WordPress News Digest for Thursday, October 16, 2014

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10 of the Most Expensive WordPress Themes and Why They Charge so Much

By / — Crossing the $100 mark, here are ten of the most expensive WordPress themes. I’ve skipped some of the premium ones beyond this price tag purposely as I didn’t want one niche to dominate the roundup. WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg’s Automattic… More →

12 Great Examples Of WooCommerce Stores

By / — During our search for the lucky winner of a golden ticket for WooCommerce Conference, we spent several days combing through the thousands of submitted websites. During this activity, our team viewed many exciting WooCommerce-powered online stores and today, we’re going… More →

20 Awesome WooCommerce E-Commerce WordPress Plugins

By / — Your online store must run on a sound engine, the kind of platform that won’t let you down now or… The post 20 Awesome WooCommerce E-Commerce WordPress Plugins appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

CleanTalk: Cloud-Based Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress, More Effective than Akismet?

By / — As you may know, spam became a big problem here on WPLift – I used to leave comments open on all articles and let Akismet handle the anti-spam but unfortunately this left me with over 4000 spammy comments that I… More →

Create Custom Contact Forms with Visual Form Builder

By / — A contact form is an essential part of any website. If your you don’t make it easy for your readers to get in touch with you, then there is a good chance you are turning away potential networking opportunities and… More →

Dev Chat Summary, October 15th

By / — Agenda, IRC log. Twenty Fifteen (#) @iandstewart @iamtakashi Twenty Fifteen landed over a week before the deadline. Ian asked to test predominantly mobile and color schemes. A variety of contributors asked if the Sass files could be added back. Neither… More →

DradCast Episode 063: Make Hay While the Sun Shines

By / — Show Notes: Host Carrie Dils is a freelance web developer based in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been working on web development since 1998, but nowadays she exclusively works with the Genesis Framework on WordPress. […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

How To Better Leverage Social Proof With WordPress

By / — Despite its name, social proof is a concept that extends back before the invention of social media. It’s a core principle in marketing, in fact, and simply demonstrates that people tend to trust companies and products that other people have… More →

How to Build an Email List in WordPress – Email Marketing 101

By / — Building an email list is a hot topic among bloggers and small business owners. Just about every expert will tell you to build an email list, but most forget to cover common questions like what is an email list? why… More →

Keeping Content Honest with Plagiarism Detection

By / — The growth of the Web has considerably lowered the barrier to gathering and sharing information. It has also made it far simpler for students and Websites to deliberately or accidentally copy text without proper citation […] The post Keeping Content… More →

MattReport.com Interview (September 9th, 2014)

By / — Very privileged to be interviewed by Matt Medeiros, one of the biggest and longest running WordPress podcasts (here’s the blog post that went along with the video). We talked about BuddyPress and freelancing. More →

Meet Doc Pop

By / — Today, I am pleased to introduce Torque’s new Content Strategist, Doctor Popular! Doc will be revamping Torque’s creative, social, and content strategy (you’ve probably seen his illustrations in the wildly popular Torque talks series). Doc brings […] The post Meet Doc… More →

Optimizing Your WordPress Database – A Complete Guide

By / — Your WordPress database stores all of your website content. This includes blog posts, pages, comments, and custom post types such as links, form entries, and portfolio items. It also stores website settings, theme settings, and plugin settings. If you update… More →

Photos from Maine

By / — I took a few photos in Maine during our extended weekend stay post-Monktoberfest. We stayed at an awesome 1800’s farmhouse that had been nicely renovated; had a fantastic house concert from Liz Longley, and visited Fort Popham. More →

Postmatic wants to revitalize your WordPress email, starting with comments

By / — Postmatic is a new WordPress plugin that I think is quite promising. It’s aim is to eventually change the way you utilize WordPress email in many ways, but its comment functionality is what intrigued me immediately. Postmatic currently allows users… More →

Professional WordPress: Chris Lema at WordCamp Europe

By / — Just because you couldn’t make it to WordCamp Europe doesn’t mean you missed all the excitement! This fantastic talk given by Chris Lema last month is now available on WordPress.tv. In it, Chris examines what it means for developers to be “on… More →

Programmatically Deactivate WordPress Widgets

By / — If you’re in the business of building themes for fun, for clients, or for purchase within a marketplace or your own store, then there’s a chance that there’s some type of functionality that’s unique to your theme that should be… More →

Protecting Your Premium Plugins from Unauthorised Reselling

By / — There are a number of posts on WordPress blogs (including our own take on the GPL and potential abuse) that deal with WordPress plugin and theme licensing. Many people don’t really understand the concept of open source software, and either… More →

Team chat agenda for week #42

By / — Anything special you’d wish us to take up during this evenings team chat? WCSF as always, since it’s so close and we’re all excited WCSF part 2: Contributor Track. Jen’s making a post at some point, but at least you’ll… More →

The perfect progress bar

By / — We’ve done quite some posts on conversion rate optimization and nearly always named progress bars in them. People value progress bars, and if they don’t function according to what they’re used to, they’ll get worried. That makes you wonder, right?… More →

WPWeekly Episode 166 – Interview With The Project Lead For XWP, Frankie Jarrett

By / — Back in September, Stream 2.0 was released with some significant changes. The most notable change is the transition from a plugin into a service. In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by the project lead… More →

Would be nice to put Twenty Fiffteen in…

By / — Would be nice to put Twenty Fiffteen in the subproject active for WP thanks More →