WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, October 15, 2014

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Accessibility Team Update: October 8, 2014

By / — Here’s our team update for the week: We’re continuing our weekly testing meeting. Be sure you note the time in the sidebar, if you’re interested in participated. We now have the Handbook plugin activated on our site and work has… More →

Accessibility/UI Collaboration on Posts/Pages Screen

By / — There are several tickets open that relate directly to accessibility in the content editing experience on the posts/pages screen (see this post by Joe Dolson for details). Since Avryl is currently working on the editor this is a good time to… More →

Agenda for October 15th dev chat

By / — According to the 4.1 release schedule, we should be merging in our planned feature plugins today. Strictly the only feature plugin we have scheduled for 4.1 is the user session management UI though, so I’m not too worried. Today’s meeting… More →

Agenda for the polyglots chat today 13:00 UTC (9:00 EDT, 15:00 CET, 20:00 ICT, 22:00 JST)

By / — Just a quick reminder that we’re going to have a polyglots chat today at 13:00 UTC (9:00 EDT, 15:00 CET, 20:00 ICT, 22:00 JST). The agenda for the chat is similar to the one we had last week (summary here)… More →

Automatic Geolocation

By / — Where I am is who I am and your geolocation methods piss me off. More →

Creating a WordPress Custom Functions Bible – and Snippets to Get You Started

By / — To hazard a guess, I would estimate WordPress developers realize the benefits of storing and reusing code snippets after their third or fourth WordPress site. It not only ensures your development practices stay consistent from project to project, but also… More →

How to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Structure and Permalinks

By / — You might remember the post I wrote about changing your website’s permalinks without disrupting the underlying structure a while back. Well,… The post How to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Structure and Permalinks appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Improve Website Navigation with Mega Menus

By / — To maximize the revenue your website generates, you need to provide the best possible user experience. Of course, great content is a big part of this, as is an aesthetically pleasing website. However, it’s just […] The post Improve Website… More →

Listen Completely

By / — Listen now . When people talk listen completely. Don’t be thinking what you’re going to say. Most people never listen. Nor do they observe. You should be able to go into a room and when you come out know everything… More →

LoopConf: A Conference Catered to WordPress Developers

By / —   Scheduled to take place May 7-8th, 2015 at Westin Lake in Las Vegas, NV, LoopConf is a conference dedicated to WordPress developers. The two-day event has six speakers confirmed with more on the way. They include: Joost de Valk… More →

Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting Review

By / — Founded in 1998 by Demian Sellfors and John Carey it is Media Temple is one of those name that aren’t unheard of in the web-hosting industry. Although this $53M company was acquired by GoDaddy in October 2013, Media Temple operates… More →

Notes from the polyglots chat on Oct 15

By / — Hey everyone! Here’s a quick summary of today’s Polyglots chat. Note: How can we reschedule so more people are able to participate? What times would be good for you? We can try and schedule different times so people can attend at… More →

POODLE – not the dog – the SSL vulnerability is patched system wide.

By / — Another day, another code exploit in the wild to ruin your day. The POODLE bug recently came to light showing SSLv3 connections are insecure. Calling the new attack POODLE—that’s “Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption”—the attack allows a man-in-the-middle, such as… More →

SSLv3 support disabled in response to POODLE

By / — In order to protect our customers from the recently announced POODLE vulnerability in SSL, we have disabled support for SSLv3 across our entire customer base. This change will prevent attackers from exploiting the vulnerability and keep SSL sessions secure. However,… More →

Share Your Favorite WordPress Plugins with Clients

By / — I am finding that a lot of people didn’t realize that they can add their favorited plugins to their dashboard. First, let’s backtrack a bit. First you have to favorite them on WordPress.org. I do it all the time to help myself… More →

The 2014 Customer Showcase Finalists Are Here. Vote For Your Favorite Websites!

By / — Last week we announced the 2014 Customer Showcase Contest, and since then we have received over 1,000 wonderful submissions. It was an incredibly difficult task, but we have whittled down the finalists to 30 amazing websites, and now it’s time… More →

The Missing Component in Your WordPress Security Strategy – Audit Logs

By / — WordPress websites have become a popular malicious hacker target. We have all seen it in the news – thousands of WordPress websites get hacked overnight. In fact even though WordPress is really easy to use and powers around 20% of… More →

Time to Test Twenty Fifteen!

By / — Today, Twenty Fifteen landed in /trunk. @iamtakashi and others have worked really hard to make this first pass accessibility-ready from the start. I’ve done an initial accessibility-ready review and advised on a few bug fixes. But we still should bang… More →

Twenty Fifteen Officially Added to The Development Version of WordPress

By / — The default theme slated to ship with WordPress 4.1 dubbed “Twenty Fifteen” has officially been added to the development version of WordPress. In sharp contrast to Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen is a simple, two column, blog focused theme. The typography… More →

Twenty Fifteen Officially Added to The Development Version of WordPress

By / — This week WordPress developers get the chance to take an advanced look at “Twenty Fifteen”.  The new default WordPress theme is scheduled to be released with this December’s WordPress 4.1 update.  This Post by Jeff Chandler gives us a peek at… More →

WWW vs non-WWW – Which is Better For WordPress SEO?

By / — Every now and again, we get asked by users what’s the difference between www vs non-www in site URLs? People often want to know which one is better for SEO, and whether they should change their site URL. In this… More →

What should we put in a theme review…

By / — What should we put in a theme review test theme? As part of the move to get a contribution pack together and make becoming a theme reviewer more accessible, we are creating a theme that does it all wrong. Code… More →

WordPress Core Weekly

By / — Hi everyone! It’s time for WordPress Core Weekly (formerly known as Last Week in WordPress Core) again! There have been suggestions to change the name of these summary posts to stop confusions about being the last week of WordPress. This… More →

WordPress Cumbria October Talk

By / — WordPress Cumbria is a monthly WordPress meet up that takes place in Kendal, Cumbria. The October meet up was the second meet up between WordPress Developers, Designers, Users and anyone interested in the publishing platform. I was invited to speak… More →

Working with Taxonomies Using the JSON REST API

By / — Over the last few months I’ve provided a series of tutorials on how to use the WordPress REST API. I’ve covered topics on how to retrieve and create posts, and even how to work with post meta data and how […] The post Working with… More →

“When Should I Use Ajax?” and Other Mysteries of the Web

By / — A few months ago, I published a post that covered how to achieve single page tabbed navigation in WordPress. In the post, I mentioned the following: In some cases, it may be best to load pages via Ajax, in some… More →