WordPress News Digest for Monday, March 16, 2015

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5 Ways Your Blog Can Stand Out in 2015

By / — With hundreds of millions of blogs in the world, the one you are thinking of starting or are maintaining right now needs to have a certain something to stand out. This becomes more important all the time, as we are… More →

8 Must-Haves When Adding E-Commerce to Your WordPress Site

By / — Keeping up with the latest e-commerce trends and must-haves is invaluable when it comes to adding an online store to your WordPress site. Here's our picks of the must-have plugins. More →

Agenda for this week’s meeting We’ve got a…

By / — Agenda for this week’s meeting We’ve got a meeting at 18:00 UTC on Tuesday in Slack #themereview. Let us know what you’d like to talk about. So far we have: Increasing the maximum size and requirement for screenshots. This is… More →

An Alternative View of Passion

By / — The popular, omnipresent mantra in our societies is: "Only work on things you're passionate about."<…> Yet that simple mantra does not consider any of the nuances that relates to pursuing passion. As an entrepreneur, passion is something that I've mostly… More →

Change URL Of Git Repository

By / — In this tutorial we are going to learn how you can change the URL of your GIT repository to move the code onto a new server or host. There are different approaches you can do for this task, you can… More →

EP127 – Using Genesis Framework on your WordPress site – Mar 16 2015

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing using Genesis Framework on your WordPress site. We'll be speaking with WordPress developers that use Genesis and what they like about it. Show airs March 16 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT /… More →

How Do I Get My First Few Customers?

By / — I can’t stop linking to WPEngine founder Jason Cohen’s blog. In my mind, it’s the source of definitive advice for freelancers, bootstrappers, and so on. After doing consulting and product development for several years now, I find that everything he… More →

How to Create a Video Slider in WordPress

By / — Have you seen popular sites using videos in their slider? Do you want to add a video slider in WordPress? In this article, we will show you how to easily create a video slider in WordPress. Why Use Soliloquy to… More →

How to Easily Create Custom Category Pages in WordPress

By / — WordPress category pages are the pages that list all the posts on your blog from a particular category. These pages give your readers a way to view all the posts on a certain topic or category in one place. However,… More →

How to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Site – the Ultimate Guide

By / — With internet connections getting faster and faster every year, you would expect that optimizing the speed of your website would become less of a priority. That is not the case. If your website does not load within a few seconds,… More →

Mobile patch testing with VVV and xip.io

By / — I recently started using Varying Vagrant Vagrants and xip.io for real device mobile testing of patches on trac tickets. I go through tickets with patches that change UI and drop mobile and desktop screenshots of the patches in action. These screenshots… More →

On slowing down to speed up

By / — In the fast-paced, notification-driven, world we live in, it’s very easy to get whipped up in the “speed of the things”. We’re constantly after faster internet speeds, faster cars, hacks to improve our lives and save us a few moments… More →

Pods Framework Security Release Fixes Severe Vulnerability

By / — Last week a blind SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in Yoast’s popular WordPress SEO plugin. Given the severity of the vulnerability and the fact that the plugin is installed on more than one million WordPress sites, the security team at… More →

SXSW Interactive: ‘Money. Recruiters. Beer. Repeat.’ Building The Trilogy Network

By / — When it comes down to it, the software that Trilogy made in the mid-to late-90s is secondary to the lasting impact the company made on the technology landscape in Austin and beyond. Trilogy flipped the script when it came to… More →

Some Basic WordPress Security Steps

By / — You might have heard from others that WordPress has a lot of security issues. And that hackers are always trying to get into WordPress sites. The problem isn’t that the software is secure, it’s more the oversights that users make. There are… More →

The Ebb and Flow of Automation

By / — I growled, I groaned, but finally I grunted. More →

The Top Rapid Prototyping Programs And Techniques For Designers

By / — Rapid prototyping is a method of quickly creating an early version of a final product. This allows the creators of the product to test their ideas and even get user feedback without having to fully flesh out, or even build, a… More →

This Week in 4.2: March 16 – 22

By / — This is the jump-start post for the ninth week of the WordPress 4.2 release cycle. We entered the Beta 1 stage of development last week. We should transition to Beta 2 later this week. Thrice-weekly scrubs will continue this week… More →

This week in WordPress: March 16, 2015

By / — Just in case you missed it, here’s a roundup of the latest happenings from this past week. If you have a news tip you’d like to share, write us at editor@torquemag.io. WordPress 4.2 Beta 1: WordPress […] The post This week… More →

Transparency in WordPress: Companies Who Publicly Share Income & Statistics

By / — I love reading blog posts where companies and individuals share details that would otherwise remain secret – I used to do the same here on WPLift when I did a monthly income and statistics roundup, I have also done the… More →

Ultimate Member: A New Free Community and User Profile Plugin for WordPress

By / — Ultimate Member is the newest plugin to join the ranks of WordPress membership solutions after seven months in development. One month after landing in the WordPress.org directory, the plugin is already active on more than 2,000 WordPress sites and has… More →

WP Sessions: Using The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

By / — Prior to handing off development and maintenance of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to Devin Vinson, I had the opportunity to work with Brian Richards of WP Sessions to put together a short course on how to use the WordPress Plugin… More →

WPMU DEV Ranks 2nd in Nicereply Customer Service Awards 2014

By / — When it comes to helping our members we aim to please, so we were delighted to discover we came second at the recent Nicereply Customer Happiness Awards 2014. More →

Which WordPress management software should you use?

By / — Managing multiple WordPress sites is a hassle. There are the regular maintenance tasks you need to take care of, such as updates, backups, and security, in addition to publishing content and moderating comments. The difficult way to […] The post Which WordPress… More →

WooThemes Approach To Theming, 2015 And Beyond

By / — Last February we retired 21 of our themes and later on in 2015 we’ll be sending more of our older themes out to pasture. Over the last year or so we’ve seen a select few themes pull away from the… More →