WordPress News Digest for Sunday, March 19, 2017

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3 Potentially Overlooked Divi Module Elements You Could Be Styling (and How)

By / — Existing Divi users will already be familiar with its module system. It’s a hassle-free yet powerful way to help users of all levels design complex and stylish websites. However, given the number of options we pack into each module, you’d be… More →

DIY Professional Wireless Headphones

By / — In episode 7 of my video blog I explain how I converted the popular Sony MDR-7506 headphones into wireless headphones using a bluetooth audio receiver from Havit. This is a follow-up video to my previous research in using Bluetooth audio for capturing… More →

7 Ways to Improve Your Web Design Skills This Year

By / — Do you want to improve your web design skills? If you’re looking out at all of the ultra-talented web designers, it’s important to remember that no matter how talented they are today, all of them were in your shoes at… More →

Four Non-eCommerce Plugins for Your WordPress eCommerce Site – BobWP

By / — Here are four very different WordPress plugins that can benefit any site, but also have direct benefits for your online store. More →