WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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100 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2015

By / — 2015 is looming near, and there are a lot of expectations from the new WordPress releases in the pipeline. With the ever-increasing popularity and demand, it is anticipated that the year 2015 will see a […] The post 100 WordPress… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat this Wednesday and Thursday

By / — Agenda for the Polyglots chat this Wednesday and Thursday As most of us will probably have our hands full with testing 4.1, let’s try to keep this week’s chats short and on the subject WordPress 4.1 will be here on Wednesday… More →

Free & Paid (Legal) Images for Your Blog

By / — The issue of copyright and images has been a long-standing one ever since you could just search for any image you want on a search engine and copy it into your blog post. More →

Get More Control Over Exporting Your Content From Your WordPress Site

By / — I’m sure most of us have used it at one time or another. The export tool in WordPress. But have you ever found that during certain times you could have used a bit more control over what was exported. Especially… More →

GetEvents Page For WordPress Plugin Review

By / — Getting your readers to return to your blog is something that every website owner has to get to grips with at some point. At times it can be a constant battle to drive that returning traffic. Then there’s the problem of… More →

How to Import Post Ideas from CSV Spreadsheet in WordPress

By / — Recently, one of our users asked us if there was a way to import post ideas in WordPress from a spreadsheet. We did a quick research, and well of course there is a way. In this article, we will show… More →

I have given out our language url https…

By / — I have given out our language url (https://translate.wordpress.org/languages/nb) to potential translators. I recently discovered that the “Administration” partial of the WordPress translation isn’t visible there. This led to me not getting any help with that one this time… What’s up… More →

Idiosyncrasies of Creating a CSV in WordPress

By / — Towards the end of November, I shared a quick tip on how to extract a certain type of data with RegEx. As mentioned in the post, this is all part of the process of working to create a certain type of… More →

If you are an RTL expert we need…

By / — If you are an RTL expert, we need help on https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/30743, please. Without this resolved, we can’t release 4.1. More →

KeyCDN Review: An Easy Way to Improve WordPress Site Speed and Loading Times

By / — KeyCDN is a content delivery network that has the ability to increase the performance and speed of your WordPress website. With 40% of visitors abandoning a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, this is an important aspect… More →

Kontrol Freek Gaming Accessories

By / — I’m a bit of a gamer – I used to write a gaming blog, and I like to make games […] The post Kontrol Freek Gaming Accessories appeared first on Binary Moon. For more Web Design tips and tricks check… More →

ManageWP Releases Plugin Discovery Tool

By / — The WordPress plugin directory has nearly 35k plugins and discovering new ones that have been tested and downloaded a few thousand times is difficult. Users can browse the directory for newest, recently updated, most popular, and highest rated plugins. With… More →


By / — Penscratch, a crisp new theme designed and developed by Caroline Moore, made its debut in the WordPress.org directory this week. … Continue reading → More →

Starting Your First WordPress Plugin Business – WPCAST028

By / — This week, we're answering some questions about starting a plugin business. We discuss licensing options, and some ideas on how to pick what plugin to start with. More →

Structuring Payments to Align Stakeholders

By / — Before you decide on your payment structure, it's important to consider how it will affect the motivations of each party. You should pick a structure that aligns everyone's interests towards a common goal – launching a well tested, successful website… More →

Team meeting agenda week #51

By / — The year is winding down! And not unexpectedly all I have is this item. WordPress 4.1 Release Real Soon Now™ As of this writing 4.1 is not released but with 4.1-RC2 out it’s really close. Thursday’s meetup will talk about… More →

VVV-Dashboard Provides an Interface for Managing Varying Vagrant Vagrants Installations

By / — VVV-Dashboard is a new tool that provides an interface for managing your Varying Vagrant Vagrants installations. Inspired by Variable VVV, a script that makes it easy to create and delete sites, Leo Gopal made VVV-Dashboard to complement it. Gopal is… More →

What is this about Expanded JavaScript APIs…

By / — What is this about? “Expanded JavaScript APIs in the customizer enable a new media experience as well as dynamic and contextual controls, sections, and panels.” More →

Why the WordPress Front-End Editor is Going to be Amazing

By / — I started this article in a reflective mood, looking back on 2014 and considering the state of WordPress. As I write the article itself, though, I’m pretty excited, and the way I’m writing it is a big part of that: More →

WordPress Christmas Plugins That Will Add Holiday Cheer To Your Website

By / — Many people love decorating for Christmas. They enjoy decorating their homes and their offices. But your workspace doesn’t have to be limited to physical spaces. You can also decorate your website. This post will show you how to do just… More →

WordPress Plugins: When to Buy, When to Download Free

By / — When I was just starting out with WordPress I remember working on a client site which needed a slider. Rather than use the javascript slider I’d previously been using on static sites I decided to look for a plugin. But being… More →

WordSesh- A 24 Hour Free, Streamed WordPress Event

By / — If you’re up for a WordPress cram session before the holidays hit, then mark your calendar! This Friday at 7:00 pm EST WordSesh 3 goes live, streaming presentations and discussions from the WordPress community through Saturday evening. The WordSesh line… More →

Writing about WordPress: Helping yourself by empowering others

By / — Last year, when I attended WordCamp Orlando, I didn’t know anyone in the community, and nobody knew me. At that time, I made it a goal to become a speaker the following year. This year […] The post Writing about… More →

You’re Not The Priority With Free Support

By / — You aren't the most important person in the world to everyone. More →