WordPress News Digest for Thursday, March 20, 2014

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6 Dead Simple Security Rules Every WordPress User Needs to Know – Part 1

By / — Today’s guest post is from Brennen Byrne. He’s the CEO at Clef, a company which has developed mobile app that replaces usernames and passwords with your smartphone. Security can be a hard and scary topic especially for new users. The… More →

BuddyPress 2.0 To Add Signups Administration Screen

By / — BuddyPress 2.0 will include a new “Manage Signups” screen in the WordPress admin for tracking the status of pending accounts. This enhancement helps community administrators moderate registrations and help facilitate the signup process for new users who are experiencing difficulty.… More →

Call me Pawpaw

By / — As of 7:50 a.m. this morning, My wife Susan and I are officially grandparents. We will henceforth be known as Mammaw and Pawpaw. Welcome, Carson Alexander Buckner. 9lbs 10oz, 20 3/4 inches. And congrats to proud parents Mary and Shane!… More →

Creative Market acquired by AutoDesk

By / — AutoDesk is an enormous company. Publicly traded on the Nasdaq, they have a market cap just under $12 Billion. You may have heard of AutoCAD, the thirty year old drafting software that’s an absolute titan in a broad range of… More →

CreativeMarket Acquired By The Makers Of AutoCAD

By / — CreativeMarket, one of the first WordPress theme marketplaces to fully support the GPL license has been acquired by Autodesk, for an undisclosed amount. The marketplace sells everything from themes to templates to fonts. The site became one of the first… More →

Episode 037: Long Live the King

By / — Show Notes Host Alex King is a designer, developer, and CTO of Crowd Favorite. He got his start using B2, and quickly moved into helping develop WordPress when it was in its infancy. During his time […] More →

Great Plugins For Multi-Author WordPress Blogs & Websites

By / — It is no surprise that the vast majority of high traffic blogs have multiple authors. One person can only do so much themselves, so there comes a point where a blog needs to hire other writers in order to expand.… More →

How Many Thought Leaders Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

By / — Who is a Thought Leader? The term thought leader is bandied about quite a bit these days (including here). But who is a thought leader? What do they look like, and what are their qualities? Individuals Is a true thought… More →

How To Build A Premium Content Site Using WordPress

By / — Creating a premium content site using WordPress is actually relatively straight-forward but there's a lot to consider before you start building your site. More →

How To Rewrite URLs In WordPress

By / — In this tutorial we are going to look at how you can use the built in WordPress rewriting API to create your own unique links for your website. WordPress will already use this for it's own functionality when you select… More →

How to Paginate Comments in WordPress

By / — Have you noticed that your post with lot of comments load slower than your other posts that has barely any comments. Because your most commented posts are usually the most popular, you want these posts to load fast. In this… More →

How to Protect Your Privacy on Public Wi-Fi

By / — There has been a lot of publicity in recent months about the dangers of using public Wi-Fi. We assume that public Wi-Fi is safe and secure, when in fact many of the Wi-Fi hotspots we connect to in hotels, coffee shops and… More →

How to Resize Images on the Fly in WordPress

By / — While working on moving WP Mayor to Genesis, I needed image resizing on the fly functionality, as the old theme used Timthumb and I wanted to get rid of that for a number of reasons. More →

I’m live now on the DradCast – tune in!

By / — I’m live now on the DradCast – tune in! More →

Pantheon Platform Adds WordPress Support

By / — Pantheon, long known as a platform provider for Drupal hosting, has now added official support for WordPress, as well. Pantheon provides a scalable web platform with devops-friendly dashboards and tools for deployment and management. The first and most obvious thing… More →

PhpStorm IDE gets official WordPress support in version 8

By / — PhpStorm is a full-featured IDE that has somewhat of a cult following amongst the WordPress developers I follow. Made by JetBrains, it’s notable for being lighter weight than most IDEs, web development specific (though not just PHP as the name… More →

Plugin Screenshots Downloading?

By / — It’s not you, it’s SVN. And you. The tl;dr is that the MIME Types on your images aren’t correct. Per Otto: On Windows, using TortoiseSVN, you can right click the screenshot file, and select the TortoiseSVN->Properties menu. There you will… More →

Release of 3.9 Approaches: Beta 2 Is Available for Testing

By / — Get ready, it’s time for round 2! WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 has been announced, and your help is needed to help make the release date. While there have been over 100 issues identified and resolved since the […] More →

Support Team Update for March 20th

By / — This has been a quick week for support and the agenda was light today. Items discussed were as follows. Daylight saving time confusion Today’s meeting was at 1700 UTC which today meant 1 PM EST and 10 AM US Pacific.… More →

The Best Completely Free WordPress Portfolio Themes 2014

By / — The other day I covered some of the best business WordPress themes that have been released this year, today I thought I would look at some great portfolio WordPress themes. These themes are all well designed, look modern and can… More →

Updates To Markdown Code For WordPress (0.5.1)

By / — One of the small plugins that I’ve maintained – and used – for sometime is the Markdown Code For WordPress plugin. I initially wrote the plugin last year as a way to easily include my most frequently used markdown syntax… More →

Using the magnifying glass icon for search

By / — I love reading user studies like this recent one from Nielsen Norman Group, where they talk about the user experience for using the magnifying glass icon for search. All in all, they say it works quite well. Users tend to… More →

WordPress 3.9 Beta 2

By / — WordPress 3.9 Beta 2 is now available for testing! We’ve made more than a hundred changes since Beta 1, but we still need your help if we’re going to hit our goal of an April release. For what to look out… More →

WordPress Plugin Repository Now Hosts Over 30,000 Plugins

By / — Early this morning, the WordPress.org plugin repository set a mile stone by hosting the 30,000th plugin. I didn’t think it would happen until a few weeks from now but it shows you how many plugins are approved and added to… More →

WordPress for iOS 4.0 Released!

By / — Hey everyone, we just released WordPress for iOS 4.0! This release  focused on implementing Stats natively rather than using a web view. This release also fixed a few bugs including: Worked on an update in the reader that allows videos… More →

Work Backwards

By / — Relating to yesterday’s post on inertia, I wanted to pass on another nugget I’ve learned about how to approach and define problems: working backwards. I’ve found this to be useful in both technical and business situations and I use it… More →