WordPress News Digest for Monday, August 17, 2015

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes Released in the Summer of 2015

By / — The world of WordPress is this ever-changing space where everyone wants to have the best looking theme, the fastest site, and provide the overall best reading experience to their visitors. But this can only be achieved if the theme you're… More →

A WordPress conference for higher education: coming to a campus near you?

By / — WordPress is used by thousands of universities all over the world. Many universities run large parts of their web infrastructure with WordPress, and it's time for them to have a niche WordPress conference catered for their experiences. More →

All You Need to Know About Pinterest Buyable Pins

By / — For some time now, Pinterest has allowed companies and bloggers to pay to promote their pins, after which the platform shows pins to Pinterest users who might have an interest in the product. But now, some Pinterest users can purchase… More →

Are You Missing Out On These Great Free WordPress Development Tools?

By / — As theme and plugin developers we build up a collection of go-to tools over time which can help us create better products and speed up development time. We are lucky in the WordPress community that there are a huge number… More →

Artisanal Water

By / — Many of my friends know how obsessed I am with different types of water, from Badoit to Hint Water (yum) to De L’aubier. This definitely hit close to home. More →

Developer Fitness: Getting Back To and Staying in Shape

By / — One of the things that seems to be unique to open source is many opt to share their annual reports of their business regardless of how the business performed over the year. Others also talk a lot about their mental… More →

EP149 – Optimizing WordPress for shared hosting – Aug 17 2015 – WPwatercooler

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing tips and tricks for optimizing WordPress for a shared webhosting environment. Show airs July 17 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC The post EP149 – Optimizing WordPress for shared hosting… More →

Grow Your Email List with These Top Content Upgrade Plugins

By / — Do you want more email subscribers? Not just any old ones, but actual qualified subscribers who are genuinely interested in your emails. Of course you do! The key to growing your email list is using your existing content. If your… More →

How to Add or Change Your Full Name in WordPress

By / — Is your WordPress site showing the wrong name on your blog posts? Recently one of our users asked us how they can add their full name in WordPress. During the installation WordPress asks you to enter a username. This username… More →

How to Build a Freelance Business, a Symple Guide for WordPress

By / — You’re a born entrepreneur, a risk taker per se. At some point in your life, either recently or in the… The post How to Build a Freelance Business, a Symple Guide for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Image Compression

By / — Compressing images to make your site load faster is all fun and games, until someone loses an eye. More →

Make It Easy For Customers to Login Via Social – BobWP

By / — How many times have you been to a site and had to create another login? It’s a matter of having to remember or store one more username and password each time you return. Now, how many times have you been… More →

Meeting Agenda August 18

By / — House-cleaning Scheduled 4.3 release! Brace for updates pinging/CC’ing Topics: meta tickets upsell links and such More →

Polyglots Handbook August sprint

By / — Dear Polyglots, As we head into a new era (plugins and theme in the repo, yay), we will need to improve documentation on how things are done in the team. I’ve dedicated some time in August for working on the… More →

Text Patterns and the Quick Link Toolbar in WordPress 4.3

By / — WordPress 4.3 is on schedule to be released August 18th and contains a number of improvements. Among the enhancements to the visual editor are text patterns. Text patterns or text shortcuts allow you to quickly add unordered lists, ordered lists,… More →

The Importance of Quality Content with Troy Dean of WP Elevation – WPCAST043

By / — In this episode, Doug and guest Troy Dean discuss the importance of quality and keeping your content up to date, the origins of WP Elevation, and more. More →

The WordPress Template Hierarchy: An Interactive Resource

By / — If you’re an Up and Running buyer you probably already know, but I make frequent references to wphierarchy.com when talking about the template hierarchy in WordPress. Why? More →

Toughen Up Your WordPress Site Security in Just a Few Clicks with the Force Strong Passwords Plugin

By / — It’s impossible to overstate security when it comes to managing your WordPress website. While a good web host will have certain measures in place to minimize the risk of any attacks on your site being successful, at the end of the… More →

What the Flux?! Let’s Redux. | &yet Blog

By / — Redux is a state management pattern for React (or any view layer, really), which uses a single-store pattern, and lightweight object immutability for fast view updates. What the Flux?! Let’s Redux. | &yet Blog Original Article: What the Flux?! Let’s… More →

WordPress 4.3 instruction manual

By / — The upcoming release of WordPress will become available in the next 24 hours. This is a reminder on what you should do to benefit of the automated package build process. If you have never had any custom changes and i18n.svn.wordpress.org is… More →

WordPress 4.3 string freeze and release date

By / — WordPress 4.3 is scheduled for tomorrow – August 18th. Strings have been frozen for a while, last week we also got the last 14 strings in, so we’re in a hard freeze since Friday. It would be great if the… More →