WordPress News Digest for Thursday, September 18, 2014

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10 Most Important Functions of WordPress SEO by Yoast

By / — If you have a WordPress website, and you know what SEO means, then chances are you already have the WordPress… The post 10 Most Important Functions of WordPress SEO by Yoast appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

25 Most Useful WordPress Widgets for Your Site

By / — WordPress allows you to easily customize your site layout through widgets. There are many WordPress plugins and themes that allow you to add different kind of widgets such as popular posts, calendar, email subscribe, etc. In this article, we have… More →

5 Easy Ways To Reduce WordPress Website Downtime

By / — When you run a website—any website on any platform—it’s kinda, sorta important that it’s live and available for viewing. That is, if you’re trying to build traffic to your site, a user clicks, and nothing shows up, that’s a big… More →

Adding Multiple Post Terms

By / — Here’s a great post from Tom McFarlin on adding multiple post terms to a single post. Tom writes about it in the context of importing a lot of post data from a CSV file, and having a bit of code… More →

Best 5 Free WordPress Themes of the Month – September 2014 Edition

By / — Whether you’re thinking about starting a brand new WordPress site or you just want to give your current one an update, you should find the list I’ve compiled for you this month extremely helpful. Read more on Best 5 Free… More →

BuddyPress 2.1 Patsy Released

By / — BuddyPress 2.1 “Patsy” is fresh out of the oven, named for a coal-oven pizzeria in East Harlem, NYC. Patsy’s is famous for its traditional New York style thin crust pizza and claims to have originated the practice of selling pizza… More →

Build Apple-Inspired Full Page Scrolling Pages For Your WordPress Site

By / — That full page scrolling is becoming increasingly popular is hardly surprising as it taps into our paper-based reading experiences and provides all the visual clues about needing to read to the end before “turning the page”. In this post, I’ll show you how to… More →

CoursePress – Create and Sell Awesome Courses in WordPress for Free!

By / — Have you ever thought about delivering online courses through WordPress? I know I have, a heap, and until now that’s been a hell of a difficult experience going through rubbish (and often expensive) plugins. But no longer… CoursePress allows you… More →

Crawford: A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme for Writers

By / — A steady stream of minimalist themes for writers has been flowing into the official WordPress Themes Directory this year. As people grow disenchanted with interaction on social networks, the personal blog is on course for a renaissance. The beauty of… More →

DradCast Episode 059: Blaze of Ice Cream Glory

By / — Show Notes Host As a WordPress trainer and coach, Bob Dunn, aka BobWP, brings with him 6 years of WordPress experience, 20+ years of running a design and marketing company, and a ton of patience to […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

How to Embed Live Google+ Hangouts in WordPress

By / — Google+ Hangouts on Air is an amazing tool that lets people from all walks of life — from anywhere in the world — hangout with like-minded people they may never meet in real life. It’s a […] The post How to… More →

How to Install WordPress on Microsoft Azure: Step by Step Guide

By / — In partnership with Microsoft Managed WordPress hosting is big business at the moment within the WordPress eco-system, over the past year many hosting companies have started which specialise in WordPress and the established hosts have started offering packages tailored to… More →

Netropolitan “Facebook for Rich People” is Powered by WordPress and BuddyPress

By / — Netropolitan, colloquially dubbed the “Facebook for rich people,” is a new private social network available to those who are willing to shell out $9,000 to join and $3,000/year to continue membership. The site advertises itself as “The online country club… More →

Please I’m Validator WordPress org en wanted the…

By / — Please, I’m Validator WordPress.org en, wanted the same access to wordpress.com to help in translation. Thanks More →

Sleep When I Die – The WhiP #88

By / — Create and sell courses with CoursePress, Post Status announces paid membership model, and too much other cool stuff to mention. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Staffer Plugin Adds Staff Management and Profiles to WordPress

By / — Adding staff, board members, or another collection of individuals is a common requirement when building an online presence for an organization. The best way to make sure that your staff member data is portable when you change themes, is to… More →

Support Team Update for September 18th

By / — Items discussed at today’s #wordpress-sfd meetup: IRC moderation issues While discussing placing a link on WordPress pages for IRC support, the topic came up about off-hour IRC moderation. Sometimes a person will go out of bounds in IRC and need… More →

The Dradcast. Education. WordPress. Ice Cream.

By / — Last night I had the honor to be the host on the popular Dradcast. Spending a full hour with Dre and Brad, well, I knew it would be a great time. So if you missed it, and want to hear us talk… More →

Tim Cook on Privacy

By / — Tim Cook’s letter on Apple privacy is pretty amazing and a shot across the bow of Google. More →

Udemy: Free and Premium Online Courses for Learning WordPress

By / — Udemy offers on-demand online courses covering a wide range of topics from software development to speed reading. Once you ‘enroll’ and become a member you are then able to pick and choose from the published courses and start learning at… More →

Using Ajax in WordPress: Loading Pages

By / — About a month ago, I wrote a post about single page tabbed navigation in WordPress. In the post, I made the following statement: In some cases, it may be best to load pages via Ajax, in some cases, it’s better… More →

WP Engine Increase Affiliate Commission Rates

By / — WP Engine has continued leading by example when working with its affiliates, increasing its commission rate to a whopping $200 per sale earlier this week. That's right, if you're a WP Engine affiliate, when referring a personal or professional plan,… More →

Yarrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Almost Upon Us!

By / — Once again, Talk Like a Pirate Day is almost here. Aye, this Friday, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and all good citizens o' th' Interwebs are expected t' participate! To make it easy fer all o' me… More →