WordPress News Digest for Monday, July 17, 2017

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Is It Possible

By / — To run out of things to say? More →

Gutenberg Boilerplate Demonstrates How to Build Custom Blocks

By / — Gutenberg is still in beta but developers are already getting ready for creating their own custom blocks. Over the weekend Ahmad Awais released a new project called Gutenberg Boilerplate For Third-Party Custom Blocks. Awais’ introductory post includes a rundown of… More →

Effective Price Ranges for Your Divi Website Builds

By / — Welcome to Part 1 of 4 of our mini series Divi Website Design Pricing where we’re exploring effective Divi website price ranges and providing some actionable ideas on how to price your web design services. Let’s be honest, web design… More →

Interview with Danny Van Kooten of MailChimp for WordPress

By / — I had the pleasure of interviewing Danny Van Kooten, author of the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. With over 900,000 active installs, and almost 8 million downloads, it’s one of the most popular plugins of all time. Danny has built a… More →

This 111 Year Old Method Will Improve Your WordPress Site [Upcoming Webinar]

By / — The future is often shaped by the past. While innovations can provide new ways for growth, antique methods passed through time can be just as effective at achieving prosperity. So why not incorporate useful old school techniques into your future strategy?… More →

The 25 Step Guide to Buying a Mattress Online

By / — … and what it taught me about project management Jackie and I badly needed a new bed so we set out to explore our options. I expected the shopping process to be a major pain (and it was), but it… More →

Favicons and your online brand

By / — Those used to tabbed browsing know why favicons are important. Your site will stand out from the rest if your favicon is recognizable. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words. Personally, I often find myself pinning websites in… More →

On Improving Content Across the Board

By / — Before getting back into the usual routine, I thought it worth sharing some upcoming plans I have for the site for improving content. On Improving Content Across the Board was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources… More →

User Testing Your WordPress Site or Product on a Budget

By / — There are a lot of different tests you can perform on your WordPress website – A/B testing, mobile/responsive design testing, browser testing. And then there’s usability testing. Usability testing is a hot topic for web design and SEO, and for good reason. Bad… More →

Twitter for Online Retailers with Dustin Stout – BobWP

By / — In our podcast we talk about Twitter for online retailers including strategies, auto DM's, sharing button placements and if some products work better than others on Twitter. More →

Git Attributes: Control Your Vendor Folders

By / — A simple way to hide your vendor folders from everyone on Git and Github. The post Git Attributes: Control Your Vendor Folders appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

Best Programming Language to Learn for WordPress Users

By / — What is the best programming language to learn if you want to get better at WordPress? That depends. Being okay at WordPress is easy. Being great with WordPress, though, requires a little something extra. Learning a programming language or two… More →

Top 5 CRM Plugins for WordPress

By / — A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you to streamline client conversations, simplify process management, and manage customer relationships like a pro. Here are the top 5 CRM plugins you can use on the WordPress platform. More →

The Best Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Website

By / — Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or a small business owner, there’s a good chance that making connections with potential clients… The post The Best Contact Form Plugins for Your WordPress Website appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

Podcast E177 – All about cPanel – Part 2: The Files Section

By / — This week I talk all about cPanel – Part 2: The Files Section Upcoming Events WordCamp Ottawa – July 22-23 WordCamp fayetteville, Arkansas – July 21-23 WordCamp Edinburgh, Scotland July 22-23 WordCamp Boston – July 22-23 WordCamp Brisbane –  July… More →

How to Easily Add Custom Code in WordPress (without Breaking Your Site)

By / — Often while reading WordPress tutorials, you may be asked to add custom code snippets in your theme’s functions.php file or in a site-specific plugin. The problem is that even a slightest mistake can break your website. In this article, we… More →

Design updates: week five

By / — This is the weekly call for updates for those contributing to design, as outlined here. The idea of these it to keep all designers connected. If you are contributing to design please add your reply as a comment to this… More →

Multisite Recap for the week of July 10th

By / — Office Hours Recap The agenda for this office hours meeting included a discussion around the introducing a wp_blogmeta table and related *_site_meta() functions to store arbitrary data for sites, particularly as a means to extend the future sites REST API… More →

Email Case Study: Welcome Email from Brooklinen

By / — In this email case study, we’ll take a look at the welcome email from Brooklinen that customers receive by signing up for their newsletter on the site. The welcome email is typically the first in the lifecycle email sequence. 1.… More →