WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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A Basic Guide To WordPress Theme Customization

By / — Themes are awesome! You don’t need to build and maintain thousands of lines of code, someone else has already done it for you. Themes make your website look great and provide unique features you need. Premium themes such as the… More →

Agenda for Thursday February 19th meetup

By / — Item’s for discussion this Thursday: LearnUps – How, when and if they can be scheduled. NUX (new user experience) – Ideas that the support team would like to suggest for that workgroup? This is for new users and todays NUX… More →

An In-Depth Guide to Conquering WP_Query

By / — If you think you've never used WP_Query before, think again. Every time you load a page in WordPress, you're using this class. In this comprehensive guide – complete with lots of example code snippets – we show you how to… More →

Best BackUp Services & Plugins For WordPress Websites

By / — Ever lost your WordPress website to malicious scripts, bad code or cyber attacks? Made a change that you wish you… The post Best BackUp Services & Plugins For WordPress Websites appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Chat Notes

By / — Slack Archives: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1424196039002725 Topics: Queue some improvement in last 5/6 months button assigning Frameworks can take long time ‘sos’ checkbox ( looking at you #meta team ) education ( tuts and stuff ) Child theme plugins add support for plugin… More →

Developer Employment Act

By / — One theory I have is that there’s some secret “developer full-time employment act” that means these programmers have to do something even if it’s just replicating work that’s already been done. Kind of like New Jersey where every gas station… More →

Formatting WordPress Post Content: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By / — Today we’re talking about one of the more awkward pieces of WordPress: How to format your post content so that it looks exactly the way you want. This can get quite tricky as your requirements get more specific, but it… More →

Get More from WooCommerce: Six WooCommerce Add-on Plugins

By / — If you’re looking to start selling things via a WordPress website, WooCommerce is the obvious solution. Brought to you by the developers behind WooThemes, the core WooCommerce plugin is completely free and lets you add complete eCommerce functionality to your… More →

Handbook Examples: Functionality and Features

By / — Last week we began with the code section of the handbook. This week let’s get some momentum and tackle: Core functionality and features. Functionality and Features examples: Example: There is no need to use add_theme_support( 'menus' ); because register_nav_menu() does… More →

How to Auto Retweet Old Posts in WordPress

By / — Sometimes, old is gold. Unless your site is a news site, you might want to consider auto retweeting your older posts as it helps to drive more traffic to your site. Some sites like a tutorial site have tons of… More →

How to Choose the Best WordPress Plugins for Your Site

By / — Think about how you chose your life partner, or your friends. You most likely chose them because you liked a number of things in them. Choosing based on looks, wealth or social standing alone would probably make a very poor decision.… More →

How to Download Your Entire WordPress Media Library

By / — Do you want to download all images and media files from your WordPress media library? You can use a FTP client, but that’s not easy for beginners. In this article, we will show you how to download your WordPress media… More →

How to declutter WordPress in 12 steps

By / — Be honest: Is your WordPress backend a clean and appealing working environment? Does it make you feel relaxed and focused, and taking care of your website a pleasant activity? Or is it a mess of […] The post How to… More →

Introducing “Stacker”, My Latest Portfolio Theme + 50% Off Coupon Code

By / — Today we launched our latest theme over at ThemeFurnace, named “Stacker” it is a clean theme for Photographers, Artists, Designers and collectors of images. It has a masonry style homepage ( but uses pure CSS ) to arrange your work… More →

ManageWP Orion Developer Diary #1

By / — I’m happy to announce that ManageWP Orion Closed Beta is in full swing. We’ve received a lot of amazing feedback and solved a lot of bugs and visual inconsistencies, all thanks to our beta testers to whom we’re immensely grateful.… More →

Multisite Office Hours Recap (February 17, 2015)

By / — Multisite office hours are held every Tuesday at 21:00UTC in #core-multisite and are followed by a casual bug scrub / ticket conversation at 22:00 UTC. We covered two agenda items today: 1. There was some group interest in hearing from… More →

Namespacing And Autoloaders In WordPress Plugins

By / — One thing I have been experimenting with recently is adding namespacing and autoloaders to new WordPress plugins. What Are PHP Namespaces PHP namespaces was introduced in version 5.3. Namespaces is a way of grouping classes together into virtual directories, the… More →

Sunshine Photo Cart Giveaway Winners Announcement

By / — Last week we ran this cool giveaway and you had a chance to win one of 3 licenses of Sunshine Pro worth $249! Sunshine Photo Cart is a premium WordPress photo cart and proofing plugin for professional photographers. Today we are ready to… More →

The Dude: A Fun Alternative to Hello Dolly

By / — This isn’t just a plugin, man. It’s The Dude, so that’s what you call it. That, or His Dudeness… Duder… or El Duderino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing. It symbolizes the realization of an entire… More →

The basics of email marketing

By / — Last year, Michiel has written a few posts about social media marketing and how you (and we) could improve on it. This gave me the idea to highlight one of the marketing techniques that’s working out pretty well for us:… More →

This Week On WPWeekly: Wade Foster, Co-founder and CEO of Zapier

By / — This Wednesday at 9:30 PM Eastern on WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I will be joined by Wade Foster, Co-founder and CEO of Zapier. Zapier is a service that acts as an integration point for more than 300 applications. GravityForms,… More →

Unsolicited Advice in WordPress (But Is It Really?)

By / — Obviously, I can only speak for as much of the culture that I’ve experienced both online and offline so I don’t mean this to be an overly general statement, but I think it’s fair we live in a highly polarized culture… More →

Why WordCamps (And Norway) Are Worth It

By / — WordCamps are interesting things. A bunch of people from different corners of the world flung together for the sake of WordPress for a short sharp burst of learning, connecting over good coffee and apples that need washing. Right? I have four notches on… More →

WordCamp Prague 2015 Aims to Bring Central European Tech Community Together

By / — WordCamp Prague is gearing up for its second edition on February 28, 2015. The event will be held at the University of Economics. Organizers are planning two tracks of presentations: one for end users and bloggers and the other for… More →

WordPress 4.2 on Track to Expand Core Support for Emoji

By / — Emoji characters were born in Japan in the late 90’s but took nearly a decade to break into global usage. They entered popular culture full force when select emoji character sets were incorporated into Unicode in 2010. Since that time,… More →

WordPress Is Taking Over The Web. Check Out These Live WordPress Stats.

By / — When it comes to content management systems (CMSs), WordPress is a dominant force. It powers more than 23 percent of the web and more than 60 million sites. And it’s growing by the second. What to see how many files… More →