WordPress News Digest for Friday, May 16, 2014

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15 Must-Have WordPress Multiauthor Plugins

By / — Getting all your authors on the same page is a snap with these multiauthor plugins. More →

4 Of The Best WordPress Calendar Plugins And Their Differences

By / — The Events Calendar Pro Suite by Modern Tribe This is a group of premium plugins that rely on a free base plugin, which is uber popular, called (you guessed it), The Events Calendar. This plugin suite is made by a… More →

A look at the posts_where filter in WordPress

By / — The WP_Query class in WordPress is extremely robust and allows you to construct just about any kind of query you need for retrieving data from the wp_posts table, but there are still scenarios you will encounter when building your plugins that WP_Query… More →

Font Awesome Finally Adds WordPress Icon in 4.1 Release

By / — One thing that was continually irksome about Font Awesome icons was the notable absence of a WordPress icon, despite the font having support for Tumblr, Flickr, Github, Instagram, and others. Given that the project is meant to be a comprehensive… More →

How To Easily Add Platform Agnostic Favicons To Your WordPress Site

By / — When we wrote how to create a platform agnostic favicon with RealFaviconGenerator, one of the common complaints in the comments was that you needed to add the generated HTML into the HEAD section of the theme in use. This was… More →

Introducing WP Basis

By / — Back in April I spoke at WordCamp Sheffield about Creating a Better WordPress Admin for Clients. The talk was mainly about customising the dashboard to make the experience better for clients, when editing and adding content. Since then I have… More →

IssuePress Now In Beta: Provide Public Support for Private Github Projects Using WordPress

By / — Chris Wallace and his team at UpThemes have just pushed their new IssuePress plugin into private beta. This innovative new product is will make it possible for developers to provide public support for private Github repositories. The plugin allows you… More →

Looking at the Next Version of Dev Practices

By / — For a little over half a year now, I’ve been running (or simply managing, at times) a Tumblr blog called Dev Practices. The whole idea behind the blog is simply this: A day in the life of a developer as… More →

Mailbag: I want to make WordPress.com

By / — Thoughts on if one should, or should not, try to run their own network of unrelated sites. More →

Mastering the Shape of Stories

By / — Storytelling is an artform as old as the earth we walk on today. Stories have inspired, cautioned, and entertained us for generations. One question that we don’t necessarily ask ourselves often, is “What do stories look like graphically?” Kurt Vonnegut’s lecture… More →

Over 30 Hand-Picked Free bbPress Plugins to Enhance your WordPress-Powered Forum

By / — bbPress is an amazing free plugin which uses the power of WordPress to run a discussion forum. Activating the plugin uses built-in WordPress functionality like custom post types and taxonomies to allow you to create discussion forums and uses the… More →

Thanks to Our Content Partner: Media Temple

By / — We’d like to take this opportunity to thank  Media Temple who we have been pleased to have as our content partner once again this week. Their premium WordPress managed hosting service includes automatic security and WordPress core updates, a 1-click staging environment, and allow up… More →

The Resurrection of the Essayist

By / — It’s my firm belief that the internet is the single greatest accomplishment in the history of human invention. Its very existence towers over Gutenberg’s movable type, dwarfs the still looming shadow of William Randolph Hearst’s […] More →

Unable to Connect to Internet

By / — I’ve been laughing about this for a week now. Happy Friday! More →

Why BuddyPress and bbPress Themes Don’t Exist

By / — At BuddyCamp Miami 2014, I learned about BuddyPress and what it’s capable of. During the first session, I learned you don’t have to worry about BuddyPress themes anymore since 1.7 introduced theme compatibility. This means that BuddyPress sites no longer… More →