WordPress News Digest for Monday, September 18, 2017

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How I Backup My Personal Computer

By / — When it comes to protecting data, I’m all about redundancy. If I don’t have at least two additional copies of every single file on my computer, it’s not sufficiently backed up. First thing I should mention is that I use… More →

WordPress Weekly Digest: 9/18/17

By / — Every week brings fresh updates and news in the world of WordPress. This week we learn about mobile app development via WordPress, the rise of blockchain technology and more! Why WordPress and Mobile Go Hand in Hand  WordPress has recently… More →

How to Create a Review Website with WordPress, 4 Key Elements

By / — Launching a review website is a popular way to integrate affiliate marketing into your business plan. Plus, there are plenty… The post How to Create a Review Website with WordPress, 4 Key Elements appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

How to Create a Clickable Carousel of Divi Modules

By / — Today’s post was submitted by Michelle Nunan of Divi Soup, home of the “Divi Kitchen” where she’s constantly cooking up new and useful Divi tutorials and ecourses. Carousels are a popular website feature. They allow you to display more content… More →

We’re giving away $5,000+ of WordPress Security products!

By / — Over the next couple of weeks we’re going to be focusing on WordPress Security, and we’re kicking things off with a bit of fun: we’ve put together a huge prize draw of awesome WordPress security products (with some secure hosting thrown in… More →

How to choose keywords that’ll attract traffic

By / — Ranking in the search engines can be hard. Especially if the competition in your niche is high. As you probably know, you should start with doing your keyword research: getting inside the heads of your audience, knowing exactly what words… More →

For Quality, It’s Understanding Before Coding

By / — It's important to have a solid understanding before coding for your work. This way, you can write your code in the most robust way possible. More →

Multisite Recap for the week of September 11th

By / — Office Hours Recap The agenda for this office hours meeting was to resolve the remaining discussion and blockers for #29684, the proposed get_main_site_id() function and related integration. The meeting’s chat log Attendees: @afragen, @desrosj, @flixos90, @jeremyfelt, @johnjamesjacoby, @spacedmonkey Chat Summary:… More →

How to Duplicate WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

By / — Do you want to duplicate your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin? WordPress stores all your website data in a MySQL database. Sometimes you may need to quickly clone a WordPress database to transfer a website or to create manual backups. In… More →

Handling Form Submissions in WordPress with Admin-Post and Admin-Ajax

By / — WordPress provides incredible support for you to work with form submissions in your application. Whether you add a form in the admin or public facing areas, the built-in mechanism with the admin-post and admin-ajax scripts will allow you to handle… More →

Improving Cross-Cultural Dexterity among Leaders and Managers in Remote Teams

By / — As the world is getting more globalized, so are businesses. Both face-to-face and online, leaders and managers must interact with […] The post Improving Cross-Cultural Dexterity among Leaders and Managers in Remote Teams appeared first on Pagely®. More →

WP Engine Launches Agency Partner Program

By / — Program to Drive Growth, Profit, and Predictability for WordPress Partners AUSTIN, Texas – Sept. 18, 2017 – WP Engine, the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform, today announced the launch of its Agency Partner Program, a scalable set of business-enabling… More →

Minimalist Design: Dos & Don’ts

By / — Here’s the thing that about minimalist design: when you do it well, it’s absolutely beautiful. When you do it wrong, it’s hideous for the exact same reasons. Getting it right is a balancing act, really, of just a handful of… More →

10+ Beautiful Wedding & Dating WordPress Themes

By / — All of these wedding and dating WordPress themes are ready-made and easy-to-use. That is why now you can set up a website for your needs with no effort. What is more, these WordPress themes provide you with the detailed instructions.… More →

Podcast E186 – 5 things to think about when onboarding a freelancer

By / — This week I share 5 things to think about when onboarding a freelancer [powerpress] More →

What Virtual Reality Brings to the eCommerce Space – BobWP

By / — In today's podcast I bring in Michael with his eCommerce expertise and his passion for virtual reality to give us his insights and thoughts of what is happening now and what might be in the future. More →

The Best Padel YouTube Video Tutorial Channels

By / — If you want to improve at padel, the best way to do so is to get a private padel coach and have regular lessons, play as many matches as you can and also make sure you are at peak fitness.… More →

Something New from Someone Old

By / — I think that Widmer Hefeweizen was the very first craft beer I ever had. At the time I was a webmaster (remember those?) for an ISP (remember those?) and we were at a restaurant for the company Christmas dinner. To… More →

Weekly Design Updates

By / — This is the weekly call for updates for those contributing to design, as outlined here. The idea of these it to keep all designers connected. If you are contributing to design please add your reply as a comment to this… More →