WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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30 Best NonProfit & Church WordPress Themes

By / — Nonprofit and church related organizations require affordable website options that allow them to keep the bulk of their resources available… The post 30 Best NonProfit & Church WordPress Themes appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

33 Up to Date & Modern WordPress Magazine Themes

By / — Magazine themes were originally a main-stay of the “premium”  WordPress themes market – most commercial providers started off offering these style themes as the free themes, such as found on WordPress.org were mostly blog style themes. More and more providers… More →

5 Ways To Effectively Market Your Blog

By / — In order to get noticed on the web you need quality dynamic content. The best way to keep users coming to your website is to blog. If you’ve just launched your website blogging can seem like a chore if you… More →

6/18 agenda, 6/11 meeting summary

By / — Proposed agenda; as always, please comment below with any additions you may have. Apologies for the late post today. i18n: #28571 (Language updates problems), #28577 (Allow language to be chosen during initial install), next steps. Customizer component. Editor experience. Plugins… More →

Don’t Miss the VersionPress Crowdfunding Campaign!

By / — Thanks for subscribing to Rocket Lift Incorporated. Please enjoy this post from Douglas Detrick, a Rocketeer of Rocket Lift Inc.!VersionPress is a WordPress plugin that brings Git version control directly into the WP backend. For those of you who deal… More →

How to Allow Users to Report Comments in WordPress

By / — In the wonderful world of the web there can be incredible people out in your comments and there can be those who are harmful to people’s experience on your site. As a single person it can become difficult with a… More →

How to Build a WordPress Site That Doesn’t Use Text for Content

By / — For years now, WordPress has been known as the top blogging platform out there. Just perfect for people who want to share their thoughts, articles, commentaries, or whatever else text-based content they have in store. Sounds just about right, doesn't it? But… More →

How to Introduce Social Proof to Your Site

By / — In 1968 two social psychologists made an experiment. They put various numbers of people, starting with one person and gradually working their way up to 30, on a street corner and had them look up […] The post How to… More →

How to Use Octicons Icon Font in WordPress

By / — Github just announced the released of their official icon font, known as Octicons to public. Previously, we’ve written various tutorials on how to use other icon fonts  in WordPress such as Genericons and Font Awesome and adding Octicons icon font support… More →

Including a Template in a WordPress Plugin (Well, a Template Part)

By / — Late last year, I wrote a post that provided a way on how to include a page template in a WordPress plugin. There’s an accompanying project on GitHub that’s been maintained and relatively-well updated since. Although this post is similar in… More →

Insights from Creating a Plugin that was Downloaded 33k Times

By / — David Hehenberger shares how he found success with his free Easy Pricing Tables plugin, and was able to use it to kick start his WordPress plugin business. The plugin was downloaded 33,000 times in its first seven months, and has… More →

I’m trying to rebuild 3.9.1 but it isn’t…

By / — I’m trying to rebuild 3.9.1 but it isn’t pulling the right files. Here is my settings: http://i.imgur.com/ePrBnIY.png More →

O2 for international sites. What do you think about?

By / — At our first Contributor Day, at WordCamp Hamburg last monday, we have build a team to improve our germanophon community. In this procedere we´ve discussed how we can organize our team. One idea is to having an own P2 /… More →

PressNomics 3, the economics of WordPress conference, is January 22nd – January 24th

By / — Dates have just been announced for the next PressNomics. PressNomics’ third edition will be held in Tempe, Arizona, January 22nd through January 24th. The first two iterations of this conference, which is essentially the official unofficial WordPress business conference, were… More →

Ravel By ThemeHybrid Is A Modern WordPress Theme Designed By Tung Do

By / — Ravel is a free new WordPress theme released by ThemeHybrid with a focus on blog, portfolio, and professional sites. It’s the result of teamwork between Justin Tadlock and Tung Do. Ravel is slick, modern, and has an eye pleasing color… More →

Subtitles + Worldview = Beautiful Headlines

By / — When Philip Arthur Moore released the Subtitles plugin, we took notice. Within just a little over a week after its release we have integrated it into the Worldview theme. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this new… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #25

By / — Daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

The WordPress community summit is back

By / — The WordPress community summit was an exciting event in 2012. For the first time ever, over one hundred core contributors, team leads, and community influencers were set to gather with the specific goal to “work together and discuss the vision… More →

Things to consider for your online shop

By / — Last week, we had an email from somebody who was pretty desperate. He had set up an online shop, filled it with thousands and thousands of products and in the three or four months after release, still nobody had found his… More →

Updated Media Grid UX/UI comps

By / — Following up on our recent series of user interviews on current media behaviors, as well as our discussions in IRC, here are a set of revised comps for the Media Grid concept which incorporates that feedback, and establishes parity with… More →

Who is buying commercial WordPress themes?

By / — To say the theme marketplace is undergoing a transition is probably an understatement. We’ve seen many shops sell or change focus over the past year. A few have maintained their place in the market or even grown some, but it’s not easy… More →

WordCamp San Francisco to Host WordPress Community Summit and Contributor Meetups

By / — WordCamp San Francisco is one of the most important WordPress events of the year. Contributors from all over the globe travel to connect and inspire one another at the event where Matt Mullenweg traditionally delivers the annual State of the… More →

WordPress Currency Converter Plugins for Your Cosmopolitan Audience

By / — Is your audience as international as the World Cup? If so, you'll probably want to consider using currency converter plugin. More →

WordPress Themes Suck at Accessibility: It’s Time to Fix It

By / — Earlier this month WordPress developer Morten Rand-Hendriksen released Simone, a free theme based on Underscores. Like many themes, Simone is responsive, wired for translation, utilizes the customizer, and includes editor styles. One feature, however, sets Simone apart – a heavy… More →


By / — Saving time from compiling with RPM, yum, and scripts. More →