WordPress News Digest for Thursday, August 20, 2015

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10+ Tips to Increase Trust and Credibility of Your WordPress Blog (Part 1)

By / — Introducing a new product in today’s fast paced world can be an intimidating venture. The product can be anything –… The post 10+ Tips to Increase Trust and Credibility of Your WordPress Blog (Part 1) appeared first on Best Premium… More →

8/20 UI Chat Agenda: 4.4

By / — After a few weeks off from regular meetings while the final touches were put on 4.3, let’s have our weekly UI chat, today at . Inspired by @wonderboymusic‘s call for 4.4 wishlist items, let’s talk today about what our bigger… More →

Develop Killer WordPress Sites On Your Terms [White Paper]

By / — WordPress is the ideal framework on which to build amazing websites–it’s flexible, it’s open source, and it’s highly customizable. And WP Engine is the WordPress platform of choice for developers. We offer a suite of best-of-breed development tools that help… More →

Everyone can make their website HTTPS for free

By / — In case you have not heard the amazing news, Mozilla, EFF, Automattic and a few other folks are banding together to help end the SSL certificate cartel by the end of 2015 https://letsencrypt.org/ This is huge. Everyone will be able… More →

Get Social with Jetpack!

By / — We know you value your content and want to share it as widely as possible. The Social modules within the free Jetpack plugin give you new ways to interact with your readers. You can make it easier for them to comment on… More →

Google Places Reviews: Display User Generated Reviews and Feedback on Your WordPress Website

By / — If you want a free and easy way to display Google reviews on your WordPress website, then the aptly named Google Places Reviews plugin could be just what you are looking for. With this plugin installed on your website, you… More →

Highlight Text in the WordPress Editor

By / — A couple of weeks ago, I worked through a series of posts on how to write a TinyMCE plugin for the WordPress editor (since the WordPress Editor is TinyMCE). In a recent project, one of the things that I needed… More →

New Workshop: All You Need to Know About Jetpack – BobWP

By / — On September 30th in Seattle learn more about the popular plugin Jetpack, if it’s the right choice to you, and discover over tw dozen modules it has to offer. The post New Workshop: All You Need to Know About Jetpack… More →

Proposal: Better front page previews

By / — The front page shown in the WordPress.org theme previewer has been a subject of much debate. There’s some movement on getting better demo content, but the front page is the first impression. We want it to look good and best… More →

Site Doctor 911 – What is the Nature of Your WordPress Emergency?

By / — At Site Doctor 911, we spend our days making sick WordPress sites healthy, and keeping healthy sites safe and secure. We also have to be prepared to deal with WordPress emergencies. More →

Support Meetup Summary for August 20th

By / — Items discussed at today’s Support Team Meetup: WordPress 4.3 was released Congratulations to the core team, it really looks like another great release. 😉 On Tuesday the most recent version was dropped. In the support forums the OMGWTFBBQ post was… More →

Ten Essentials of Brand-Enhancing Customer Support from within WordPress

By / — Many businesses think of customer support as a cost center. It’s a part of your business with a (potentially hefty) cost attached, but which doesn’t directly generate revenue. With this in mind, I can understand why many business owners view… More →

The WordPress Hooks Firing Sequence!

By / — While trying to learn about hooks RachieVee, one of our favorite WordPress writers, found that the standard resources were missing some crucial information for those new to the concept. Check out her post on the firing order of hooks, including… More →

To Save the Future of WordPress, Steal This Idea…

By / — A Little History… Nearly 13 years ago, Michel Valdrighi quietly added some code to his program which unknowingly was to become one of WordPress’s greatest abilities: http://cafelog.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/cafelog/zerodotx/b2-include/b2template.functions.php?hideattic=0&r1=1.49&r2=1.50#l1057 That code commit back in October 2002 contans a single note: “now with… More →

WPWeekly Episode 204 – Overview of WordPress 4.3

By / — In this week’s episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I review WordPress 4.3. We discuss the Kim Parsell memorial scholarship and the events that led to its creation. We also discuss Nick Haskins’ rebrand of Lasso. Last but not… More →

What Do You Want to See in WordPress 4.4?

By / — Scott Taylor, who is leading the development cycle for WordPress 4.4, published a post on the Make WordPress Core site asking people what they’d like to see in WordPress 4.4. The post has generated a number of comments from the… More →

WordCamp Russia 2015 Recap

By / — We did it. WordCamp Russia 2015 was held last weekend in the amazing Digital October Center in Moscow. Attendance didn’t change much from last year — we saw about 200 people in person, but a lot of them (~ 60%)… More →

WordCampus a Conference Devoted to Using WordPress in Higher Education

By / — Higher education is a subject that some WordCamps have tackled over the years, but what if there was an event entirely devoted to it? That’s the idea Rachel Carden is proposing with WordCampus. The idea started off as a tweet… More →

WordPress 4.3 Post Mortem

By / — I’d like to do a review of the WordPress 4.3 release cycle, talk about what went well, what didn’t, and ideally derive specific items that we can improve on. Let’s do that in the #core channel on Slack on ,… More →