WordPress News Digest for Sunday, August 17, 2014

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How To Add Feature Images To Your WordPress Categories

By / — Featured images greatly enhance your WordPress posts, so why not use them on your WordPress categories? In this Weekend WordPress Project, I'll show you how to specify a featured image for a category and give you some tips on how… More →

Internet’s Original Sin

By / — Ethan Zuckerman writes for the Atlantic on The Internet’s Original Sin, advertising. More →

Underscores With Automated Testing

By / — After adding Sass support early last week, we added yet another enhancement to Underscores that should make everyone’s life easier. … Continue reading → More →

WordPress Taxonomies: A Guide For The Average User

By / — When blogging (or simply learning) about WordPress it is easy to get caught up in the latest novelty. What’s the best new theme, plugin, resource, etc.? While those posts are fun and even necessary for keeping up with the ever-changing… More →