WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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4.4 Dev Chat, September 16: Suggest items for today’s agenda

By / — Here are my agenda items for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Twenty Sixteen – go help out! https://github.com/WordPress/twentysixteen/issues Gardening projects – no component should have more than 200 tickets https://make.wordpress.org/core/components/ Customizer: what’s up? HTTPS:… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on September 16th

By / — Dear polyglots, Here’s a short agenda for today’s chat: Locale stats #metai18n team updates WordPress for Android app. 4 – request to translate – https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/2015/09/15/hi-polyglots-we-have-an-urgent-request-for/ Handbook updates Community summit coming up – who wants to go Open discussion That’s it… More →

Better Blogging: How to Write a ‘Think Piece’ – BobWP

By / — As we move forward, in order to survive as online content producers, we will have to develop and publish blog posts that help readers not just learn new information, but make sense of it all in terms of their learn… More →

Blog SEO: befriend the long tail!

By / — Focussing on long tail keywords is a great SEO-tactic for blogs. A long tail keyword strategy makes it easy to keep the structure of your blog in good shape. Also, it allows you to gradually get more traffic and to be… More →

Cookie Free Domains and CDNs

By / — Messing with static locations for static things on a website. More →

David on Voices of the ElePHPant

By / — Check out David’s interview on the PHP podcast Voices of the ElePHPant. Recorded at the Lonestar PHP conference earlier this year, David discusses WordPress, it’s commitment to backward to compatibility, and the talk he gave titled “How to Make a… More →

Easily Add Mobile Ads to Your Site with MobiAD

By / — MobiAD is a mobile advertising platform that benefits both the advertiser and the publisher, and it's completely free and very easy to setup and start using. It allows you to monetise mobile traffic by displaying banner ads, interstitials, and native ads, and… More →

Getting Started with Google Analytics for WordPress

By / — Understanding your audience is one of the oldest foundational pieces of wisdom for any presenter, and it hasn’t lost a bit of its kick with age. You might not be up on a physical stage showcasing your skills in rhetoric… More →

How To: Use Customer Feedback To Increase Conversion Rates For Your WordPress Site

By / — If you have made any kind of online purchase – be it clothes or mobile apps or booking a hotel room – you know what you look for first after you have spotted something you want to buy: reviews. Does… More →

How to Add Beautiful Email Templates in WordPress

By / — Do you want to change the appearance of emails sent by your WordPress site? By default, all email notices sent by WordPress are in plain text and quite dull. In this article, we will show you how to add beautiful… More →

Point of sale with WooCommerce… at Lightspeed

By / — If you have a retail store as well as an online store, you definitely know how time-consuming it is to sync inventory, add products to both systems, and compile reports from two different systems. In short: it sucks. That’s why… More →

Risk Mitigation and the True Cost of Website Downtime

By / — Most businesses don’t think twice about the necessity to carry the insurance policies to protect against various forms of loss. Errors & Omissions, Workers’ Comp, Liability… managing downside risk of unforeseen losses and limiting potential damage is a standard cost… More →

Self-employed people are ignored by the government

By / — This was a (bit of an unconventional) “Note” on my Post Status Club private blog and newsletter, and I wanted to share this one a bit more publicly. Folks can critique the Affordable Care Act for over-reaching spending or being… More →

The Benefits of the Plugin Extension Model, with Barry Kooij – WPCAST045

By / — In this episode, we talk to Barry Kooij about building your own products vs. working for a company, delivering quality customer support as a solo developer, and the benefits of the plugin extension model. More →

Tips and Tricks to Manage Your WordPress Social Media Campaigns Like a Pro

By / — It seems like everything has a hashtag and is shareable these days, right? Whether you like it or not, you can't avoid social media. If you're resisting the need to get social, it's time to get your act together. Here's… More →

WPBeginner Exclusive – Bluehost $2.95 / month + Free Domain (Limited Time Deal)

By / — Looking to start a new blog, switch hosting providers, or transfer from WordPress.com? Let us make it easy for you. Our friends over at Bluehost has agreed to offer all WPBeginner users a limited time deal: 60% discount and a… More →

Week in Core: Aug. 31 – Sept. 12, 2015

By / — Welcome to the Week in Core, with updates from weeks 2 & 3: Aug. 31 – Sept. 12, 2015, changesets [33821]–[34092]. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Core, with almost too many changes to count (for the record, this one covers 271… More →

WordPress Professionals: Techniques & Tools for Effective Team Management

By / — Here’s the simple truth about working as a freelance WordPress professional: If you’re producing quality work and keeping your clients happy you’re going to get busier over time – it’s almost unavoidable. There are exactly 168 hours in the week… More →

WordPress WP REST API: What It Means For You

By / — The WordPress WP REST API v1.2.3 adds extensibility and functionality to an already robust and trusted content management system. It… The post WordPress WP REST API: What It Means For You appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

You Should Be Budgeting Your Business

By / — A little while ago, I started writing about self-employment and some of the things I've experienced. Note, however, that none of the things I'm sharing are aiming to be advice. I mean, I'm not saying "this is what you should… More →

oEmbed Update: September 16th

By / — We’re constantly refining the oEmbed feature plugin and have been receiving some very good feedback over past seven days. The following things changed in the plugin compared to last week: There are now 8 translations: Danish (Denmark), German (Germany), German (Switzerland), Japanese, Greek,… More →


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