WordPress News Digest for Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Backup Plugins Aren’t about Backing up, They’re about Restoring

By / — Backing your site up is essential, but being able to easily restore it is even more important. Anyone who's ever had to restore their site after server problems or a security breach will now that in those vital moments (or… More →

Creating Up-Sells and Cross-Sells in WooCommerce

By / — One of the great features in WooCommerce is being able to suggest other products to customers as they go through the buying process. In this tutorial you will what a cross-sell and an up-sell are and how to add them to… More →

Dashicons 3/19 Notes

By / — Slack Archive We Discussed Our goal: Migrate to using SVGs for Dashicons, rather than the font. We have a first-iteration mockup , which got some browser testing (it didn’t do so great). There’s another proposed implementation, which we’ll look into. To Do… More →

GA plugin security update & more

By / — It’s been quite the week here at Yoast. Our release of a security update to WordPress SEO was followed by several other major plugins uncovering similar issues and a renewed interest among security researchers into big WordPress plugins. Turns out… More →

Here Comes WordCamp London…And The Big Challenge For WordPress In 2015

By / — WordCamp London kicks off on Friday, March 20 (with its contributor day) then in earnest to all delegates from March 21 to March 22. It is one of EMEA’s premier WordPress-focused events. WordCamp London is in some great company, as… More →

How to Build Your Personal Branding Using WordPress

By / — Companies have worked on building their brand for as long as companies have been in existence. We recognize brands just from their logo or colors. We visit their websites and social media networks. We even share their content with our… More →

How to Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress

By / — Did you know that WordPress can automatically update your website? Yes that include plugins and themes too. Despite the security benefits, there is a slight chance that it can break your website. In this article, we will show you how… More →

How to Optimize WordPress Images

By / — A website without images is boring. Well-chosen images can make your website look visually stunning, break up your content, and help get your message across. It’s hard to imagine any website worth visiting that doesn’t feature at least some images.… More →

How to avoid plagiarism on your blog or website

By / — They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yet on the Internet, some people take this type of compliment way too far. Copied content runs rampant online. Getting someone else’s work onto your site […] The post How to… More →

Ninja Demo – Your Solution For Any WordPress Demo Site

By / — Having a testing ground where your potential customers can try out your product for real and with its full functionality will help convince them to purchase your product over that of a competitor (if it's any good, of course). There… More →

Q&A with Wired.com’s Jake Spurlock

By / — Originally launched in 1994 as “Hotwired,” Wired.com has grown into a family of successful blogs that reports on current and future trends in technology. Early this month, Wired announced their first major site overhaul in 8 years. […] The post Q&A with… More →

Test Your Site Now For WordPress 4.2 Taxonomy Changes

By / — As some of you may know, today WordPress released the second beta of WordPress 4.2. And while the final release isn’t expected until mid-April, we’d like to encourage you to start testing your code against the beta releases now. The… More →

The Challenge of Over Solving a Problem

By / — When building solutions for others, there are certain problems that we face that – although they’ve been solved – can still be a challenge for us to deal with. For example, you’ll often hear programmers complaining about regular expressions or maybe… More →

This Week in WordPress: WP Security Scares and Finding the Perfect Plugin

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Upfront: Working with Pages and Posts

By / — Whether you want to add a detailed products and services page to your business portfolio or just need to write up a quick blog post, Upfront provides a powerful yet intuitive platform for quickly creating pages and posts in the… More →

WP RSS Multi Importer Removed from Plugin Repo

By / — In the past few hours one of the most popular RSS WordPress plugins was removed from the WordPress Plugin Repository. I'm referring to WP RSS Multi Importer. Support was lacking over the past few months, to say the least, but… More →

WordPress 4.2 Beta 2

By / — WordPress 4.2 Beta 2 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress… More →


By / — Word clouds aren’t what they used to be, but over the weekend I really needed an attractive way to format a bunch of sentences, and boom: There was Wordle. It’s also a good standalone example of a beautifully done web… More →