WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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1-Click Multisite BuddyPress Installs With New Blog Templates

By / — New Blog Templates takes pre-packaging to new heights by allowing multisite owners to offer 1-click installs of a fully-configured, fully-themed BuddyPress site. More →

14 Handy WordPress Hacks Every Developer Should Know

By / — The great thing about WordPress is how you can extend it a hundred million ways to meet your needs. If you know your way around PHP, it's not hard to tweak your site. Here are 14 handy hacks for WordPress. More →

6 Free ThinkPad PSD Templates to Help Mock-Up Your Designs

By / — This Lenovo ThinkPad pack offers 8 beautifully designed templates to show off your website designs. The minimal design of these devices lets your work do the talking, and they are all available to download for free! Using these templates, you… More →

Aesop Story Engine Now Available On WordPress.org

By / — The Aesop Storytelling Engine was created to empower the art of digital storytelling by making it easy for WordPress publishers to create interactive, feature-rich posts. Before Aesop came on the scene, these types of long-form storytelling posts often required quite… More →

Anders Norén on Achieving Simplicity in WordPress Theme Design

By / — Swedish designer Anders Norén is relatively new to the world of WordPress theme development but his breathtakingly simple themes are a refreshing addition to the ecosystem. Last August, Norén released Lingonberry, a responsive, retina-ready theme with beautiful typography. Delighted by… More →

Changing Your WordPress Theme from an External PHP Script

By / — For a recent Press Up project, I wanted to change the running theme on a WordPress installation adjacent to some other PHP code that was doing some work. I knew it had to be possible, and I was even pleasantly… More →

Duo Security Plugin Vulnerability Affecting A Subset Of WordPress Multisite Networks

By / — Duo Security is a business that provides two-factor authentication services across multiple platforms. Late last week, the company announced on their blog they discovered a security vulnerability in their WordPress plugin. According to Duo, the vulnerability only affects WordPress Multisite… More →

Front-end Editor Meeting 18 February

By / — With @avryl (me), @kraftbj, @samuelsidler, @melchoyce and @ubernaut. Log. Download the WordPress Front-end Editor plugin. We decided to move the development to git and GitHub, hopefully that makes it easier for people to contribute! @kraftbj will port over the existing Trac… More →

Great Plugins for WordPress Beginners

By / — A few weeks ago, I shared a few developer plugins that I’ve incorporated into my WordPress workflow. The feedback was extremely positive, but not everybody out there is a developer. There are a lot of […] More →

How To Remove Links & Remove Yourself From a Blogger’s Christmas Card List at the Same Time

By / — I awoke recently with an email in my inbox asking me for a link removal. Whilst no longer an SEO, I still have a lot of friends and interests in the field, including a couple of sites that are slightly dodgy, including… More →

How To: Create A Successful WordPress Portfolio Website

By / — Digital portfolios are everywhere on the web. They’re one of the most popular kind of websites, second only to blogs. In fact, just by looking at Themeforest’s repertoire, you will see the overwhelming majority of themes are based around the… More →

How to Add a Help / Resource Section in WordPress Admin

By / — Are you a freelancer, consultant, or someone who manages a multi-author WordPress site? If so, then you already know what it feels like to explain the same things repeatedly to your clients and users. One of the ways to solve… More →

How to Customize Your WordPress Admin User Interface

By / — With the latest release of WordPress we saw a dramatic change in the style and design of the admin dashboard. The…The post How to Customize Your WordPress Admin User Interface appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Improving our theme previews

By / — As many of you may, or may not, have noticed there are currently over two thousand themes available in the repository. I think that is amazing. Seriously, huge thanks to all those that have contributed not only their time but… More →

Last Week in WordPress Core

By / — Hello there! This is Last Week in WordPress Core for the week of February 10th-February 16th. Let’s start out by highlighting JavaScript library updates, then changes to how we build CSS for core, finally touching on TinyMCE, internals, and multisite.… More →

List Child Pages Shortcode

By / — Have you ever wanted to add something simple to a page that will allow you to list the child pages of the current page? Well if so, meet the List Child Pages Shortocde. Today I have been working on adding… More →

Ninja Kick Sidebar: Contact Form WordPress Plugin Review

By / — If you want to make it easier for your readers to get in touch with you then the Ninja Kick Sidebar: Contact Form plugin could be just what you are looking for. There are many benefits to making it as… More →

North on Maps

By / — How the north ended up on top of the map by Nick Danforth. More →

On selling a WordPress agency

By / — It was announced in November that VeloMedia was going to acquire Crowd Favorite. The deal closed on Friday, and Crowd Favorite CEO (and now VeloMedia CTO) Alex King wrote about why and how he sold his agency — the oldest… More →

Programmatically Set a Default Menu in WordPress

By / — When it comes to building a theme (or any WordPress project that’s going to feature custom menus), there are several options from which we can choose on how to set a default menu. We can… use whatever WordPress provides, remove… More →


By / — Ravintola is a theme designed for restaurants, cafes, and other small businesses. It's built on the Hybrid Core Framework and works with the Restaurant plugin (create and manage menu items). More →

Ravintola, New WordPress Theme for Restaurants

By / — Ravintola is a WorddPress theme designed for restaurants, cafes, and small business websites. Features integration with the Restaurant plugin for creating and managing restaurant menu items (read more about the plugin here) theme options 2 custom.. More →

The Most Important Role in Your WordPress Professional Service Business

By / — We Often Start in the Same Place When freelancers get their start, they often use the term “one-stop shop” with their friends, clients, and networks. People hear the phrase and their reaction depends on their […] More →

Where to Find Great Candidates

By / — During our last round of hiring I kept data on where applicants were coming from, along with some metadata about each candidate. I’ve compiled the results in this post – perhaps useful to others in their hiring efforts.# More →

Why We Moved From Vimeo Pro to Wistia – And Why You Should Too

By / — Regular readers might be aware of my ongoing frustrations with the Vimeo Pro platform, specifically around https. In case you are new here (or had better things to fill your mind with), here’s the issue: they don’t do https, they won’t do… More →

WordPress Power Menus Plugin: Limit Access to Pages and Posts

By / — Power Menus is a new WordPress plugin designed to make it simple to control menu items. The plugin handles both access and visibility on individual menu items and includes the following options: Control visibility of menu items for logged-in or… More →

bbPress New Topics Plugin

By / — With the refresh of Themes by bavotasan.com I reinstated the bbPress support forum. Way back in the day, I used Vanilla forum and there was one feature they offered that… More →