WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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12 Cool Chrome Apps and Extensions That You Can Use For WordPress

By / — Most of the tweaks that we carry out on WordPress are aimed at making the website functional and eye-catching for… The post 12 Cool Chrome Apps and Extensions That You Can Use For WordPress appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

A Critical Update to Scheduled Post Shortcut?

By / — This update to Scheduled Post Shortcut updates the menu item so that if you have more than 10 schedule posts, the count correctly reflects that. A Critical Update to Scheduled Post Shortcut? was written by Tom. For more on WordPress,… More →

Additional register_meta() changes in 4.6

By / — In the last 2 weeks, the direction of register_meta() has changed significantly from the original write-up. There was a meeting to discuss some of the changes and a recap of that discussion. Some other discussion after that meeting led to a much… More →

Agenda for July 21st Support Meeting

By / — General Announcements How’s WordPress 4.5.3 looking so far? Are you testing WordPress 4.6 Beta 3? Feedback on the 4.6 OMGWTFBBQ Draft Post. How did WordCamp NYC 2016’s contributor day go? Checkin with International Support Liaisons For any other items to… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on July 20th

By / — Dear polyglots, Here’s a short agenda for the Polyglots chat today Locale stats Status of translations before WordPress 4.6 August Handbook sprint – who would like to get involved The next Global WordPress translation day See you on Slack at… More →

Book Review: Duct Tape Marketing

By / — If you’re a freelancer or small business owner who feels a little lost when it comes to how you should be promoting yourself online, check out Genesis expert Carrie Dils’ recent review of Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. Carrie’s… More →

Free Divi Download: The Divi Header UI Kit

By / — Welcome to Day 51 of our Divi 100 Marathon. Keep tuning in for 100 days in a row of awesome Divi resources as we count down to the amazing release of Divi 3.0 on the final day of the series!… More →

Hiding Custom Taxonomy Parents

By / — Short and simple (and effective) way to prevent people from manually making children categories. More →

Meet Drizzle, a simple paywall for your premium content

By / — About Drizzle If you’re a full-time blogger or publisher and not happy with monetizing your content using intrusive banner ads,… The post Meet Drizzle, a simple paywall for your premium content appeared first on Paulund. More →

Motors for WordPress: Putting Your Automotive Website in the Fast Lane

By / —   Today I am going to share with you a multi-purpose automotive theme brought to you by the talented and dedicated team at Stylemix Themes. After diving deep into the automotive world to see exactly what people in the car… More →

Notes from the Polyglots chat on July, 20th

By / — Locale Stats Releases: 162 locales. 53 locales up to date. 15 locales behind by minor versions. 9 locales behind by one major version. 15 locales behind more than one major version. 61 locales have a site but never released. 9… More →

Theme and Plugin Directory Is there a way…

By / — Theme and Plugin Directory Is there a way to show visitors to the Welsh Theme and Plugin Directory (https://cy.wordpress.org/plugins/ and https://cy.wordpress.org/themes/) which themes and plugins have been translated and their translation completion status? The nearest I get to this is… More →

Two Factor Authentication In Orion

By / — As you know security has always been important to us, and with the new Orion dashboard, we are taking extra precautions to make sure it is as secure as possible. This means we are introducing the Google Authenticator to Orion.… More →

Week In Core, July 12 – July 19 2016

By / — Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [38040-38110]. Here are the highlights: 71 commits 40 contributors 82 tickets created 7 tickets reopened 78 tickets closed Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The… More →

Weekly Dev Chat Agenda for July 20 — Thirteen Weeks Later

By / — Agenda for the weekly dev meeting on : WordPress 4.6 Beta 4 and current progress Dev notes, field guide, email to plugin authors, 4.6 OMGWTFBBQ Draft Post About page Pointers? Let’s find a tagline. Brainstorming document Project updates register_meta() Font Natively Component… More →

What’s Coming in WordPress 4.6 (Features and Screenshots)

By / — The beta version of WordPress 4.6 has been released. We followed the development closely and excited to report that the final version is expected to be released around August 16, 2016. In this article, we will highlight what’s coming in… More →

WordPress 4.6 Beta 4

By / — WordPress 4.6 Beta 4 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with the new version. To test WordPress… More →

WordPress Maintenance 101: Keep Your Site Running Smoothly

By / — One of the great things about WordPress is how easy it makes running a website. But WordPress can’t do everything… You need to be a little proactive – here are some things you need to do on a regular basis… More →

Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Box – Unboxing

By / — So we’re two thirds of the way through unboxing our Zavvi’s Zboxes as we’re unboxing the second free Zavvi Zbox, this one is a Marvel Mystery Box. Zavvi Zbox Discount Code This box (and last month box), didn’t have a discount… More →