WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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4 Easy Tips for WordPress Performance Optimization

By / — Choosing a good host is part of running a WordPress site, but many users wonder where to go from there. A properly optimized WordPress site can not only allow you to serve your customers better, but also greatly decreases your… More →

5 Most Downloaded Plugins for SEO

By / — For many, maximizing the traffic on their WordPress site is a major part of running an online business. Equally as important is the ability to measure and analyze this traffic for insight into the efficacy […] More →

Array Competition: Win x3 Theme Passes worth $199 Each

By / — Today we have teamed up with theme shop Array, which is the rebranded version of Okay Themes started by Mike McAlister. Mike got in touch with me to run a competition for WPLift readers and has offered up 3 yearly… More →

Beautiful Interview – Director of Operations

By / More →

Being Less of a Jerk About Faith

By / — An interesting self-exploration by Anil.# More →

BuddyPress Hosting

By / — So you’ve launched your social network and are using BuddyPress to power it. You’re built on top of WordPress which clearly rocks. However, you’ve noticed your site has slowed down considerably since adding that plugin. You are not hallucinating and… More →

Cite: A WordPress Plugin to Help Readers Correctly Attribute Articles

By / — WordPress sites that publish academic or scholarly articles often need to provide information to help readers know how to cite articles correctly. Cite is a new plugin that tackles this requirement using dynamic tags to generate the date, site name,… More →

Creating Categories and Tags for Your WordPress Media

By / — If you often reuse your media, you NEED this info. More →

Data Analytics That Matter

By / — Integrating analytics into my next project is high on my list. Real usage data is entirely different than data reported by a small segment of users.# More →

Executive Retreats

By / — My retreat a few years back with Dan and Scott was awesome. I can see how doing it with just your own team would also be awesome; in a different way. There are definitely some ideas that require distance to… More →

Getting Started With SASS

By / — If you do any front-end development over the past couple of years then you would of heard of CSS pre-processors. The most common CSS pre-processors are SASS, LESS, or Stylus. CSS pre-processors are scripts that will compile code and output… More →

HTML5 Galleries & Captions in WordPress 3.9

By / — WordPress 3.6 introduced HTML5 versions of popular template tags, starting out with comments, the comment form, and the search form. With the 3.9 release we add galleries and captions to that list. Now, when adding HTML5 support for those features, WordPress will use… More →

Hello everyone Akismet 3.0 is going to be…

By / — Hello everyone. Akismet 3.0 is going to be released really soon. If you complete the translation of it here then users using WordPress in your language will be eligible for a language pack on update. It’ll likely be released within… More →

Hello there A question about beta and RC…

By / — Hello there. A question about beta and RC. Assume that I want to release a WP 3.9-RC2 in Spanish to allow some people to test it and test the translations. Revision is 28135. Which are the steps that I have… More →

Hi make support — could some of you…

By / — Hi make/support — could some of you join us today for a pre-launch meeting in #wordpress-dev? Would like to discuss launch and support strategies, etc. More →

How To Use WordPress As A Learning Management System

By / — WordPress has many uses that most of us are exceedingly familiar with. It can be a blog, business website, art portfolio, e-commerce store and so much more. Over the last few years another use case has become more and more… More →

How to Install & Setup WordPress Caching with WP Super Cache

By / — Hello everybody. Welcome to a new chapter in the WordPress Caching series, where we will finally learn how to implement… The post How to Install & Setup WordPress Caching with WP Super Cache appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

How to Restrict Authors to Specific Category in WordPress

By / — Running a multi-author site efficiently requires a good editorial workflow. If you have authors working on a specific topic, then one of the things you can do is limit their publishing capability only to a specific category. In this article,… More →

IRC Meetup agenda for week #16

By / — Items on the agenda so far: WordPress 3.9 is scheduled for release on Wednesday the 16th WordPress 3.8.3 was released and addresses the Quick Draft problem introduced with 3.8.2 Please reply in the comments for adding any additional items to… More →

Important Updates for Plugin Developers in WordPress 3.9

By / — The WordPress update ready to drop this week will lack the flair and pomp that accompanies some of the more extensive updates. It will mostly feature a few UI enhancements in the Post Editor, a […] More →

Keep an eye on accessibility in your projects

By / — For one of the first projects I ever worked on in an agency setting, we had a monster list of items to either finish, ask about, or respond to. A classic punch list. So, I was given this list in… More →

Last Week in WordPress Core

By / — Hello there! This is Last Week in WordPress Core for the week of April 8-April 14. Similar to last week, commits are included up to RC2, which was released today. In addition, maintenance releases 3.8.3 and 3.7.3 are available, and… More →

Let’s have a meeting today

By / — Let’s have a meeting today, , to make sure we have everything in place for a release. (#wordpress-dev) More →

Microcaching with Nginx

By / — Zach Brown has a nice post up on how to set up microcaching with Nginx combined with Batcache to handle big spikes of traffic (or just to maximize efficiency and enable running a site on low resources). Zach explains that… More →

Organizing Your WordPress Data: Understanding Custom Taxonomies vs Custom Fields

By / — WordPress, as any good content management system should, offers a couple really useful ways to store data about your content. You can attach to your content-types — which for better worse still go by the name “posts” in much of… More →

Ozh’ Tweet Archiver 2.0 Backs Up Your Tweets to WordPress

By / — Social networks come and go but your blog lives forever. The advent of social media brought a revolution in how people communicate, but it has also chained us to data silos that house many of our important thoughts, writings and… More →

Pay With a Like and Watch Your Site Go Viral

By / — Pay With a Like can help you leverage word of mouth marketing. Once installed and activated, visitors to your site will be asked to “Like” your content in exchange for access to articles, videos, downloads or any other content. More →

Post Connector 1.5

By / — I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the biggest update to Post Connector so far, version 1.5. New features in this update include related connections, backwards linking and automatically displaying linked posts after a post. Related Connections Here at Yoast… More →

Press75, one of the oldest WordPress theme shops, is for sale

By / — Started in 2008, Press75 is one of the oldest WordPress theme shops. Jason Schuller has run the site for years, and according to the listing, it was once a half a million dollar per year business. Now it’s for sale. Jason… More →

Redesigning the Miva Merchant E-Commerce Application

By / — After working with the Miva Merchant E-Commerce app for the past few months, I have been getting more and more frustrated with the overall design and layout of the app. Miva is filled with bold purple, dirty yellow, table-based layouts,… More →

Steps To Writing Clean WordPress Code

By / — I’d like to think that one of the things that most good developers continually strive for is writing the cleanest, most maintainable code possible. Personally, I don’t know if there is an actual point at which you reach it –… More →

Update on accessibility-ready theme tag

By / — We’re gradually working the kinks out of the process. There was an oversight in the automated process that added the accessibility-ready keyword to themes, so that only new themes were automatically getting the keyword, and not updated themes that added… More →

We have our winners

By / — A few months ago, we asked our customers to submit any sites they were proud of using our themes. We wanted to see what sites you’ve been creating, what you had to say about the theme you’d chosen and in… More →

WordPress 3.8.3 Released, Fixes Quick Draft Bug

By / — WordPress 3.8.3 was released today and fixes a pesky bug introduced in WordPress 3.8.2. As we reported a few days ago, one of the security fixes in 3.8.2 caused the Quick Draft dashboard widget to break. Auto-drafts created through the… More →

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2

By / — The second release candidate for WordPress 3.9 is now available for testing. If you haven’t tested 3.9 yet, you’re running out of time! We made about five dozen changes since the first release candidate, and those changes are all helpfully… More →

Write Code Every Day

By / — This starts next week for me (after vacation). I needed this as a kick in the patoot; I’m not making progress at the speed I want to on my current project and a big part of that is context switching… More →

there is a guide on how to use…

By / — there is a guide on how to use svn , branches, HEAD…? thanks More →