WordPress News Digest for Monday, November 17, 2014

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4 Lessons Learned in ManageWP Support

By / — Being a customer has never been better. The market has abandoned the seller mentality and adopted the customer relation mantra, most of all because of social media which carries the word of mouth far and wide. Don’t believe me? Just ask… More →

7 Best Free Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress

By / — People like to connect with other people and learn more about them. That’s why you see author bio box on most popular blogs, even on blogs written by a single author. Adding an author bio box allows users to associate… More →

A Quick Social Media Marketing Tutorial for WordPress Businesses

By / — Social media marketing is important for WordPress too, just like every other online industry. Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it right. More →

Accessibility Ticket Priorities for 4.1 beta

By / — Now that WordPress 4.1 is into beta, it’s time to tighten the focus on accessibility tickets to the top priorities to get into the 4.1 release. As always, early in the cycle is a great time for general accessibility work,… More →

Agenda for this week’s meeting This week we’re…

By / — Agenda for this week’s meeting This week we’re meeting on Tuesday at 18:00 UTC in Slack #themereview. Handbook update Update on doing_it_wrong theme Theme options discussion maybe? Seems right with the post. Any other business. More →

Cleaning Up Your WordPress Database To Optimize Your Website’s Performance

By / — Are you struggling with slow site loading times? Just a few extra seconds can make a big difference. For every additional second it takes your site to load, your page abandon rate rises. About half of your visitors will expect… More →

Custom campaigns and why you should use them

By / — Google Analytics actually offers quite a lot of ways to customize your tracking. One of the ways to track things specifically to your liking is custom campaign tracking. In this post I’ll explain what custom campaigns are and how you can… More →

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

By / — This weekend, a fellow tweep and developer shot me a short question that I think hits home for anyone who’s involved in development regardless of skill level: Question for you, do you find it hard to ask for help when you get… More →

EP112 – Should WordPress go corporate?

By / — This week's topic is, should WordPress go corporate? Show airs Nov 17 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC The post EP112 – Should WordPress go corporate? appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →

Git The Master Race

By / — I was working on a project, a side project for fun with a friend, and she expressed a slight worry. We weren’t using any versioning on our theme or mu-plugins code. Or anything else for that matter. There were three… More →

JS/Underscore-template-rendered Custom Customizer Controls in WordPress 4.1

By / — The Customizer is a JavaScript-driven feature of WordPress core, but until recently, most of the APIs for extending it in themes and plugins were PHP-oriented. In WordPress 4.1, we’re introducing more complete JS models for the different UI objects that… More →

Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly in Just a Few Clicks with WPtouch

By / — If the design and layout of your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you could be turning away the growing number of internet users who are visiting websites on their small screen devices. While choosing a responsive WordPress theme, or converting your… More →

Making SlideShare Shine in WordPress

By / — Embedding SlideShare presentations is easy, especially when you have the right plugins to lean on. This roundup lays out your options so you can share your slideshows like a pro. More →

Oasis Workflow Review: Simplify and Automate the WordPress Editorial Workflow

By / — The Oasis Workflow plugin has been created to help you automate your WordPress editorial workflow. If you are looking to simplify and automate your publication process, this could be just the plugin you are looking for. The plugin allows you… More →

Peak Beard

By / — “If, like me, you are a staunch pogonophile and do not believe there is a single man who cannot be improved with a beard, these are happy times indeed.” The Guardian asks Have we reached peak beard?. Also check out their… More →

Please create Burmese project for iOS

By / — Please create Burmese project for iOS More →

WP Slack Plugin Sends Notifications to Slack Based on Events Triggered in WordPress

By / — In a matter of months, Slack has managed to become the favorite communication tool for thousands of businesses, boasting more than 250,000 daily active users, with roughly 30% of them paying for the service. The company recently acquired $120 million… More →

What You Need to Know about Starting Your Own WordPress Business

By / — In the 2014 State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg revealed an interesting insight from this year’s WordPress development survey: Of the people who took part in the survey, 25 percent made their living entirely through […] The post What You… More →

WordPress 4.1 Beta 1 Now Available for Testing

By / — Good news for WordPress developers who like to get a headstart on working with new updates: as of late last week, WordPress 4.1 is available for testing! The most notable change is the distraction-free writing mode for the editor. So… More →