WordPress News Digest for Friday, October 17, 2014

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10 WordPress Backup Tales That Could Kill Your Site

By / — A website backup is one of the most important duties of a web administrator. Some of you who’re reading this… The post 10 WordPress Backup Tales That Could Kill Your Site appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Case Study: Rift Labs Outsourcing fulfilment with WooCommerce + Shipwire

By / — When you’ve successfully turned your frustration into a passion shared with others, how do you focus on what you’re good at while still giving your customers the fulfillment they expect? Today we take a look at the story of Rift… More →

Give Your Business a Voice: Content Creation and Email Marketing for Your WordPress Business

By / — If you’re new to using WordPress to market yourself or could use a little help revamping your current marketing plan to fit the digital space, than you’ll definitely want to download this free ebook over at our sister site wpbusinesstips.com. It’s 40… More →

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From A Content Marketing Strategy

By / — There is something that can be rather daunting about marketing your business. Where do you start? What works? What doesn’t? These, and questions like these, can leave you feeling like your head is going to explode. If you’re a small… More →

How to Choose a Premium Theme

By / — Earlier this week, we took a pretty extensive look at the world of free themes and, in the process, we briefly mentioned premium themes. In this article, we’re going to going to take an in-depth look […] The post How to… More →

How to Limit the Number of Posts in WordPress RSS Feed

By / — Recently one of our users asked if there was a way to limit the number of posts displayed in RSS feed of their WordPress site. RSS feeds provide your users an easier way to subscribe to your site. However, sometimes… More →

Image Flow Update 18th October – Weekly Meeting

By / — In this weeks Image Flow Team meeting we evaluated the latest wireframes. In general everyone agrees on the direction and we believe we can get into development after WordCamp SF. There will be a final review during WC SF where… More →

Moving into Management

By / — “The biggest misconception engineers have when thinking about moving into management is they think it’s a promotion.” — Lindsay Holmwood writes It’s not a promotion – it’s a career change. Hat tip: Gary Pendergast. More →

New Plugin Adds Open Source Emoji One Support to WordPress

By / — Emoji One is a new open source emoji set that is the first of its kind, designed specifically for the web. The set boasts more than 840 emoji. It was created to solve the perennial problem of translating emoji code… More →

Portable Charging

By / — A couple thoughts on the portability and usability of charger. More →

Support Team Update for October 16th

By / — The following items were discussed at the #wordpress-sfd meetup. WCSF is close and we’re all naturally excited In just a little over a week WCSF will be taking place and that’s very cool. There was some discussion about when people… More →

The Weekly WordPress News: Theme Preview, Awesome Bundle, 2015 in Trunk & More

By / — This week we have been finishing off our first WooCommerce theme for ThemeFurnace, I have become a big fan of the plugin since using it on a live site which has been doing very well – bringing in constant sales… More →

Themosis Object-Oriented Development Framework for WordPress Now Available

By / — Version 1.0 of the Themosis development framework is now available. Belgium-based application developer Julien Lambé created Themosis in order to accelerate object-oriented development with WordPress. It offers a routing system for managing WordPress behavior on an application level and also… More →

This Week in WordPress: Rate and Review a Plugin Day and LoopConf

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip daily for lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Using the Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme for my blog

By / — I bugged Takashi so much about the yellow color scheme it’d be pretty embarrassing if I didn’t use it here. I think it’s pretty sharp. And it makes me want to blog more! That’s a good theme design. More →

Watch The Q&A Session Between Matt Mullenweg and Om Malik From WordCamp Europe

By / — Some of the sessions recorded at WordCamp Europe are now available to watch on WordPress.TV. The rest of the sessions will be added in the coming weeks. Included in the first batch of videos is the question and answer session… More →

White Labeling Your WordPress Site: The Complete Guide

By / — Adding white label customization to a WordPress site can make or break your brand. Learn how to make your site more personal here. More →

WordPress and The Single Responsibility Principle

By / — I love the fact that people are working to bring more advanced object-oriented programming techniques to WordPress-related development. That is, I’m really glad to see others are pushing for people to write more truly object-oriented code rather than using classes as a… More →