WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, December 15, 2015

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13 Killer JavaScript Resources to Get Up to Speed for WordPress

By / — If you’ve heard that JavaScript is the new PHP (or at least, that it’s going to be a key part of the WordPress technology stack in the coming years), or you want to learn JavaScript but are overwhelmed and don’t… More →

41 Best Free WordPress Photography Themes (Expert Pick)

By / — Are you looking for best free WordPress photography themes for your website? WordPress is used by thousands of photographers, designers, and artists from all over the world to beautifully display their portfolio and photos. In this article, we will show… More →

A Membership Site Is Much More Than a Good Plugin – BobWP

By / — We are always hearing about the perfect WordPress plugin for membership sites. But what often isn't clear is that finding the right plugin is just one small part of creating a successful membership site. The post A Membership Site Is… More →

Accessibility code standards for WordPress core

By / — During the WCUS community summit 2015 in Philadelphia we made a start with accessibility code standards for WordPress core. Joe Dolson put a concept for the a11y code standards together (see below or as Google Doc). These are the standards expected from new code (like… More →

Agenda for December 17th Support Meetup

By / — WordPress 4.4. (How’s it going?) Global Contributor Drive, 20 Questions. (What is it, who wants to help, and 3rd or 4th weekend of January?) Meetings on 24th and 31st. (Do it, reschedule, or just office hours?) For any other items… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on Dec 16th

By / — Hello Polyglots, Here’s a short agenda for the chat this week. This will be our last scheduled weekly chat for 2015, so come by to say Hi Locale stats Tech update: you no longer need to request Rosetta deploys for… More →

Find Out What Your Visitors Think With These 6 Best WordPress Poll Plugins

By / — You can’t easily run a successful website without knowing what your users care about, what they think about certain issues, and the kind of content that will keep them engaged in the future. Don’t be scared, though! There are plenty… More →

Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization in WordPress

By / — Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a significant website optimization technique that deals with how visitors are engaging with your website…. The post Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization in WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Hello Polyglots I’d like to have language editor…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I’d like to have language editor rights for my own plugin (for the english, ukrainian, russian languages). https://wordpress.org/plugins/robokassa-payment-gateway-saphali/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/saphali-woocommerce-lite/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/saphali-liqpay-for-donate/ #ru_RU – @Saphali (@SergeyBiryukov) #uk – @Saphali #en_US – @Saphali #en_GB – @Saphali Thanks! More →

Hey there please add me as Translation Editor…

By / — Hey there, please add me as Translation Editor for the German locale (both formal and informal variant) if you need/want me. @CoachBirgit @ocean90 Otherwise, I would like to have full access to the German locale (both formal and informal variant)… More →

Hi I requested another deployment to eo wordpress…

By / — Hi, I requested another deployment to eo.wordpress.org the 10th. Today is the 15th. I’d like to add the portals to plugins & themes… More →

How Thrive Leads Can Help You Improve Your Lifecycle Marketing

By / — Not too long ago we published an article that covered the basics of lifecycle marketing. Understanding the different lifecycle stages is a great first step in the process of developing your sales funnel. Once you understand the stages, there still… More →

I’d like to have language editor rights for…

By / — I’d like to have language editor rights for my own plugin (for the italian language). https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-cookie-law/ More →

McAfee Secure is a Glorious Way to Sell More Stuff Online

By / — You have an online store. You want to sell more on it. (If you don't have an online store, or if, for some reason, you want to sell less, this isn't the post you're looking for. Move along, please.) There… More →

Quality Vs Price In Web Hosting And The Power Of GeoIP

By / — When it comes to selecting a WordPress hosting provider, there are many factors to consider, including the quality and cost of its services. So often by going with the cheaper alternative, quality is sacrificed. The ToolTester Network learned this the hard… More →

Should I Use Caching on a Shared Web Host?

By / — Regardless of your experience with WordPress, it's almost inevitable that – at some point – you're going to want to experiment with caching your website. For those who have a background in computing, you're likely already familiar with caching: -… More →

Team meeting summary December 14, 2015

By / — The last month, especially after WordCamp US we’ve got a lot more people contributing to the wpa11y team. Welcome Robert Jolly, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Cheo Walker, Sakin Shrestha, Barret Golding, Adam Soucie, Scott Mann and Rachel Vasquez! We want to keep all… More →

The future of Woo support: how we’re planning to grow and improve

By / — Woo support has struggled in recent months to keep up with demand. This has led to long ticket response times, and our customers have been expressing frustration about this. Because we believe in open and honest communication, we want to… More →

WP REST API: OAuth Plugin Security Update

By / — Hi everyone. This is a quick update on the OAuth 1.0a Server plugin, available on GitHub. Versions of the OAuth plugin prior to this commit contain a security issue during the authorization flow, regarding signature and nonce checks. Due to… More →

Why WordPress is a Great Bridge into Being a Web Professional

By / — It seems that in the last ten years the whole world has decided that being a programmer, or at least doing work that somehow involves the internet, is a great thing. Every week we hear of a new initiative to… More →

Yoast Vlog: Mobilegeddon

By / — On April 22, 2015 “Mobilegeddon” took place. This update to Google’s search algorithm would favor mobile-friendly sites over other sites. So, when searching from a mobile device, sites optimized for mobile would rank higher. Developers and SEOs named it Mobilegeddon, because they… More →

Zac Gordon to Kickstart JavaScript Master Course for WordPress

By / — Last week the WordPress community took to Twitter and the Treehouse forums to express disappointment at the company’s decision to fire educator Zac Gordon. According to Gordon, the company will be giving his salary to a .NET developer and will… More →