WordPress News Digest for Thursday, September 15, 2016

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25 Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

By / — In the age where you’re navigating between too many Chrome tabs, extensions help you access websites quickly, bookmark your favorite web pages, and do a lot more. Are you using powerful Chrome extensions to enhance your WordPress experience? According to… More →

Advanced WordPress Development: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

By / — Want to take your WordPress game to a whole new level of coding mastery? Are you ready to really push your PHP skills and add even greater complexity and advanced functionality to your plugins and themes? Welcome to our latest… More →

Automated Security Check Up Next

By / — We have some exciting news to share with you. On September 22 we are releasing our premium Security Check that is fully automated. That’s right, now you will be able to schedule your Security Checks as often as you like, and… More →

CMS Comparison: WordPress Vs. Medium [Infographic]

By / — At first glance, WordPress and Medium might appear to be competitors in the realm of content management systems. However, comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges—they completely differ. While both platforms are viable solutions for writers who want to… More →

Design chat agenda for September 15

By / — This week’s chat is happening tomorrow, at On this weeks agenda: #27159 – Remove/re-arrange TinyMCE buttons to improve user experience, and new related tickets: #38049 – Rename Headings in TinyMCE #38050 – Replace `formatselect` with `styleselect` in TinyMCE Customizer Tickets… More →

Holiday season SEO: start preparing NOW!

By / — It’s 86°F outside, and here we are telling you to think about the snowy days of Christmas. Already. If you have an online shop, please start thinking about the Christmas holiday season already! Ranking in Google isn’t something you can… More →

How To Reverse jQuery SlideUp And SlideDown

By / — By default jQuery slideDown will obviously slide the element down to display the contents and slideUp will slide the element… More →

How to Create a Text Outline in CSS

By / — Sometimes you need an outline around your text. A recent project required me to place white text on a multicolored image background, so giving that text a black outline was important for readability. More →

How to Permanently Delete a WordPress Site from the Internet

By / — Recently, one of our readers asked if it was possible to permanently delete a WordPress site from the internet? Simply deleting your WordPress installation does not completely remove it from the internet. In this article, we will show you how… More →

How to Use the Calypso Desktop App for WordPress

By / — WordPress has become the go-to platform for websites of all types. Today, even a non-technical person can build websites using… The post How to Use the Calypso Desktop App for WordPress appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

How to build responsive emails

By / — (Re-post from my blog archives) This blog post covers some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up when building responsive emails. Before you start This guide won’t teach you HTML and CSS from scratch. If you don’t know enough… More →

How to handle the spam/pending queues

By / — Cross-posting this so that it’s available to all that may have a benefit from it: Since this is a frustration for me, I think we need some guidelines on -how- the queues need to be handled, as the current approach… More →

Media Weekly Update (September 9)

By / — This post summarizes the most recent media meeting, which takes places weekly in #core-images on Slack. Our next meeting is and the agenda for these meetings include moving priority tasks forward, providing feedback on issues of interest, and reviewing media focused tickets on Trac. It was… More →

Plugged In: Plugins To Monetize Your Blog

By / — Welcome to Plugged In, where we take a look at some of the most popular WordPress plugins in various categories. This week, we look into the best plugins for monetizing your WordPress site. (For more information on WordPress plugins, download our… More →

Popping Up with Popup Maker: a WordPress Popup & Modal Plugin

By / — Bring the benefits of elegant modals and popups to your WordPress website with Popup Maker, a powerful and easy to use modal plugin for WordPress! Fully customizable, Popup Maker allows you to craft your own overlays and windows for a… More →

Read All Files of a Certain Type (Using PHP)

By / — To read all files of a given type, you have to know the naming convention. Fortunately, PHP offers the glob function that makes this easier. Read All Files of a Certain Type (Using PHP) was written by Tom. For more… More →

September 15th Support Team Meeting Summary

By / — Announcements Please consider sharing feedback on the forum redesign mockups. Please consider sharing feedback on the new Plugin Guidelines. WordPress 4.6.1 The only trending problem after 4.6.1 that’s been identified so far is Media titles now being sanitized, this is… More →

Why Is WordPress Website Security Important?

By / — How alarming is it to receive an email about an unauthorized login attempt to your WordPress account? Do you even have a WordPress login notification setup? Don’t worry that’s about to change; Daan Tol (owner of WPLift) got in touch… More →

Why WordPress Knowledge Needs To Become Everyday Knowledge

By / — The rules by which we live today are scarily intertwined with technological advancements and if you don’t at least partially accept this, you might end up sitting on the bench while the rest play the game. So in the interest… More →