WordPress News Digest for Monday, June 19, 2017

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JavaScript Chat Agenda for June 20th

By / — Please join us for our weekly JavaScript Chat on , where we will discuss: WordCamp Europe recap. JavaScript was a popular topic during the events surrounding WordCamp Europe, notably last week’s Community Summit and Contributor Day. Let’s recap these discussions and the action… More →


By / — If you read my recent article about the template hierarchy, you may have caught this tidbit. If not, you may not have learned that we here at WPShout recently purchased WPHierarchy.com and have been working to update it. More →

The Checklist Manifesto

By / — I’ve been catching up with Shane Parrish’s Knowledge Project Podcast recently. It’s really good. I was happy to hear his guest for February’s edition, Naval Ravikant, mention The Checklist Manifesto as an example of book with a great idea that should… More →

How to Create Stunning Grid Layouts with Divi’s Video Module (Part 1)

By / — Welcome to post 1 of 5 in our miniseries How to Create Stunning Grid Layouts with Divi’s Video Module. In this series we are going to walk you through how to create amazing grid layouts from scratch using the Divi… More →

Ask Yoast: Is my site structure too deep?

By / — If you own a website, you have to think about the structure of your site, whether it’s a blog or a shop. Site structure is essential to help users find their way on your site and it helps your site to rank. So… More →

A Fully Functional Alexa Skill

By / — A fully functional example of a WP JSON API powered Alexa app. Fork it. The post A Fully Functional Alexa Skill appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

6 LinkedIn Plugins to Integrate WordPress With LinkedIn

By / — Does your website skew towards a more professional niche? Or maybe you’ve got a portfolio site and want to bring in your LinkedIn information for a little extra oomph? No matter what your specific niche, integrating Linkedin with WordPress is… More →

4 Questions to Ask Before Using a Webinar for Your Content Marketing

By / — As we’ve previously discussed at length, webinars can be the perfect way to engage with your audience and market your products and services. However, like any marketing method, a webinar is not necessarily the best fit for every situation. Since… More →

How to Ensure That Your Videos are Selling Your Products – BobWP

By / — We all know that video is huge and that it's critical that your product videos are making your stand out from your competitors. More →

Podcast E173 – All about cPanel – Part 1

By / — This week I discuss what cPanel can do. – Part 1 Upcoming Events WordCamp Kent Ohio – June 24-25 WordCamp Kyoto – June 24-25 WordCamp Nagpur, India  – June 24-25 Segment 1: In the News iThemes released BackUpBuddy 8.0. Jeff… More →

Giveaway from VC Splitter Pro – Lifetime Memberships and Great Discounts are Up for Grabs

By / — Today we partnered up with VC Splitter Pro to give you a chance to participate in this awesome giveaway! Keep reading to discover our prizes. More →

How to Make WordPress Comments Completely, Totally Stop

By / — For some of the websites you create, comments are completely unnecessary. Sometimes it’s a matter of not wanting people to comment on your pages. Posts are fine, but why does WordPress even think that pages would need comments? Then there’s… More →