WordPress News Digest for Thursday, January 15, 2015

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A Brief History of WordPress News and Podcasts

By / — There has been a lot of discussion around the future of WordPress news and podcasts. The Professional WordPress book series spans 5 years (crazy!), so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what WordPress news… More →

Better Support for Accessibility Issues

By / — The support team’s weekly meetup today invited representatives from the Accessibility and Theme Review teams to share information about how we could better support each other. As a result of that meeting, we’ve officially agreed on the use of ‘a11y’… More →

Dashicons meeting notes

By / — Slack Archive The current goal is to move away from Dashicons as a web font and use an SVG sprite instead. This will be easier to contribute to, and easier to manage. We discussed: There’s a mockup on Github for anyone who wants… More →

DradCast Episode 070: Omaha Omaha

By / — Show notes: Matt Medeiros is the co-founder of Slocum Studio, host of the Matt Report, and creator of Conductor Plugin. He grew up in the automotive business with his father, Mark, and continues this father-and-son duo […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Edit BuddyPress Activity Posts on the Front End

By / — Earlier this week, the folks at BuddyBoss released BuddyPress Global Search, a new plugin that allows users to search through every BuddyPress component. The company’s founder, Michael Eisenwasser, was inspired to give back to the project by creating a string… More →

Embed Any Content within WordPress Posts Using WP Web Scraper

By / — There are numerous times when we need to embed a piece of information into a WordPress post such that it always stays updated. This could be stock quotes, oil prices, currency rates, match schedules, team winning odds and so on.… More →

Forum Preview #2: Topics/Threads Admin

By / — As I promised, I plan to keep you all updated with some eye candy for the new forum plugin. This is the manage topics/threads screen in the admin. The post Forum Preview #2: Topics/Threads Admin appeared first on Justin Tadlock. More →

Getting Started with WordPress Plugin Development: The Ultimate Guide

By / — Plugins are PHP scripts that alter your website – basically, bits (or even lots!) of code that can be uploaded to your WordPress install to extend and expand the functionality of your site, without having to hack the core code.… More →

How To: Allow users to Login to WordPress using Github

By / — Today we are going show you how to add a GitHub login button into a WordPress theme using Oauth – this tutorial is for developers who wish to add this functionality so users can login to your site faster using… More →

How to Add a Notepad to Your WordPress Dashboard

By / — Have you ever wanted to write a quick note for other writers on your WordPress site? In this article, we will show you how to add a notepad to your WordPress dashboard and share the note with other users on… More →

How to Launch Your Online Course Without Months of Hard Work

By / — One thing that puts a lot of people off teaching online, is what they perceive to be a huge amount of work involved in creating the course content. I’ve seen people spend months producing an extensive course, with professionally edited… More →

How to Properly Use Tags

By / — This came up in this week’s slack chat. Using tags can be a fine art, and we may end up doing a tag-scrub some day soon, to get more people into helping triage posts in the forums. Tags usually aren’t… More →

I Sincerely Love All-in-One WP Migration

By / — This plugin continues to be a dream come true: It migrates a site’s database and file structure, without fail, in two clicks plus a permalink reset. If you’ve ever struggled to migrate a WordPress install (or been afraid to pay tons of… More →

Image Flow Update 15th January

By / — Slack Archive Thanks everyone who attended the image flow meeting. We discussed the following: @pabloperea has completed interactive wireframes. They should give you an insight into how the flow works. We’re still missing the gallery flow. we discussed having a… More →

Let’s be more specific in our reviews

By / — Hi, all. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks because of sickness and some personal life stuff. I wanted to catch up with things, so I started looking through our review queues. One of the troubling things I noticed… More →

Log WordPress Dashboard Activity for Improved Security and Auditing

By / — Ever wondered what the other logged in users on your WordPress site are doing? Or perhaps you need to retrace your steps to find out what broke your website? While WordPress does log this information on your server, those log… More →

Nice Name

By / — I was returning home today after running some errands when a police car pulled me over, just as I was about to get onto the interstate. I was sure I hadn’t been speeding, didn’t run a light, and I had… More →

Papi Project Adds a Page Type API to WordPress

By / — The Pages feature, although generated dynamically in WordPress, was designed for use with static, evergreen content. Pages have always been somewhat simpler than posts, which received a major boost to flexibility when custom post types came on the scene in… More →

Public beta’s for our plugins

By / — Over the last few months we’ve been working hard on improving how we build and test our plugins. We’re writing more and more unit tests and are trying to prevent issues from popping up. There’s one recurring issue though: we… More →

Support Team summary for January 15th

By / — For today’s meetup the support team welcomed @karmatosed from the Theme team and @joedolson from the Accessibility team and the agenda was “How can support assist those two teams?” This resulted in the following points being discussed. There are always… More →

The Best WordPress Facebook Widgets

By / — According to an article written last year on The Washington Post, the number of people who use Facebook is nearly equal to the amount of humans living in China. How many people is that? About 900 million. (Yeah… I was… More →

The Best WordPress Tools & Resources for Freelancers

By / — About 40 percent of the American workforce is going to be comprised of freelancers by the year 2020, meaning that platforms… The post The Best WordPress Tools & Resources for Freelancers appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

The Birthday Pup

By / — When I adopted Maggie back in 2006, I’d been desperately wanting a dog for years. But I was moving a lot, and most of the places I lived wouldn’t allow dogs. So when my friend Charlie said he was moving… More →

The Shelf Life and Feature Creep of a WordPress Theme

By / — With Mayer about to turn a year old (they grow up so fast), with a healthy backlog of features sitting in the queue, and with two other themes sitting in the planning stage for the first part of this year, I’ve… More →

The Very Useful Image Widget For WordPress

By / — The Image Widget uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site. This is great for single images you might want in your sidebar or footer. My short tutorial will show you the different ways you can… More →

This Week in WordPress: Features as Plugins a Mess, and ThemeForest Unrest

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip daily for lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Venture Capital in the 80s

By / — For the best explanation of what’s going on with capital markets now it might be best to look to Venture Capital in the 1980s. More →

WordPress Theme Pattern Library for Accessibility

By / — We want to make creating accessibility-ready themes as easy possible. To do that, we’re working on building a library of accessible patterns for themes. That way, theme authors can learn about and implement accessibility in their themes with ease. Goals… More →

WordPress and the new European Union VAT (Value-Added Tax) rules

By / — The new European VAT rules rolled out at the beginning of January, and they really complicate selling digital goods to Europeans. I have done a ton of research and reading, and this is the most straightforward post I could make… More →