WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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8 Questions with SIDEKICK’s Ben Fox

By / — Today I was fortunate enough to interview another well-respected member of the WordPress community, Ben Fox. Ben is a serial WordPress entrepreneur, co-founding FlowPress, WP University, and SIDEKICK.pro. If you’re looking to forge a career in WordPress for yourself, you… More →

9 Photo Composition Tips

By / — I’m not a photographer but that doesn’t mean I don’t take lots of photos – it’s the most used feature on Smartphones afterall. This video is a really nice, easy […] The post 9 Photo Composition Tips appeared first on… More →

Best Facebook Plugins for WordPress

By / — Integrating your WordPress site or blog with social media is a must in today's world, especially when it comes to the most popular social media; Facebook. The plugins I've complied in this list are great for doing just that. More →

Bloom eMail Opt-In Plugin by Elegant Themes: Launch Competition

By / — Today sees the launch of a new plugin by our friends at ElegantThemes, named “Bloom” it is an email opt-in plugin designed to get you more subscribers for your mailing list. I have had the chance to look at a… More →

Chosen as Young Global Leader

By / — I’m very honored to be chosen as part of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders class of 2015 alongside some really amazing folks. I spoke at Davos a few years ago and it was a very interesting experience —… More →

Code Quality Is Not a Feature

By / — One of the things that I think is easy to forget about working within the WordPress space is that we’re often talking to a circle of [many of] the same people. By that, I mean that developers are largely talking to… More →

Cohort Analysis in Google Analytics

By / — Since a few weeks Google Analytics has been rolling out a new feature in beta: Cohort Analysis. I was actually made aware of this new feature by my colleague Peter, who is working on our Google Analytics by Yoast Premium… More →

Dev Chat Agenda, March 18, 2015

By / — Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. » Beta 1 was tagged last week as scheduled and we’re heading toward tagging Beta 2 this week. Time/Date: : Reminder for those on Daylight Saving Time… More →

Dishonesty in Digital Marketing

By / — $9.99. We used to look at that number, scratch our heads and rationalize the price as a marketing tactic to make buyers believe a product was cheaper than it was. This is all based on the psychology that $9.99 looks cheaper… More →

Frito-Lay’s Custom Project Management App Is Built on WordPress

By / — Every year Frito-Lay pulls in billions of dollars from sales of its flagship assortment of potato chips, including Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, and Ruffles. Behind all of these crunchy snacks is a busy hive of designers and project managers who… More →

Function For Post Type Labels

By / — WordPress has the ability to have different types of post types, the main post type you will use in WordPress is the post type called post. But there are other defaults such as Pages and Attachments. All the post types… More →

GoDaddy Pro WordPress Managed Hosting. Under the Hood.

By / — GoDaddy has come a long way. As with many people, I have had my own opinions in the past. But why dwell on the past? In the past year GoDaddy, has made some serious changes, all very positive. I’ve watched… More →

Handbook Examples: Language

By / — Another round of examples, shall we? This one will focus on language examples. I’ll start it off: Required: load_theme_textdomain() add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_theme_setup' ); function my_theme_setup(){ load_theme_textdomain( 'slug-text-domain', get_template_directory() . '/languages' ); } // if child theme add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_child_domain', 11… More →

How to Add a Featured Image Column to The Post Listing Page in The WordPress Backend

By / — Featured images usually serve as the main image for a post or page. However, one of the problems with featured images is that you can’t see which posts they’re assigned to unless you edit an individual post or page. Post… More →

How to Create a Wiki Knowledge Base Using WordPress

By / — Are you looking to add a support / documentation section to your site? Want to know the best way to add a wiki knowledge base to your WordPress site? In this article, we will show you how to create a… More →

I Hate Your Framework

By / — The plugin itself was one PHP file and three JS files. The framework was over two megs. The plugin added in a new setting to select which one of the three javascript files should be called. The framework ‘made it… More →

Image Flow Catchup

By / — Now that we’re ready to start making a plugin, this post will catch you up on some of the important things to read before diving in. Wireframes and Flow Charts The interactive wireframes will give you a pretty accurate visual… More →

Introducing Bloom — The Ultimate Email Opt-In Plugin For WordPress Has Arrived!

By / — There are many things that website owners can aspire to collect: shares, likes, fans, and followers; pins, stumbles, digs and retweets; but above them all towers the email subscriber. Emails are effective because the email inbox is a more guarded… More →

Jetpack 3.4 Adds Protection Against Brute Force Attacks

By / — Last August, Automattic acquired Parka, LLC, the makers of the BruteProtect security tool for WordPress, with the goal of integrating its features into Jetpack. The services provided in BruteProtect Pro were subsequently offered for free. Jetpack 3.4 was released today… More →

Join me in welcoming new key reviewers We…

By / — Join me in welcoming new key reviewers We all appreciate the great work everyone does with reviews. The admin team would like to today call out a few people specifically and say thanks by making them key reviewers. The role… More →

Mobile-Friendly Themes

By / — As some of you already know on April 21st, Google will expand use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect all mobile searches worldwide. Mobile-Friendly can be a Responsive design, but also an App that turns your… More →

Notes from the Polyglots chat on March 18th

By / — Note: Notes from the Asia/Pacific chat to be added after it’s finished. There’s an idea to form global translation sprints around WordCamp Contributor days, when we can guarantee there will be members of the team online to on board new… More →

Now offering professional theme reviews

By / — A couple of months ago, Emil Uzelac launched a theme review service. After finding out that I had talked about doing this a few years ago, he asked me to join. I pretty much immediately accepted his offer. It was… More →

Optin Forms Plugin: An Amazing and Free Email Signup Plugin

By / — You’ll hear it said all the time: “The money is in the list.” To someone who doesn’t know too much about online marketing and making a living from online work, this may raise a few eyebrows. However, the reason why… More →

Password Patterns, Predictability, And Psychology: What ‘123456’ Says About You

By / — Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about passwords (and we’ve been urged to make them stronger and more difficult to guess). For the most part, though, people keep their passwords short and sweet – and fairly easy to crack.… More →

Recap of WordCamp St. Louis, MO, 2015

By / — This past weekend, more than 300 people attended WordCamp St. Louis, MO, 2015 on the campus of Washington University. For more than half of the attendees, this was their first WordCamp. With four tracks going on at the same time,… More →

Stronger together, learning from WordPress security vulnerabilities

By / — Last week two very popular plugins, WooCommerce and WordPress SEO, identified, fixed, and disclosed security issues. The details of these vulnerabilities are now publicly available, which allows other developers to learn from their mistakes. In a […] The post Stronger together,… More →

The MacBook doesn’t need more ports, just a good dock

By / — I’m counting on this as I plan to replace my aging 15″ MacBook Pro with a new MacBook in a few weeks.# More →

Translating the WordPress Security White paper – a video guide

By / — As already mentioned last week, the WordPress Security White paper is now live and available for translation. As the project is on GitHub and not in GlotPress, amazing @japh has done a great video guide about how to submit translations… More →

Using AJAX With PHP on Your WordPress Site Without a Plugin

By / — Ajax is cool. It enables websites to load content into various elements without refreshing the page. This may not seem like a huge feature list but it allows us to do so much. From up-voting to liking, from Disqus to… More →

Using the WordPress Admin for Lead Generation

By / — If you are like me then you spend a lot of your day navigating around the WordPress admin, looking at the admin screens to carry out different tasks. For the right type of client, they probably spend a lot of… More →

WordPress 4.2 Beta 1 Now Available for Testing

By / — WordPress 4.2 beta 1 is now available for early testers to download. So far, the release includes a complete redesign for the Press This bookmarklet feature, new theme browsing in the customizer, and emoji support! Check out WP Tavern’s recent post… More →