WordPress News Digest for Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Submitted a Plugin? Please Check Your Emails!

By / — Currently ~30% of all new plugins are approved within 7 days of submission. Why so low? People don’t reply to their emails. We have over 100 plugins waiting on replies from developers. At this precise moment (10:30 am US Pacific… More →

15 Examples of Marketing Agency Websites Built with Divi

By / — Marketing and branding is an important part of any business and marketing agencies need great-looking websites to show their services and benefits. There are a lot of marketing agency websites built with Divi. In this article we take a look… More →

The Ultimate Guide to Accessibility and WordPress

By / — So you want to make an accessible WordPress website? Congratulations – your site will be available to the widest possible audience! Not sure why accessibility is valuable? Accessible sites have benefits including faster load speed, better SEO and being good… More →

Google Meet: The Future of Business Videoconferencing

By / — You’ve probably heard of a little company called Google. From time to time, they rock the boat by launching a new product that targets a specific market, and that’s what Google Meet – otherwise known as Hangouts Meet – is all about. This… More →

Product Enquiry Pro Plugin. WooCommerce 3.0 Compatible and New Features. – BobWP

By / — The Product Enquiry Pro plugin is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and you can now create fresh quotations and add/delete products existing in enquires or quote requests. More →