WordPress News Digest for Saturday, March 15, 2014

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Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show: LIVE BLOG 15/03

By / — I love the Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show! Every week, I make a note of any tracks I particularly enjoy. This week, I’m going to try a “live blog” and see if anyone finds it interesting or useful. My… More →

Finally emailed Hover to start the process of tran…

By / — Finally emailed Hover to start the process of transferring my domains to them. The reminders in my podcasts did make a difference. More →

How to Paginate Comments in WordPress and How It Can Help Your SEO

By / — If you get a lot of comments on your posts, then you may want to think about paginating them – i.e. breaking them up into different pages after a certain number. Paginating comments is super easy. In fact, it’s built… More →