WordPress News Digest for Saturday, February 18, 2017

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12 Examples of Business Consulting Agency Websites Built with Divi

By / — Business consulting has been popular for many years and the need for consulting agencies will continue into the future. This means there will always be business consulting agencies that need websites to display their services. This article with 12 examples… More →

12 Best Google AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for Web Marketers in 2017

By / — Google AdSense can be a fantastic revenue stream for web marketers running high-traffic blogs and niche websites. However, optimizing your site in order to get the maximum Click-Through Rate (CTR) on your ads can mean lots of additional work. Plenty… More →

Community Submit 2017

By / — What is a Community Summit The Community Summit is a small, discussion-based event where we hold face-to-face conversations about issues or subjects that are difficult to discuss online. This is not a Contributor Day for experienced folks only, please keep this… More →

Disqus Hits Sites with Unwanted Advertising, Plans to Charge Large Publishers a Monthly Fee to Remove Ads

By / — When Disqus announced it would be releasing new, subscription-based versions later this year, users didn’t expect to have the new advertising model injected into their sites without notice. Disqus CEO Daniel Ha said the company would release finalized pricing and… More →