WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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20 Incredibly Useful WordPress Widgets

By / — WordPress widgets allow you to add static and dynamic content to widget-ready areas of your theme such as your sidebar, header, and footer. Without doubt, widgets are one of the best features of WordPress. The beauty of widgets lie in… More →

3 Markdown Plugins for Your WordPress Site

By / — Markdown is a simplified formatting language commonly used for easy text-to-HTML conversion. Quite simply, it’s a human readable and writable form of HTML. It’s simple, clean, fast, and flexible. And its extended portability and precision, coupled with its simplistic implementation, make it […] More →

Agenda for the May 14 meeting

By / — Please propose agenda items for today’s dev chat at (just over an hour from now). In particular, we should discuss script handling with embed wpview representation. See #28195. Let’s also do some quick check-ins with working groups and feature plugins.… More →

All is Revealed

By / — Faster slides with HTML5 and all is revealed! More →

Authority Intensive: My Thoughts and Presentation

By / — HTML5. Responsive Design. You’ve heard the buzzwords, but don’t know exactly why your website needs them. I’ll guide you through the latest tools your developer should be using, when they are appropriate, and the value they can bring to your… More →

Beyond Responsive Web Design: How to Win Friends and Influence Mobile Customers

By / — Is your business website ready for the mobile revolution? If not, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the 21st century. Internet traffic from tablets and smartphones recently surpassed traffic from traditional computers. Those traffic numbers are only going to become… More →

Cryptocat Facebook integration

By / — Due to the risk of my private messages becoming non-private, I am now using the Cryptocat to Facebook encryption service to secure my messages. More →

Envato WordPress Toolkit Guide For Automatic Theme Updates

By / — Millions of people use WordPress themes, and many users and developers choose to purchase premium themes from Themeforest. It’s a… The post Envato WordPress Toolkit Guide For Automatic Theme Updates appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

GitHub Is Not Your CV (Nor Is Your Blog)

By / — As it relates to developers, it’s been said that certain sites provide a paper trail of the work that we’ve done since we’ve been working in a professional capacity. For example: How many times have you heard that GitHub is your CV?… More →

Going Google with WordPress Plugins

By / — 25 different ways to make use of Google services with your WordPress site. More →

How to Allow Users to Upload Avatar From Profile Page

By / — In our recent project, the client wanted to have a very simple membership site to allow their product’s stockists to register on their site and a custom page to display all their registered stockists along with their stockists number, phone number as… More →

Important Update

By / — This is a follow-up post to our last post Important information for all WooThemes Customers This last week has been our biggest tests to date. The whole team has been working day and night to get as much information as… More →

Important changes to my support system

By / — Over the last 4 years, I’ve utilized bbPress as my primary support system, and it is worked wonderfully for me. As my plugins have expanded and the user base of my plugins has grown significantly over the last 4 years,… More →

Ninja Demo, formerly Demo WP Pro, is now live

By / — A few weeks ago I covered Demo WP Pro, a service by the folks behind Ninja Forms to help WordPress product creators create demo sites for their users. Since then, they’ve launched and rebranded to Ninja Demo. The rebranding was… More →

Pictorico: A Free WordPress Theme for Portfolios and Photoblogs

By / — Pictorico is a new free theme for self-hosted WordPress sites, created by the team at Automattic. While many themes in the WordPress Themes Directory lean toward the blog flavor, this one is geared toward portfolios and photoblogging websites. Pictorico is… More →

Recap Of WordCamp Miami 2014

By / — With 770 attendees, WordCamp Miami is one of the largest WordCamps in the US. WordCamp Miami was comprised of three seperate events. BuddyCamp, a WordPress Beginner’s Workshop, and a Workshop for Kids. With over 40 speakers and three tracks, there… More →

TeslaThemes Giveaway Winners Announcement

By / — Last week we run this cool giveaway from TeslaThemes and today we are ready to announce the winners! I just would like to remind you that you had an opportunity to put your hands on 3 Premium WordPress Themes: More →

The Ability To Anonymously Complain About WordPress May Soon Disappear

By / — Kvetch is a Yiddish word defined as a nagging complaint. Introduced to WordPress.org in 2007, the kvetch form provided users an opportunity to anonymously tell developers what it was about WordPress that ticked them off. Each time the page is… More →

Tips on Becoming More Efficient at Supporting your Products

By / — If you are developing themes or plugins for commercial release, then Steven Gliebe who develops themes at Church Themes, has published a post on how to become more efficient at supporting your products. After surveying a number of top theme sellers on… More →

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Themes for Incredible Page Speed

By / — A fast and lightweight theme can do wonders for improving your page speed – and ensuring your visitors will hang around long enough to read your content. Last week we looked at ways to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score.… More →

WP Ninjas Launch Ninja Demo: A Complete Demo Solution for WordPress Products

By / — When the WP Ninjas launched Ninja Forms in 2010, many people dismissed the plugin, saying there was no way it would be able to compete with Gravity Forms, the dominant commercial product in that space. Fast forward two years, and… More →

Web Development With PhpStorm

By / — A while ago I changed my main IDE from eclipse to Sublime Text 2. I really enjoyed working with it and even wrote an article about what it's like to do web development with Sublime Text 2. The main reason… More →

WooThemes Continuing To Investigate Reports Of Fraudulent Activity

By / — WooThemes is continuing to investigate a handful of reports of fraudulent activity on customers’ credit card accounts. The company worked with Sucuri who conducted a code audit and discovered three modified files on their server pointing toward an attack. WooThemes… More →

WordPress Plugins & Themes for Long-Form Writing & Story Telling

By / — If you wish to use WordPress for long-form writing or telling stories, then an amazing new plugin launched a little while ago name Aesop Story Engine. It  is a free plugin which allows you to create create long-form stories in… More →

WordPress statistics for the top 500,000 websites, kinda

By / — A website called Hacker Target has posted a roundup of cute graphs with usage statistics for WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting for the top 500,000 on the internet. The results are fun to look at, but you should consider them… More →