WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, July 16, 2014

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#3 Grabbing media like a boss

By / — Why the Hybrid Media Grabber is an awesome tool for theme authors who want to do cool things with media. The post #3 Grabbing media like a boss appeared first on Justin Tadlock. More →

DreamUp Security

By / — Listen to me talk about security from a non-code perspective (as much as one can). More →

For today’s dev chat let’s check in on…

By / — For today’s dev chat, let’s check in on how we’re feeling about a beta 2, any blockers we might be seeing, and then do a scrub on tickets, particularly focusing on things that can be committed or punted. Please add… More →

How To: Build a Hotel Website with WordPress and the Hoteliour Theme

By / — The Hoteliour theme has been developed by AitThemes for the purpose of building a hotel website with WordPress. The theme includes all the presentation features required to create a modern and inviting website for a hotel. Hoteliour also integrates with… More →

How much should a custom WordPress website cost?

By / — Eventually, you have to talk about cost. If you’re a consultant, as I am, you’ve been asked how much your services cost. And you have to make some decisions: What services am I providing? How many hours do I think… More →

How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week (or Less)

By / — Are you looking to learn WordPress and build a website? One of the best part about WordPress is it’s ease of use. Learning WordPress does not require a lot of time or money. In this article, we will show you… More →

JavaScript Profiling and Optimization

By / — My colleague Steve has a post on the Crowd Favorite blog about some JavaScript optimizations we did to speed up mobile performance on a client’s site. It’s pretty interesting – check it out.# More →

Keep Track Of Changes To Your WordPress Site With The WP SMS Notifications Plugin

By / — While there are plenty of plugins that help monitor changes to a site such as Stream, maybe you want a text message when specific events happen within WordPress. A brand new plugin called WP SMS Notifications, developed by Jeff Matson,… More →

Migrating A Local WordPress Installation To A Live Web Server

By / — This article is a follow up to a previous post How To Create A Local WordPress Installation On A Mac. A lot of people requested we show how to take a local installation of WordPress and move it to a… More →

Q&A with Co-Founder of WooThemes, Magnus Jepson

By / — Last Wednesday, WooThemes celebrated its 6th birthday, which in startup years is no small feat! Throughout its life cycle, WooThemes has evolved alongside WordPress, and established itself as a leading WordPress theme and plugin provider. In […] The post Q&A with… More →

Quick Tip: Common WordPress Issues and How to Solve Them

By / — Each day there are questions posted on WordPress forums about some of the most common issues that new users face. WordPress is easy to install and fun to work with, new users get excited with powerful features offered by many… More →

Refinement: the greatly unappreciated aspect of project releases

By / — As developers, we get better over time. Each year we look back on what we built the previous year and we see ways that we could improve on it. We notice ways that we could have made a process more… More →

Schedule and Automate WordPress Tasks with IFTTT

By / — Setting up automated tasks for WordPress, like taking a backup every time a post is published or sharing posts in social media networks can be a real time consuming process. What if there was a service that could do it… More →

Team chat agenda for week #29

By / — For any items that you may want discussed in this week’s #wordpress-sfd meetup please reply in the comments below. More →

The Dilemma Between “Pretty” And User Friendly: How To Pick The Perfect WordPress Theme

By / — The days when having a pretty theme was enough to stand out in the web-jungle are numbered. The massive growth… The post The Dilemma Between “Pretty” And User Friendly: How To Pick The Perfect WordPress Theme appeared first on Best… More →

The Power of Minimalism in Web Design

By / — Over the years, web design has undergone many trends, which are usually defined by the available tools, technology, and viewing devices. At the dawn of the internet, pages were full of  flashing GIFS, scrolling marquees, and […] The post The Power… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #43

By / — The New Yorker chooses WordPress for its redesign, why aren't WordPress developers paid much? and how Google authorship rich snippets changes affects you. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Translate WordPress Plugins and Themes Directly in Your Browser

By / — Loco is a free service for managing and editing software transltions. Many WordPress plugins and themes include language files that make it possible for users to translate the text strings. Loco offers a place to manage assets associated with translations… More →

Two Ridiculous Headphones and a Pile of Schiit

By / — I’m not at the point where I’m willing to spend that much on headphones, but I’m glad others are doing the legwork for me.# More →

WP Experiments Review: Improve Your Goal Conversion Rates

By / — WP Experiments is a WordPress plugin that helps you increase the conversion rates of your content. This content testing plugin allows you to create multiple versions of your content and compare it against each other to find the best performing… More →

WPcast.fm: The Professional WordPress Podcast

By / — Billed as the Professional WordPress Podcast, WPcast.fm is the latest podcast for WordPress users. The show is only on episode five, but despite having just launched, the two hosts have already covered some interesting topics, such as how to be… More →

What to Expect in WordPress 4.0: A Hugely Underwhelming “Milestone” Release

By / — Is it just me, or does WordPress 4.0 seem more like version 3.10? Did someone get the numbering wrong? Did we accidentally skip to 4.0? That must be it, because I can’t think of any other reason why such a… More →

What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

By / — One of the first choices that aspiring bloggers need to make at the start of their career is whether to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. It is possible to migrate a hosted WordPress.com website to a self hosted WordPress.org website. It… More →

WordPress Developer Salary: Manage That Content!

By / — In the previous post, I shared a few thoughts on the challenges of setting a WordPress developer salary. When I began writing out my opinion, I ended up writing a lot more than I had intended, so in order to… More →