WordPress News Digest for Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Arimaa: My current game obsession

By / — Designed to be impossible for a Deep Blue to beat the best human player but simple enough for a four year old to learn. Playable with a chess board and pieces but it’s not a chess variant. It’s Arimaa. (Pronounced… More →

How To Manage The WordPress Sidebar

By / — Sidebars can be a confusing term in WordPress. This is mostly because in the context of themes and web design, the sidebar is a component of a website’s layout. But in WordPress, sidebar can also refer to dynamic sidebars, or… More →

How to Hide the WordPress Update Notification To All But Admins

By / — One of the great things about WordPress as an open source project is that the core code is regularly updated with improvements and security patches. Whenever there’s a major release available, a notification will display at the top of your… More →

Run Better

By / — Joe Boydston, the self-described “crazy running guy” who runs as far as 90+ miles from the airport to WordCamps or meetups when he lands, has written a bit about how to run better. At our company meetup he ran running… More →

Ultimate Guides For Attending WordCamps

By / — I’ve written some thoughts on organizing WordCamps. I’m not the first. But what’s more common are posts and guides for those attending WordCamps and getting the most out of them – some focusing those brand new to WordCamps, and others… More →

When you eat a PB&J sandwich do you hold it with t…

By / — When you eat a PB&J sandwich do you hold it with the peanut butter on the bottom* or the jelly on the bottom? * Correct answer More →