WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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15 Best Helpdesk WordPress Themes for your Business

By / — Every business depends on its customers, without exceptions. So the question becomes, what type of customers will help your business flourish? The answer is quite… The post 15 Best Helpdesk WordPress Themes for your Business appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

A Dozen Blogging Tips Via WPChatter – BobWP

By / — Today I am sharing a dozen tips from my eNewsletter, WPChatter. A nice variety of tips on content, design and technical features that will help you with your WordPress blog. The post A Dozen Blogging Tips Via WPChatter appeared first… More →

BulkPress Plugin: Create WordPress Posts, Pages, and Taxonomies in Bulk with Ease

By / — If you are in the process of, or about to start building a large website with WordPress then the plugin we are looking at today could help save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to creating… More →

Document title in 4.4

By / — WordPress 4.1 introduced a way for themes to support a new way of rendering the document title, letting Core handle its generation and output. The next step followed just recently (#31078), deprecating wp_title() and replacing it with a more comprehensive… More →

Doing image manipulation the advanced way in WordPress

By / — When you deal with images on a regular base you have experienced difficulties one way or the other. It can be that you have lot’s of image sizes, you want smaller images, dealing with animated images etc. Lot’s of cases… More →

Hello Polyglots I am the plugin author for…

By / — Hello Polyglots! I am the plugin author for Black Studio TinyMCE Widget https://wordpress.org/plugins/black-studio-tinymce-widget/ . We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). Please add the following WordPress.org users… More →

Help Us Improve the WPMU DEV Blog – 2015 Survey (Plus Giveaway!)

By / — Our mission is to help you become better at WordPress, but to do that we need to know more about you! Help us out by filling in this 5-minute survey so we can make sure we’re offering the articles that… More →

How both TCP and Ethernet checksums fail (evanjones.ca)

By / — Normally, we can count on our networking hardware to “just work”. But sometimes… How both TCP and Ethernet checksums fail (evanjones.ca) Original Article: How both TCP and Ethernet checksums fail (evanjones.ca) Dougal Campbell's geek ramblings – WordPress, web development, and… More →

How to Create Custom Sidebars and Footers for Your WordPress Website

By / — Displaying different sidebar content to different people on your site is a sure-fire way of creating a personalized online experience (just look at how Amazon does it!). With our free Custom Sidebars plugin – available to download from the WordPress… More →

How to Create a Blog Post Checklist in WordPress

By / — We all make mistakes in our blog posts that could be easily avoided by using a blogging checklist. Most successful bloggers use it to check for mistakes and to make sure that their articles are ready to be published. In… More →

How to ensure smooth holiday shipments

By / — Store owners, take note: the National Retail Federation has forecasted total sales in the range of $105 billion USD during the 2015 holiday season. Getting a piece of this enormous pie depends on a lot of things. You need to have a… More →

Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization

By / — You include images in your articles to get people to read your text. Well-chosen images also strengthen your message. You shouldn’t forget to give those images good alt attributes: alt tags and title tags strengthen the message towards search engine… More →

Import Youku Videos in WP Video Robot

By / — For quite a while now, I have been reviewing the addons of the WordPress Video Robot plugin. You can check out the plugin’s review here, or the other addons here: TED Video Service, Monetizer Addon, Frontend Submissions addon. More →

October 20 meeting notes

By / — Today’s meeting was another short one on Slack: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/themereview/p1445363998000169 Items mentioned: doing_it_wrong update wp_title post on core. ( throwing a deprecated notice ) Deadline for customizer/theme options October 21 greenshady is working on post about front-page settings More →

Optimizing Your Site For Holiday Traffic [Webinar Video]

By / — Is your site up to par for the masses this holiday season? Sudden traffic spikes could slow down your site, deterring potential customers and prompting them to shop somewhere else. Ensure that your site is up to speed so that… More →

Regarding Offers to “Buy” Plugins

By / — Did you get this email: We’re reaching out to the WordPress community, looking for individuals/companies like yourself who are keen to explore the opportunity of a joint venture/sale of their WordPress plugin/s. If you are interested in discussing your plugin… More →

Sheryle Gillihan Talks Freelancing: Live Hangout

By / — At WP Engine, we’re passionate about helping our customers learn and grow. In keeping with that ethos, we proudly present “Finely Tuned Consultant,” a series of interviews with some of the brightest talents in tech, marketing, and (naturally) WordPress. This… More →

Spooky WordPress: Working with the WordPress White Screen of Death

By / — Halloween’s coming up, and it seems like a good time to remember all the moments of abject terror WordPress has brought into my life. Programming in WordPress is fun for the most part, but, especially as you’re learning, you’ll sometimes… More →

The WPLift Roundup of the Best Free WordPress Themes October 2015

By / — This month I launched a new section of WordPress which lists all my free WordPress themes for download so check that out – it currently has 6 free themes for download. The latest release is MediaPhase which is a non-bloated… More →

Update on the doingitwrong theme

By / — The doing it wrong theme serves as a tool for theme reviewers as well as theme authors to better understand the requirements needed to be met before a theme can be made live. Currently there are fourteen required sections that… More →

What We Publish is Our Legacy

By / — A few weeks ago, the WordPress community (and the world) lost an amazing person: Alex King. You can read much more about who he was as well as a round-up of tweets and posts all about him on WP Tavern.… More →

WordPress Business Owners: Creative Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged

By / — Growing a WordPress business or agency requires an entirely different skillset than simply working one-on-one with clients. It’s tough to hear, but it’s the truth – you can be a great developer, a great salesperson, and a rockstar when it… More →