th and Jan 8th

By / — Notes from the Polyglot chats on Jan 7th and Jan 8th Hey everyone, Here is a summary of last week’s polyglots chats: Logs: Jan 7th Chat | Jan 8th Chat. Some stats: (Don’t forget these are from last week) Jan… More →

Optimizing images for SEO

By / — If you are for instance a blogger or write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, you encounter this question on a probably daily basis: should I add an image to my article? The answer is “Yes”. Images make an article more vivid… More →

Preview the New Design for the WordPress Themes Directory

By / — As our team’s WordPress n00b, in the past I’ve found navigating the WordPress themes directory effectively to be one of those surprisingly difficult barriers to entry that no one really seemed to be talking about. I was delighted to find… More →

The Features as Plugins First Model Is a Mess

By / — Released in late 2013, WordPress 3.8 was packed with new features including, a new theme browser experience, widgets area chooser, and a redesign of the backend. It’s also the first release to include a feature using a new formal development… More →

The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress Themes January 2015

By / — The WordPress theme directory is currently undergoing an overhaul of how it looks and functions which should make it easier to find the theme you want, as you can see the layout is a little cleaner and will provide a… More →

Thrive Content Builder Review: An Easy Way to Create Eye-Catching Layouts & Landing Pages

By / — Have you ever been in the position where you desperately want to create something amazing, but don’t know where to start? It could be a detailed blog post with lots of content, or a web page with call-to-action buttons, testimonials,… More →

Time Saving Tools And Tricks For The Busy WordPress User

By / — Using WordPress instead of creating, or updating, then manually uploading HTML pages whenever you want to change or add new… The post Time Saving Tools And Tricks For The Busy WordPress User appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

Today’s Multisite Office Hours

By / — We’re continuing multisite office hours in the new year on Tuesdays at 20:00 UTC in the #core-multisite room. This is a wrap-up of today’s discussion with some goals we have in mind. Major takeaways today: Rapid iteration on new and existing… More →

WP Engine Open Sources Mercury Vagrant for Running WordPress on HHVM and PHP-FPM

By / — WP Engine Labs, in collaboration with the VVV creators at 10up, released Mercury Vagrant (HGV) today. The new open source Vagrant configuration uses HHVM to serve PHP code. It also includes the ability to run your development site using standard… More →

Which WordPress Caching Plugin Should I Use?

By / — One of the most important performance aspects of a website is the speed with which it loads. If you want to optimise your site to give your visitors the best possible experience while also improving your status in Google's ranking… More →

WooThemes Framework Settings Tutorial

By / — Whenever you install a WooThemes, you typically will get some setting tabs that are across the board with any WooTheme framework. They can differ slightly from theme to theme, and in this tutorial we will be looking at the General… More →

WordCamps 2014 recap

By / — Last year was a great year of visiting WordPress events over the world and then specially WordCamps. In total I went to 10 WordCamps where I went to 5 new WordCamps which include that I finally went to Asia to have… More →

Your Totally Complete Guide to Customizing the WordPress Post Editor

By / — Customizing the WordPress editor can make a world of difference in how you create new content on a daily basis. These modifications should cover everything you need to get the editor working precisely like you want it. More →