WordPress News Digest for Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Ex Girlfriend Meeting

By / — Since it’s Valentine’s day, here’s a little humor from the New Yorker’s Hallie Cantor: What I Imagine My Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriends Are Doing Right Now. (That the character is named Matt is completely coincidental.) More →

How to Display Post and Page IDs in the WordPress Admin

By / — The automatic display of post and page IDs went out with WordPress 2.5, but there's no reason you can't bring them back. Whether you need IDs for shortcodes or theme settings, we show you some quick solutions for showing IDs. More →

Invisible Click Tracking

By / — Have a look at this URL linking to this post: http://kaspars.net/blog/web-development/invisible-click-tracking​ Notice any tracking variables? Me neither! But check out the HTTP request and response in the network inspector of your browser — it is redirecting to the “same” URL: The… More →

Setting Up Variable Products in WooCommerce

By / — Variable products in WooCommerce allow you to create specific products that have several variations, for example, different colors, sizes, prices, and other variable data. In this tutorial you will learn how to create them and how you can apply attributes, terms… More →

Tidio Live Chat – Best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

By / — If you’re using WordPress as a platform for your business site, it’s good to have a medium for your potential client to get in touch with you and get feedback as soon as possible. While contact form has been a… More →

WordPress vs. Wix – Which is Right for You?

By / — Making the choice between WordPress and Wix is not easy. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both have their purpose. Both can build an elegant website. When you’re building your website you want to be certain that you’ve chosen the… More →