WordPress News Digest for Saturday, August 15, 2015

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How to Add Items to the WordPress Toolbar

By / — Adding your own links to the WordPress Toolbar (you know, that black bar at the top of your site) is actually really simple. We break it down and give you the code in today’s Weekend WordPress Project. More →

Is WordPress Really the Best Option for Community Sites?

By / — Here’s the scenario: you need a website – for yourself or a client – with some more advanced community features. That might mean advanced user accounts, forums, private messaging, chat, better commenting, or any other manner of features to enhance… More →

Smokestack SF BBQ

By / — I had great BBQ in San Francisco last week at a new place called Smokestack. The brisket was on-point, and competitive with anything I’ve had in Texas. This review in the SF Chronicle covers things pretty well, if you’re hankering… More →

The Best Beauty & Salon WordPress Themes

By / — Most of us let someone else cut our hair (or in my case, douse it in chemicals and then cut… The post The Best Beauty & Salon WordPress Themes appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Themes should be 100% GPL

By / — If you haven’t heard, we love the GPL (and other open source licenses) around here. We take this love of open source pretty seriously. Sometimes, we even have crazy, all-out Internet brawls that last for months about it. On a… More →