WordPress News Digest for Sunday, September 18, 2016

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13 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Help You Boost Your Web Design Game

By / — In the past photoshop was not only a part of web design but perhaps the primary tool for it. Sites were designed by designers in Photoshop and then “sliced” and coded by developers for the web. While remnants of this… More →

Change WordPress Default Email From Name

By / — If you send emails from your WordPress site using the wp_mail() function you might of noticed that the email address… More →

Different views: To-do lists

By / — Here are two conflicting views on to-do lists. Marissa Mayer, however, Yahoo’s CEO and former Google executive, explains that sometimes it’s making the list and prioritizing it that’s important—not finishing. Source: Marissa Mayer Explains Why Having To-Dos Is Better than… More →