WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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7 Tech Trends in 2016 That Web Designers Need to Understand (And Why)

By / — Web design and development go hand in hand. While design is by no means the lesser component, it’s the underlying tech which always sets the pace for advancements. Therefore, it’s crucial for web designers to stay on top of the… More →

GitHub Responds to Letter from Open Source Project Maintainers

By / — Last month a group of open source project maintainers confronted GitHub with an open letter of complaints regarding issue management. They were frustrated by a lack of communication from GitHub and a lack of features for managing issues. More than… More →

HI I am the plugin author of https…

By / — HI, I am the plugin author of https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-logging-service/. Would you please add me as translation editor for german? #de_DE – @ccprog (@ocean90) More →

Hello We’ve just finished the Cebuano translation https…

By / — Hello, We’ve just finished the Cebuano translation – https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/ceb/default/wp Can anyone from Polyglots team help us to verify the translation? Thank you. Cheers! More →

How to Build WordPress Pages Quickly and Easily: A Review of Beaver Builder Page Builder

By / — Whilst WordPress themes do make it easy to create and launch new sites, they do bind you to the layout provided – which could be an issue if you would like to differentiate your design or you need to make… More →

How to Split Test Blog Post Headlines for WordPress

By / — Are you pouring your all into blog posts only to get few visits, shares, or comments? Even when blog posts are… The post How to Split Test Blog Post Headlines for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

How to White Label Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

By / — Have you ever wanted to white label WordPress admin dashboard for your clients or users? WordPress comes with a nice user interface, but this does not mean that you cannot customize it for your own needs. In this article, we… More →

I want to create a WP in Kurdish…

By / — I want to create a WP in Kurdish(Kurmancî) and also with Latin alphabet. But, in the previous translation(Kurmancî) i saw some translation of Kurmancî in Arabic alphabet (translated by @kurd98), https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/dev/kmr/default?filters%5Bterm%5D=&filters%5Buser_login%5D=kurd98&filters%5Bstatus%5D=waiting , what now? More →

Restrict Content Pro Stats WordPress Dashboard Widget

By / — If you use Restrict Content Pro on your WordPress membership site then you most likely find yourself logging in regularly to check the stats on your site. One of the bits of information I want to see when using a… More →

Selective Refresh in the Customizer

By / — The Customizer is our framework for live previewing changes. However, settings edited in the Customizer get sent to the preview via the refresh transport by default, meaning that in order for a setting change to be applied, the entire preview has to… More →

WP Pro Real Estate Theme 7: A Powerful Solution for Creating Complete Real Estate Websites

By / — Today we are looking at a Real Estate WordPress theme created by Chris from Contempo Inc, named WP Pro Real Estate 7 it is a large multi-featured theme with is designed to be a one stop shop for creating Real… More →

What Highly Successful WordPress Business Owners Were Doing at Age 25

By / — Need a little business inspiration? Check out what these WordPress business owners were doing when they were 25 years old and how they built success for themselves. You're certain to walk away motivated to pursue your own WordPress-related goals. More →

What is the current state for new plugins…

By / — What is the current state for new plugins (published in the last few weeks)? Are they imported on the fly, in a batch, or currently not at all? What timeframe should I expect before they appear for translation? More →

What to do if the traffic on your blog is decreasing?

By / — If you maintain a blog, you would like the traffic to your blog to go up. But what if it doesn’t? What if the traffic on your blog is (slightly) decreasing? What do you do? In this post, I will… More →

WordPress Backups 101: How To Backup Your WordPress Site

By / — Have you ever updated your WordPress site and suddenly it seems to have completely disappeared? You might even be staring at a “white screen of death” — a blank screen with no error message, content or anything at all. In… More →

“Seems like a basic feature to me.”

By / — The idea of "a basic feature" when it comes to creating software is such a weird notion to me. Last week, I was reading a blog and came across the following comment: > I don't have a [device redacted] but… More →