WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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5 Great Plugins You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By / — I come across a lot of plugins in my day to day. Some are very well known. Others are not. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your attention. So allow me to shine the […] More →

8 Tips Everyone Should Know about Choosing a WordPress Theme

By / — Creating a company website can be a daunting project, especially for small and medium sized businesses or start-ups. In fact, a 2013 survey by Yodle shows that more than half of all Small Businesses (SMBs), 52%, don’t […] More →

Automattic Senior Vice President Raanan Bar-Cohen moving to Resolute Ventures

By / — After seven years with the company, Raanan Bar-Cohen is leaving Automattic for Resolute Ventures, he announced today on his blog. Raanan is a Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Automattic, and one of its earliest employees. He seems to… More →

Breakdown of the Cost of Running a Popular WordPress Blog

By / — Brian Krogsgard shares a detailed breakdown of the costs of running his Post Status website. The post provides a good insight in the tools and services he uses to keep a popular WordPress blog running smoothly, as well as costs… More →

Comments are now disabled on the User Manual

By / — Since people keep posting rants and requests for support there, I’ve just turned the comments off. They were MEANT for non-editors to submit corrections and edits. I know this means people can’t easily report things that are wrong, but that’s… More →

FastLine Page Builder Review: A Frontend Drag and Drop Layout Builder Plugin for WordPress

By / — Today we are taking a look at the FastLine Page Builder plugin, a frontend drag and drop layout editor for WordPress. One of the key selling points of this plugin is the included attractive page layouts and the great selection… More →

Focus Your WordPress Front Page and Awesomize Your Archives with Various Post Counts

By / — Control how many posts are displayed in different areas across your site. More →

Format Addresses Correctly for Search Engines with the WordPress Address Schema Plugin

By / — Schema.org provides a standard way of marking up structured data so that it can be easily found by search engines and properly structured for other forms of data communication, i.e. JSON. Search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo! and others… More →

Headings and why you should use them

By / — This post just had to be written. Somehow we have a chapter about Headings in all (!) our site reviews. Usually the website owner can’t change a single thing about the heading setup of the website, as he is unwilling or just… More →

How to Switch Off a Website With One Line of Code

By / — Sometimes you may need to switch off a WordPress site without affecting data. If you are an aspiring developer, then sometimes you may want to remotely make a site disappear without actually destroying anything. This is where CSS comes in… More →

Jetpack 3.0 Released, Adds Bulk Module Management, Site Verification and Twitter Open Graph Support

By / — Jetpack 3.0 was released today with a couple of brand new features and an updated interface for managing modules and settings. The new administrative user interface allows for bulk activation and deactivation of modules in the same way you might… More →

Jetpack 3.0 includes major admin UI overhaul

By / — Jetpack 3.0 has just shipped with a major overhaul of the admin area. I’ve long desired change, and Jetpack has finally made quite a significant one. The settings page is still very heavily Jetpack branded, but the interface for activating,… More →

Register Hidden Fields On Ninja Forms

By / — When you are building a website, one of the most important areas of your site are forms, allowing you to capture data about your audience it can help you know what they want from you. There is no in built… More →

Registration Honeypot: A Simple WordPress Plugin to Combat Spam

By / — If you’re new to WordPress, the sudden onslaught of spam that you receive upon opening registration can take you by surprise. Unless you have a solid plugin in place, open registration comes with the wearisome task of wading through new… More →

Remembering The Moore, OK, EF5 Tornado Using The AESOP Story Engine WordPress Plugin

By / — Today marks the one year anniversary of the devastating EF5 tornado that ripped through Moore, OK. The twister killed 24 people, seven of which were students when they took cover in The Plaza Towers elementary school. The Norman Transcript, a… More →

Review: Post Promoter Pro

By / — Post Promoter Pro is a plugin that helps you boost your readership and visibility by scheduling automatic posts to Twitter anytime you publish a post. I have been using Post Promoter Pro very successfully for the last several weeks and… More →

Team chat agenda for week #21

By / — For any items that you may want discussed in this week’s #wordpress-sfd meetup please reply below. So far the only item I have is a follow up is to ping @jerrysarcastic and see if he has an update for the… More →

The Best WordPress Tutorial Websites That Every WordPress User Should Know About

By / — The more you understand the WordPress platform, the easier it is to use WordPress to build the website you desire. Tutorial websites will help you tackle common WordPress problems and improve your overall knowledge of the WordPress platform. Over the… More →

Two plugins and a theme

By / — In the past week, I’ve pushed out two new plugins (Registration Honeypot and Entry Views) and a theme (Twiggy) on Theme Hybrid. Go check ‘em out! ∞ The post Two plugins and a theme appeared first on Justin Tadlock. More →

Using Analytics to Improve User Experience

By / — So your company is growing your website isn’t cutting it anymore.  You’re simply not converting users into customers. Don’t panic!  There’s effective ways to understand what needs to be part of your website. If you built your website a while ago… More →

Velocity Page: Drag & Drop Page Layouts & Content Editor WordPress Plugin

By / — Velocity Page is a newly released WordPress plugin that allows you to build page layouts and edit the content of those pages through the frontend of your WordPress site. By taking the admin dashboard and default WordPress page editor out… More →

WHMCS MU Provisioning Plugin Now Features Pro Sites Support

By / — Running your own web hosting service just got easier thanks to a massive update to our WHMCS MU Provisioning plugin. More →

What You Need to Know About WordPress Custom Page Templates

By / — There are many many ways you can change the look of a page on your WordPress site: you can change the content inside the WordPress content editor, you can change the CSS rules that affect the site, you can create… More →

WordCamp Central Proposes Centralizing Post WordCamp Surveys

By / — After attending a WordCamp, you’ll sometimes receive an email with a survey asking for your thoughts on how it went. The survey gives you an opportunity to rate and provide feedback on individual speakers as well as other aspects of… More →

WordPress Meta Boxes: Separating the Logic

By / — This is the second post in a series on how to achieve simplicity with WordPress meta boxes.In the previous post, I talked a bit about how working with WordPress meta boxes can be a bit of a hassle especially if… More →