WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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6 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress

By / — Are you experiencing a lot of 404 page not found errors in WordPress? 404 errors are not good for your site’s SEO and user experience. The good part is that they’re quite easy to fix with WordPress 404 redirect plugins.… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on January 20th

By / — Hey everyone, Here’s a short agenda for the chat this week. Add anything you’d like to discuss in the comments below Locale stats Tech update Let’s talk communication – how to address plugin author requests on the P2 Translation sprints… More →

Cut Your Web Development Costs by Making Your Developer Happy

By / — If you’re a developer, you’ve probably found yourself being a little flexible on the pricing of projects you’re excited excited about. In this recent post from our web development arm Press Up, we cover some basic ways clients can approach… More →

Dynamic page templates in WordPress 4.4

By / — WordPress 4.4 added an improved system for dynamically adding page templates via plugins. To make this simple for you to implement yourselves, I’ve created this short example class which adds a simple page template which dumps extra text into the… More →

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the plugin author for [WooCommerce PDF Invoices https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-pdf-invoices%5D. We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). Please add the following WordPress.org users as translation… More →

Introducing Shorter Blog Posts

By / — In a previous post, I began talking about how one of the things I wanted to begin doing this year is to introduce shorter blog posts. Because the truth is with the amount of information coming from other blogs, Twitter,… More →

Learn More and Save Big With Udemy and WP Mayor

By / — From the 21st of January at 11:59pm PST up until the 26th of January at 6am PST, Udemy will be running an exclusive offer for WP Mayor followers using the coupon code WPMAYOR2016. With this promo code you'll be saving hundreds… More →

My Review of Baton Pro Theme from Slocum Studios – BobWP

By / — In this review, we look at the Baton Pro theme, which brings easy customization for WordPress users to a new level. The post My Review of Baton Pro Theme from Slocum Studios appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All The Time!… More →

Notes from the Polyglots chat on Jan 20th

By / — Locale stats Releases: 158 locales. 55 locales up to date. 2 locales behind by minor versions (#te, #lv). 12 locales behind by one major version (#vi, #tl, #es_VE, #es_PE, #sl_SI, #gd, #fa_IR, #ka_GE,#cs_CZ, #bs_BA, #bn_BD, #hy). 19 locales behind more than… More →

Relieving The Pain Of Self-Managed WordPress

By / — I used to manage a server. And it kept me up at night. I worried about the software. I worried whether all of my tools were up-to-date. I had to come running if something went awry (which happens with technology,… More →

Reminder: Policy About Tags In Plugin Readmes

By / — This is a reminder of current policy. We ask that users limit tags in their plugins to no more than 12 (twelve), with some exceptions. Any time your plugin has a high number of tags, you’re seen as trying to… More →

Sitemaps for eCommerce explained

By / — An eCommerce website is made up of many moving parts: the shopping cart, the order confirmation page, and so on. You might think that every one of these pieces and pages exists to serve your customers in some way, but some… More →

The 20 Best WordPress Facebook Groups You Should Join

By / — Many of us who work with WordPress work alone or with a small team, and in-person meetups don’t happen every day. Working from home, as many in the WordPress community do, can be isolating. While you love your family (and… More →

The Myths Of Dedicated IP Addresses (White Paper)

By / — It was long thought that dedicated IP addresses were the knight in shining armor for web-based brands and businesses. Articles outlined their myriad benefits–SEO improvements, SSL compatibility, email delivery, and protection from noisy neighbors–and made it clear that if you… More →

WP Valet Rebrands Multimillion Dollar WordPress Support Business

By / — When Mason James hired his first contractor and launched WP Valet in 2012, scaling up wasn’t part of his master plan. He knew he couldn’t do it alone but couldn’t imagine having more than a small team. His first contractor,… More →

Week in Core, Jan. 12-19 2016

By / — Welcome back to the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes from January 12th – January 19th, 2016, changesets [36269]–[36350]. Here are the highlights: 81 commits 38 contributors with props 127 tickets created 19 tickets reopened 100 tickets closed… More →

Weekly Dev Chat Agenda for Jan 20

By / — Agenda for weekly dev meeting on : Announcements There will be a Feature Plugin Meeting next (normal dev chat time). Focus Status Updates Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions Image Improvements: @joemcgill HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt Post New: @michaelarestad Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde Status… More →

What we use on WPLift for Social Sharing: Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin Review

By / — Last week we published a list of the best Social Sharing plugins for WordPress, which generated quite a bit of discussion ( and social shares! ). At the top we listed the plugin: Easy Social Share Buttons which is what… More →

Why CDN Media Needs a Plugin

By / — There's one simple reason, but understanding that reason comes with understanding how media is saved in general. More →

iThemes Announces Real-time Backup Service Stash Live

By / — iThemes, a WordPress company that’s celebrating eight years in business this month, is announcing a new add-on called Stash Live which will be part of BackupBuddy 7.0. Similar to VaultPress, Stash Live is a service that will enable users to… More →