WordPress Digest for Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Awesome Themes for Gaming and Arcade Sites

By / — In this collection we've highlighted some of the very best gaming and arcade WordPress themes available. These themes will help you not only build an awesome arcade or gaming-based website, but they'll also give you a leg up on your… More →

Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts

By / — It saddens me that we need posts like this in 2014.# More →

Fail2ban + WordPress + Nginx

By / — I’ve been using the Limit Login Attempts plugin for WordPress for quite a while. It basically logs failed login attempts and automatically blocks multiple attempts from a single IP address. A few days ago I’ve switched to fail2ban instead, which… More →

Free WordPress Themes: The Ultimate Guide

By / — There are so many free WordPress themes out there it can put your head in a tail spin. So in an effort to help you sift through the good and the – let’s face it – crap, we’ve put together this… More →

Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress

By / — Google has released its first official plugin for WordPress, Google Publisher. Currently in beta, the plugin makes it easier to use Google AdSense and Webmaster Tools with WordPress. At the time of writing, the plugin had 3,149 downloads and a… More →

How To: Add a Features Area with Icon Boxes to your WordPress Site

By / — Icon boxes are very popular on WordPress powered website at the moments and they make a great addition to any homepage. Unfortunately if your theme doesn’t give you the tools to build one, you might be feeling like it’s time… More →

I have a question about rebuilding a locale…

By / — I have a question about rebuilding a locale package. What happens if we rebuild Japanese 3.8 package now? Will users see any update notifications or have other issues? The reason I’m asking is that Microsoft Japan wants IIS package (used… More →

I’ll be at WordCamp PHX this weekend with a good c…

By / — I’ll be at WordCamp PHX this weekend with a good contingent from Crowd Favorite. I look forward to meeting a bunch of you internet folks there. More →

On all international forum start pages http xx…

By / — On all international forum start pages (http://xx.forums.wordpress.org/) the search forum doesn’t search the specific forum, but only the main forum (http://wordpress.org/search/test?forums=1 instead of http://nl.forums.wordpress.org/search.php?search=test&forum_id=0) – is this intentional? Or a bug? More →

Rethinking Blogs at the New York Times

By / — Scott Taylor works at the New York Times. He’s also a major core contributor to WordPress. In this post, he describes how the Blogs division of the New York Times rebuilt their setup to fit into the Times’ overall redesign… More →

Shopping Cart Abandonment

By / — Ever since we’ve optimized our checkout page, we’ve been keeping track of our shopping cart abandonment. So this, added by a request from Joost, compelled me to write a post on that very subject: shopping cart abandonment. So I started… More →

Small Update to Responsive Video Plugin

By / — I received an email last night in regards to a strange bug that was happening with my Responsive Video jQuery Plugin when you had multiple videos on the same page.… More →

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month — January 2014

By / — Welcome to the first plugin roundup of 2014! This month we have a mixed selection of plugins for you to play with. We have plugins that will add interesting and useful functionality to your website. Read more on Top 10… More →

Translation style guides and glossaries I created a…

By / — Translation style guides and glossaries: I created a draft Codex page for Translation Resources. The goal is to improve multilingualization. Would you mind sanity-checking/adding links for your language? Feel free to drop them in comments or edit the Codex draft… More →

What I’m Doing With Glassboard

By / — Thanks to Justin for the shout-out in his post, I’m excited about the UI ideas for the web app that Justin and our team have already come up with. I agree with Justin, Glassboard has a ton of potential –… More →

What Makes You Love or Loathe a WordPress Theme?

By / — We enjoyed the results of the blog survey (congrats to the winner by the way, you know who you are!) so much that we figured we’d try to get your feedback again… and give away another annual WPMU DEV account (worth $588)… More →

WordPress for Beginners: Too Many Choices?

By / — WordPress is the world’s favorite choice when it comes to creating a website, and there are various reasons behind its popularity. Among such reasons, ease of use and easier customization stand tall as the most common […] More →