WordPress News Digest for Friday, February 20, 2015

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22 of the Best Responsive Free Personal WordPress Themes for 2015

By / — If you are running WordPress for your Personal blog in 2015 you have access to an enormous library of free themes to choose from, there are many really high quality themes but there are also a lot of badly designed… More →

A Quick and Easy Guide To Creating WordPress Admin Pages

By / — A great settings page can give a plugin personality, while also proving a familiar place where users can access and update important information. In today's post we look at how you can create your own settings page and combine this… More →

A Website Isn’t a Cost Center, It’s an Investment

By / — No one wants to pay more than they have to for a website, and with cheap solutions all over the place, it can be difficult to explain why your work as a developer is worth more than a $100 Squarespace… More →

Ask Me Anything at WP Chat

By / — Comments are closed on this post. Please hold them until the AMA session begins on Monday :).Last month, WP Chat held an “Ask Me Anything” or and AMA with Justin Tadlock. Justin, obviously a very popular, prolific, and respectable person in… More →

Create a Custom Login Page Using the WordPress Customizer Tool

By / — Ever wanted to add a personal touch to the login screen of your WordPress website? Perhaps you are creating a website for someone, or you are working with other bloggers, and you want to brand the login page with your identity.… More →

Creating location-aware WordPress sites with GeoIP

By / — One of the best things about having an online business is that you can reach customers all over the world. Of course this creates unique complications, as users in different countries and regions have specific needs, […] The post Creating location-aware… More →

Do You Use The Sticky Posts Feature in WordPress?

By / — Sticky posts, introduced in WordPress 2.7, gives authors the ability to stick or feature posts to the front page. You’ll find the option in the publish meta box under the visibility section. I’ve rarely found a use for sticky posts… More →

Exploring the Possibilities of WordPress Admin Themes

By / — The WordPress Admin has a long history of slow design innovation. Up until recently it was still quite ugly. But the rise of new competitors such as Ghost, who made a name by promoting a radically new vision of what a… More →

Give a Fresh Look to Your Site with These 20+ Alternatives

By / — Hello, friends! Today, we have a very fresh package with resources for all your design and web development projects. The list is quite varied, including code snippets, icons, design files, WordPress resources and more! Go ahead and take a look,… More →

How To Feature Products in WooCommerce

By / — Featured products allows you to showcase specific products in different parts of your online store. In this tutorial you will learn how to assign a product as a featured product, how featured products are used differently in WooThemes and displaying your featured… More →

How to Easily Add Lazy Loading for Videos in WordPress

By / — Videos are great for improving user engagement on your website. However, one downside of embedding videos is that it slows down your website. In this article, we will show you how to add lazy loading for videos in WordPress and… More →

Mailbag: Wrong Robots

By / — No, I really am still using the robots file I said I am. Just not here. More →

Manage Your Team Effectively: The Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress

By / — Most of us get carried away when launching a website, our enthusiasm leading us to believe we can handle everything… The post Manage Your Team Effectively: The Best Project Management Plugins for WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free… More →

Must-Have Widgets for Every WordPress Site

By / — Along with plugins, widgets are one of the coolest things you can find on the WordPress platform. They are part of the reason WordPress is so much like a digital Swiss Army Knife, or even an iPhone where you can… More →

New Plugin Detects Shared Terms in WordPress Ahead of Taxonomy Term Splitting in 4.2

By / — Taxonomy term splitting in WordPress 4.2 addresses a seven-year-old bug that occasionally posed a nuisance to developers. In the past, WordPress allowed terms to be shared between multiple taxonomies. This caused a problem where updating a shared term would change… More →

The Internet is About to Become WAY Faster

By / — Earlier this week, the big news in the tech space surrounded the completion of the HTTP/2 Spec. Gibberish, gibberish, gibberish. What does this mean for the internet? The short version is: it’s about to become way faster. Faster is extremely important… More →

Upfront – The Future of WordPress?

By / — The folks at WPMU DEV have apparently introduced the future of WordPress this week by releasing Upfront – a parent and child theme combo that provides you with a new way to customize and run a WordPress site from your front-end. More →

WPGlobus Plugin Adds a Language Switcher to WordPress

By / — Last week WPGlobus 1.0 beta was released on WordPress.org. The plugin offers an interesting new attempt at providing multi-language support for WordPress sites. WPGlobus allows you to configure a set of available languages and adds a dropdown language switcher to… More →